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Liberal Insanity Continues Unabated: Transgender Prisoners and Transgender Santa!
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Liberal Insanity Continues Unabated: Transgender Prisoners and Transgender Santa!


Welcome one and all, young and old to our USA Really daily podcast for December 18! Just ONE WEEK until Christmas! Boy howdy! BUT, in the meantime, tomorrow is the feast of the great St. Nicholas for those Orthodox Christians who celebrate on the Old Calendar. As I’m preparing this text I’m also getting ready to head out to the Vigil service for this great saint of mercy and inestimable piety. He points us to Christ during this season!

But before we get to St. Nicholas’ Day, we have to get through today’s news, and before we get to today’s news we first have to do our lovely announcements: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states, and our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online. Both of these items could you bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

Then, as always, we’ll kick things off with a look at our opinion piece, which is entitled, “H.R.676: Medicare Buy-in Means Health Care 4-all” by Jeffrey Silverman. The author takes issue with Trump’s recent op-ed in USA Today and calls for everyone to educate themselves about H.R. 676, Improved & Expanded Medicare-For-All which establishes the Medicare for All Program so as to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care. This would include the provision of all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services, and vision care. Silverman writes: “While it is true that Trump basically took his views to a new level of demagoguery over the Medicare debate with the USA Today opinion piece, it is good that it attracted attention, as many have since fact checked his statements.” So what did Trump say and how are people pulling his arguments apart? Well, check out this piece for all that sweet juicy Trumpian info!

Then we keep rolling along into our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1917, the 18th Amendment was proposed by Congress. You know, that’s the one that … haha, you’ll have to read to find out if you don’t already know! Then on this day in 1932, the first-ever NFL playoff game was played, despite that the first season had been in 1920. The game was between the Porstmouth Spartans and daaaaah Bears, and again, you’ll have to read to find out who won. Then on this day in 1972, Operation Linebacker II was launched within the Vietnam War, which was a US Seventh Air Force and US Navy Task Force 77 aerial bombing campaign, conducted against targets in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) during the final period of US involvement in the Vietnam War and which lasted for 11 days from December 18 till December 29, 1972. And they dropped a buttload of bombs.

Let’s kick the news off with a real sicko. So there’s a prisoner in Idaho who is a man, but—you guessed it—says he’s a woman! And a judge ruled that the state has to provide this confused person with gender reassignment surgery. How sad. Why doesn’t anyone consider getting these people some real help? Oh, and get this, the inmate was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2012, the same year he was incarcerated for abusing a child! Yeah, this person is definitely not off his rocker, right? Oh, and he tried to cut his balls off twice with a disposable razor blade, but had to stop cause he was losing too much blood. Well duh! What do you expect to happen? Look, of course we can feel for this person—he’s in pain, he’s hurting, he’s battling demons. But why is our society so intent lately on just encouraging people in their sicknesses, rather than helping them? Someone please explain this to me!!!!

And here’s some more messed up transgender and feminist BS—according to one survey, people apparently have lots of really stupid ideas about how to improve Santa. An old white man coming down your chimney to leave presents is creepy, one guy says! But if a woman does it it’s just fine! Others says Santa should be transgender, because they feel the need to ruin everything good in this world. Others say Santa should be gender neutral, because they feel the need to ruin everything good in this world. Some said he should just be a spirit who decides to be nice at a certain time of year—nothing to do with Christmas of course! These people need a history lesson—Santa Claus comes from St. Nicholas WHO WAS A REAL BISHOP in the early Christian Church. He was actually a generous and merciful man, filled with holy virtue. Why do you think Santa is based on him? Come on people, grow up and stop trying to ruin everything!

Then there’s Mueller’s tasty nothing burger. Apparently more than $25 million were spent on this Russian witch hunt that has found nothing substantial—only making minor ridiculous charges against people for anything and everything—including people that are obviously unconnected in any way, such as the chief accountant for USA Really. This piece breaks down for you how all this money was wasted and who got charged with what. In the end, we see that it’s really just the US that likes to mess with other people and nations, like all the time!

Then here’s something fun—apparently some Americans have more or less officially thrown their hats into the Yellow Vests rings—it’s the New California state movement, apparently made up of a bunch of commies. Our article “New Californians First in US to Officially Join Yellow Vest Movement” gives you the full scoop. “You’re going to see some big things happening in the next several months from New California and we will be the 51st state. We absolutely will be. Back in the back. I'll tell you one of the keys just happened today and yesterday and that's the French Revolution, because it's our revolution. And I knew at some point in time there's gonna be a spark and that this was the spark. That's why we're wearing these Yellow Vests, it's in solidarity with the French, because their problem is the same as our problem” one leader of the movement said. This could turn out very interestingly…

And that’s going to do it for our news for the day, so next up is our look at tomorrow’s opinion piece, entitled “Media heads continue to misinterpret President Trump” by Seraphim Hanisch. He writes: “Friday morning's Drudge Report featured two opinion pieces about President Trump, one which slammed his "suffocating presence," and the other, which regarded his presidency as supported by emotion in the same way that President Obama's support was. The mainstream media continue to miss the point, though there is indeed an element of reality that both pieces did touch upon.” Hanisch takes you through both of these pieces and analyzes the arguments in them. If Trump support is supposedly based entirely on emotion, are the arguments against him any better? Is not the media the main purveyor of emotionalism, since that’s what sells? Do we really think the media is giving us calm, unbiased facts on Trump? Riiiiiiight. Anyways, check out this piece tomorrow to get the full scoop!

And that about does it for us for the night, so we bid you good night. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really