UBER and Lyft Drivers in Connecticut Urging One-Day Work Stoppage Due to Low Rates
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UBER and Lyft Drivers in Connecticut Urging One-Day Work Stoppage Due to Low Rates

Spencer Platt

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – December 19, 2018

Drivers for two of the nation’s largest ride-sharing services are planning to not work Friday to protest a reduction in what they get paid by at least one of the companies.

As many as 500 Connecticut drivers for the Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services are planning to take off this Friday, Dec. 21, as part of their protest, said organizers of the work stoppage, according to NHRegister.

Carlos Gomez, who is one of the protest organizers, said that he and others are trying to get drivers from Stamford, New Haven and Hartford areas to join in the protest, as well as anyone working for the ride-sharing services who regularly serves Bradley International Airport. The drivers have reached out to Connecticut-based leaders of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters hoping to unionize, Gomez said.

Uber drivers had been getting paid 85 cents per mile for transporting passengers until recently, said Casimiro Morales, a driver who lives in New Haven. Now the company has lowered its rate to 65 cents per mile.

“The customer is still paying the same rate, but we’re not getting the same amount,” Morales said to New Haven Register reporter. “When they (Uber) first started here, we were getting paid a lot more.”

Guillermo Estrella of Branford said he worked 14 hours one day recently and only made $100, $30 of which went toward gasoline.

“We have to make a living,” Estrella said. “It’s insane what we’re getting paid.”

Rosane Olin, a driver from New Haven, said the ride-sharing service services also don’t have fair reimbursement rates for drivers when food spills or someone vomits in their vehicles.

“Somebody spilled some sauce in my car and I spent $100 getting it cleaned,” Olin said. “They only gave $40 back for that. What happens to the other $60?”

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