BDS MOVEMENT: Why Many Born Again American Christians Unconditionally Support Israel?
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BDS MOVEMENT: Why Many Born Again American Christians Unconditionally Support Israel?

Ryan Rodrick Beiler

I was recently surfing the net and after reading a few recent articles about efforts to boycott Israel. Soon it is clear that many fundamentalist Christians unconditionally support the hard-line policies of the Israeli Government. But that is nothing new.  However when you combine blind support with US partisan politics, it becomes a potentially fatal cocktail.  Traditionally there has always been is a love-hate relation between Jews and Christians but now they have become strange bedfellows of convenience, especially in America.

The Christian support for Israel is both financial and in terms of political clout. Christian publications come out blindly and fanatically on pro-Israel topics, even more than most American Jews do. It is becoming only too clear that together with Jewish Zionist organizations they have closed ranks and combined their lobbying efforts. They recent targets include governors and state legislatures.

For instance, approximately 26 states – more than half – have enacted laws or executive orders to prohibit their state government from awarding contracts to companies that support the BDS program, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions practices against Israeli.  This BDS movement uses boycott-related tactics against Israeli or the Israeli-Occupied Territories to get Israel to stop oppressing the Palestinians

This is where American politicians interact with international issues and lobby groups, where political rhetoric meets the money flow. For instance, Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, a Christian fundamentalist, issued an executive order on November 16, 2018 that states that “the Commonwealth of Kentucky unequivocally rejects the BDS practices and stands firmly with Israel,” noting that BDS practices threaten the sovereignty and security of a US ally and friend of the Commonwealth.”

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and Consul General of Israel to the Southeast United States, Judith Varnai Shorer, and Dave Wicker, Congressional Liaison for Christians United for Israeli (CUFI) joined Governor Bevin at the signing ceremony in the State Capitol building. The event was billed as if they, together with the people of Kentucky were morally standing up for the State of Israel.

More Rhetoric than Reality

Governor Bevin have called the BDS movement anti-Semitic and "repugnant." He referenced passages from the book of Ezekiel in the Bible about being a watchman, saying Kentucky was watching and sounding the alarm. He too is considered as a Born Again Christian but puts campaign donations ahead of ethics.

The BDS movement is a nonviolent way to support the Palestinian cause in light of illegal Israeli settlements, the seizure of Palestinian land, and the blatant refusal by Israel to abide by many UN resolutions.  Israeli has effectively made Gaza into the world’s largest prison, yet forbids the inmates even to protest against this. Hundreds of nonviolent Palestinian protesters have been shot dead by Israeli troops in 2018 alone, and most of them since March.

He is not alone, as many want to paint the movement as such, and not in terms of it taking a moral stand but because it is not politically expedient to use sanctions against the UN created Jewish State.  Israel has effectively made Gaza into the world largest open air prison. But the virtual prisoners themselves cannot protest against this, and to do so can literally mean death or the destruction of their homes, or being arrested.  Protestors are often detained on held is military jails almost indefinitely without being charged or havi0ng access to traditional courts.

The Israeli Lobby in the US is highly-motivated, well-organized, and willing to contribute to the campaigns of politicians who oppose the BDS movement and vote for anti-Palestinian state and federal laws. But in reality all such legislation has more to do with governors and political types looking to campaign contributions and caving into pressure from the well-funded Israeli lobby than anything else.

President Trump gave the Israeli Lobby a major victory when he moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – apparently without considering any of the geopolitical implications and ramifications of international law. He actually implemented agree but unimplemented US policy, under previous administrations by “illegally” making Jerusalem, for all practical purposes, the recognized capital of Israel.

Fundamentalist Christians support Israeli because it says somewhere in Revelations that Christ will return after the Ancient Temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt and there are plans already draw up in Israeli to rebuild it. So that means the Palestinians are getting in the way of progress, as in its place is a Holy Muslim Mosque, ONE THAT ACCORDING TO SOME CHRISTIANS must be replaced.

So both Christian and Jewish fanatics think that this must be destroyed before Jesus will come again. But does that allow for the means to justify the ends? One has to forget about everything he [Jesus] taught. One only needs to read the articles and the comments in many Christian press articles and you can gain insight into the mentality and collective mindset of many fundamentalist Christians.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman