California Cop Shot Himself in the Foot – Literally
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California Cop Shot Himself in the Foot – Literally



An unnamed policeman shot himself in the lower leg in San Diego. It’s clearly d'oh situation.

According to the San Diego Police Department Chief David Nisleit, the suspect, a 58-year-old black woman named Mona Elease Williams, was arrested after a pursuit through the San Diego Concourse parking structure. Earlier an active shooter was reported in downtown San Diego that brought the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon to a half an hour  stop until police confirmed the arrest of the woman, who as was found out later had been armed with an airsoft gun.

Soon after, the police hold a news conference right in the street. The Chief Nisleit confirmed that the accident has happened just in a couple of blocks to the North from where the Marathon was taking place.

“Please keep in mind this investigation is ongoing,” said San Diego police Capt. Mike Hastings. “We’re very, very early on. Things change as we know as facts end up getting revealed.”

The police responded to a call about a misdemeanor hit-and-run crash near West A Street and Kettner Boulevard about 10:50 a.m., said San Diego police Sgt. Tom Sullivan.  That’s how it started.

One of the sergeants working the Marathon marked the fleeing car with a person involved in the crash. He followed the vehicle to a parking structure at 100 W. C Street. When he tried to approach the woman’s car, she pointed an unidentified at the time gun at the sergeant before driving inside.

Officers assembled a team to go in after her. An officer who saw the woman still holding the gun “shot a couple of rounds in a suspect and did not hit her,” the Chief  Nisleit said. He added, at some point the crew of a police helicopter thought they observed the woman firing onto the street below. It’s believed to trigger the shooting.

After the police shooting the woman threw her weapon, which later was confirmed to be an airsoft gun, over the side of the parking garage onto A Street. When SWAT officers approached her, she surrendered. She was taken without any force to the knowledge of the Chief. We should say thumbs up to the San Diego Police Department for not shooting her dead, black woman supposedly armed.

According to Josh Furlow, managing director of the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series, shortly before noon, runners were cleared to resume their progress “towards the finish line and the post-race finish area where they were able to meet up with their family and friends.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the quick response and partnership with first responders as we worked together to keep our athletes safe,” he said. “It all has to be on the fly because you never know when something pops up.”

Police initially believed the woman with the gun was the same person being sought in a Chula Vista kidnapping attempt in Sunday morning. A man reported his ex had tried to kidnap him before she got in her car. According to his words she was suicidal and maybe headed to Ocean Beach. Later it determined the two incidents were not related, said Chula Vista Lt. Dan Peak.

Except for the police officer who accidentally shot himself in the leg while pursuing the suspect, no one else was hurt. The officer was immediately taken to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening.


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