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USA Really is the Most Dangerous Game in Town
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USA Really is the Most Dangerous Game in Town


Ho ho ho Meeeerry Christmas! Welcome welcome one and all to our USA Really daily podcast for CHRISTMAS! Really, you shouldn’t even be listening to this thing—you should be off spending quality time with your family. But since you’re loyal listeners, well, we’ll treat you to some good news talk too. I hope you all are having a great day full of family joy and God’s blessings.

And let’s do our announcement thing. You’re only going to hear this first one a few more times: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states. The deadline is December 31, so get us your works soon! And we have our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online, especially on social networks. Both of these items could you bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

Well, you know the drill folks: Let’s kick things off with a look at our opinion piece. It’s entitled: “US-Imposed Media Sanctions: PR Windfall or Last Days of Alternative Media Outlets?” and it’s by I. G. Chopan. It is an understatement to say that America is sanctions crazy these days. But the motivation for these is highly suspect, and if it doesn’t stop and consider what it is doing the US government will end up shooting itself in the foot. The most recent victim of sanctions is not some third world country, Iran or a competitor state. It is not even a Tin Pot dictator, as in Saudi Arabia, but USA Really - a fringe alternative media outlet alleged to be connected to Russian intelligence services and the Kremlin. Chopan is a friend of Jeffery Silverman who has written several articles on the troubles he’s faced because of writing for USA Really. Chopan shares about his own troubles over the years due to his journalistic endeavors. Sounds like shiz gets real for these guys. Then Chopan has an intriguing line: “We have reached the point my generation thought we would never reach - when Americans are just as afraid of BIG BROTHER as the residents of the worst dictatorships.” Definitely check out the rest of this super interesting piece right now!

And today we have another one of our investigative original videos for you. It’s called “Profiting From Innocence: Children for Sale” and it takes an in-depth look at families that are being ripped apart, and no not at the border, but by the foster system and the big companies that back it. The video beings with Mathi, who USA Really actually did meet when he was protesting about families being split up at the border, but that’s not where his sad story lies. He adopted a beautiful little 3-week-old girl, but only days later she was taken from him. It turns out, the home that took her is funded by the Geo Group, who is essentially who he had been protesting. This video takes you on a journey with Mathi, and later Jennifer who lost her granddaughter. It’s emotional and riveting, and it will certainly leave you outraged at the system.

Then there’s our good ol’ reliable “This Day in History” piece. Of course, no event in US history could ever surpass the importance of the birth of Christ this day, but, nevertheless, some other stuff has happened on December 25. On this day in 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware. The crossing occurred on the night of December 25–26, 1776 and marked the first move in a surprise attack organized by George Washington against the Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey, on the morning of December 26. The army later crossed the river back to Pennsylvania, this time laden with prisoners and military stores taken as a result of the battle. On this day in 1837, the Battle of Lake Okeechobee in the Second Seminole War was fought. The Second Seminole War was one of many wars fought between the U.S. and Native Americans. It was fought primarily in the territory of present-day Florida between December 23, 1835 and August 14, 1842 and ended in the forcible transportation of more than 4,000 Seminoles to Indian Territory. Yet, the conflict remained unresolved, leading to another war that broke out in 1855. And on this day in 1868, ex-Confederates got their final pardon in the aftermath of the Civil War. To get their pardon they had to take an oath to be loyal Americans from then on.

And hey, Merry Christmas, Coloradans—you’ve got no heat! Looks like the Governor had to bust out an oral executive order, declaring a state of disaster emergency due to a propane shortage that could impact up to 33,000 customers. Production issues, anticipated severe weather conditions, and an ongoing supply shortage have all come to a head and are messing with people’s warm and cozy Christmases. Several agencies are working together to try to figure something out, so let’s hope they can come up with a handy solution. Rationing supplies hasn’t worked. So everyone out there in CO bundle up and turn your stoves on, or else it’s going to be a cold one! Check it all out in our piece, “Disaster Emergency Declared As Propane Shortage Threatens To Impact Rural Coloradans.”

Then we’ve got another bit of a Christmas downer: While everyone is unwrapping the gifts they spend so much money on, the economy is taking a bit of a nose-dive. The Dow Jones actually recorded its worst Christmas Eve dip in history yesterday. This is actually a larger decline than was previously recorded in 1933 during the Great Depression! That’s pretty wild to think about, is it not? The Secretary of the Treasury had a bunch of meetings with top bank people, which doesn’t really inspire confidence in the people and the market. But we all know the stock market jumps around wildly sometimes, so we’ll have to see if this drop sticks around, or if it’s just something accidental. Get the full scoop in our article, “Dow Jones Index and the worst Christmas present ever for the economy.”

That’s actually all we have for you today in terms of news—nice and light for Christmas. So let’s take a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece before we wrap it up for the night. It’s called, “BDS MOVEMENT: Why Do Many Born Again American Christians Unconditionally Support Israel?” and it’s by Jeffrey Silverman. He writes: “I was recently surfing the net and after reading a few recent articles about efforts to boycott Israel, it soon became clear that many fundamentalist Christians unconditionally support the hard-line policies of the Israeli Government. But that is nothing new.  However when you combine blind support with US partisan politics, it becomes a potentially fatal cocktail.  Traditionally there has always been a love-hate relation between Jews and Christians but now they have become strange bedfellows of convenience, especially in America. The Christian support for Israel is both financial and in terms of political clout. Christian publications come out blindly and fanatically on pro-Israel topics, even more than most American Jews do. It is becoming only too clear that together with Jewish Zionist organizations they have closed ranks and combined their lobbying efforts. Their recent targets include governors and state legislatures.” Hmmm, well I wonder what he means by that… Their latest targets are governors and state legislatures? That has certainly piqued my interest, and I hope it has yours… So check out the piece tomorrow to get the full story!

And that’ll do it for us for the night. Once again, we wish you a Merry Christmas. May God bless you, and we look forward to chatting with you again sometime!


Author: USA Really