Two Poems by Daniel Bruno, a Native New Yorker
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Two Poems by Daniel Bruno, a Native New Yorker

USA Really

USA Really presents the poem applied for The Global Democracy Award (The Nathanael West "Best Poem").

Make America Great Again

Oh say can you see, by the dusk´s gloomy light, 

Where proud cities stood, the check points and blight,

Of drug wars waged and generations locked up

A police state came of age but it was just a mock-up.


For traitors and thieves, skyscrapers once tall

Were worth more insured in the snap of free fall.

Arabs and Muslims who couldn’t fly at all 

Were used as patsies to violate Newton´s Laws.


World Trade Center 7, see that smoking heap?

Twenty minutes after, a shill told the sheep

Of its demise, here was a third reason to weep! 

Within minutes and hours, Kagan and Bremer,


Script long prepared, yellow Post it notes in hand,

Screamed bomb Palestine! Bomb Iraq! Nuke Iran!

Out of an old drawer came the Patriot Act,

Drafted by lobbyists, voted for by rats.


The constitution now dead,  a nation bamboozled,

Brown men in turbans became the new accused

The NeoCon dream had finally come true;

Endless wars on their behalf, fought by me and you and you!


Archduke Obama sitting high on his throne 

NeoCons gathered ´round a power point to peak 

At Tuesday´s kill list, identities unknown,

Of men, women and children to be dispatched by drone,


While the Nobel Prize fake sings paeans to Bob Dylan’s

Masters of War and the novels of Joan Didion

What´s that in your pocket? Said Mae West to AIPAC

That´s Barack Obama, he´s got our back.


Get your hand out of their pocket, said the cop to Barack,

It’s a mutual arrangement, Barack smirking, shot back.

Forget the fake news media, turn off the rumor mill.

Three towers were felled, great fear was instilled.


Muslims were blamed and you played the fool, 

Terror is the NeoCon´s psychological tool.

What had been a free press is only a shrill 

Parody in the hands of sociopaths who thrill


In burning you and your republic at will, 

Leaving it for dead like so much road kill. 

A New Republic will rise where the dead

One lost its way, when Americans answer the call

Of duty to make right what is wrong!


The New National Anthem of the United States of America

Oh say can you see, by the dawn´s early light, 

Our nation reborn and a country re-branded. 

Where once oligarchs stood and a clique ruled by might

The army rebelled and The People commanded:


That a nation conceived, founded in Liberty, 

Stay true to her creed and reboot when there´s need!    

And the star-spangled banner in triumph did wave,

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!


United we stand, divided we would fall, 

The great melting pot, made one nation of many.

From all countries we came, to begin a new life, in

America, the Land of Milk and Honey.


The American Way, separates church and state

No temple, no mosque, will determine our fate! 

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,

While the Land of the Free is the Home of the Brave!


Oh let freedom ring, from the majestic heights 

Of all mountain tops, and from sea to shining sea.

Safe and strong in our homes, in our cars, on the street,

No fears we might meet, a rogue cop on the beat.


No police state will stand, ‘ver the freedom of Man,

While our Bill of Rights, is the law of the land!

Black,beige,brown,white,red,yellow,rich,poor and in between!

Formed one nation to be free and the home of the brave!


Genius for industry, science, technology, 

Made true the promise, of long life and prosperity.

Our best minds changed the world, to the marvel of all,

Yankee novelty, redefined possibility.


And the world did rejoice, with John Glenn´s soaring voice,

One step for a man, is a leap for mankind!

And Mars beckoned us forward to new frontiers of space,

In the name of the Free and the Home of the Brave!


Note: Composed by Francis Scott Key in 1814, The Star Spangled Banner became the national anthem of the United States in 1931. It celebrates war and defends slavery of Black people. Ironically, it is sung by beloved Black celebrities at the Super Bowl every year while millions of Americans remain oblivious to the fourth stanza, which is never sung. We need a new national anthem ASAP.

Author: Daniel Bruno