Kennedy Brothers Release New Book “Yankee Empire: Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home”
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Kennedy Brothers Release New Book “Yankee Empire: Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home”


LOUISIANA – December 26, 2018

The Deep State did not begin with Obama—it was made possible by Lincoln’s successful war against real states’ rights.

In 1866, the year after the War for Southern Independence, General Robert E. Lee reflected on the results of the war. Responding to British historian Lord Acton, he wrote that he feared that the U.S. would now follow the path of all consolidated governments. General Lee predicted that if the Yankees used their victory to destroy real states' rights then the United States of America would become "aggressive abroad and despotic at home." It was as accurate a prophecy as has ever been made.

“Unfortunately, for the people of the South and the world, General Lee’s prediction has become our reality,” write the Kennedys in their latest groundbreaking book Yankee Empire: Aggressive Abroad and Despotic At Home, which was just released by Shotwell Publishing of Columbia, SC. The current globalist Yankee Empire began with Lincoln's invasion of a democratically elected, peaceful, sovereign nation-the Confederate States of America. Post-war, the South became the Yankee Empire's first colony, but it would not be its last.

By 1900, the United States had become an international empire. The old republic of sovereign states created by America's founding fathers was replaced with a supreme federal government that was now the sole judge as to the limits, if any, of its powers under the Constitution. Thanks to Lincoln, the Republican Party, and their crony capitalist allies, an empire of unlimited political power replaced the original limited government under a constitution whose limits were once enforced by sovereign states. As a direct result of Lincoln's invasion, defeat and occupation of the Confederate States of America, the once sovereign states became mere provinces answering to the supreme authority in Washington, DC.

With its first successful imperialistic campaign completed, the Yankee Empire moved against Native Americans on the western plains, Hawaii, Cuba, and the Philippines. Eventually the world became the target for Yankee commercial, financial and military expansion.

The authors show, with chapter and verse, how that empire of greed and phony moralism, after the conquest of Dixie, became continuingly “aggressive abroad,” bringing the U.S. to its now imperial posture. There is a clear reason for expressions such as “Damn Yankee” and “Yankee Go Home,” according to the book. Today the Yankee Empire has more military bases around the world than either the Roman or British Empires at their highest points of imperialism.

“This book has been written with the view of giving the non-U.S. audience the story of the growth of the Yankee Empire which began with its invasion, conquest, and occupation of the Confederate States of America,” Walter Donald Kennedy explains. “When you read this book, get ready to be shocked!”

One of the book’s first readers, Russell Person wrote: “Brilliant and evidence based description of why the Yankees are to be despised. I have learned a lot about the Yankee culture from this book and why they continue their efforts at eliminating southern pride and the rebel spirit.”

The Kennedys continue to be the bravest and most eloquent defenders of the South in their many other books. The Kennedy Twins are best known for their bestselling book The South Was Right!, which has sold over 135,000 copies as of 2017.

“The Kennedy Twin’s new book Yankee Empire is The South Was Right! on steroids,” Dr. Sandy Mitcham, Historian SCV Heritage Operations, said.

Following the success of The South Was Right!, the Kennedy Twins have written eleven other books and edited, annotated, and republished an 1825 textbook on the United States Constitution by William Rawle. The other books by the Kennedy Twins are as follows: Why Not Freedom! America's Revolt Against Big Government, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, Reclaiming Liberty, Myths of American Slavery, Lincoln's Marxist (Donnie and Al Benson), A View of the Constitution (William Rawle, 1825), Nullifying Tyranny, Rekilling Lincoln, Nullification: Why and How, Uncle Seth Fought the Yankees, Punished With Poverty, and Dixie Rising: Rules for Rebels.

Since the publication of The South Was Right! in 1994, the Kennedy Twins have been recognized spokesmen for the South. By the South they do not mean a political position or a collection of quaint attitudes. Southerners are a people—and as a people have a right to be governed by their free consent.

Many in the media have noted the Kennedy Twins advocacy of limited government, that is, real states' rights, which have led to several interviews and TV appearances. The Kennedy Twins have been interviewed by numerous local and national talk radio shows including Col. Oliver North's radio show, Alan Colmes’ radio show, Bill Maher's show Politically Incorrect, BBC, and French National TV.

The Kennedy brothers have dedicated an extremely large portion of their private lives to a cause they described in The South Was Right! as a “radical restoration” of a constitutionally limited federal government and a restoration of America’s original republic of republics where true American state’s rights exist.

The Kennedys' work in the 392 pages of Yankee Empire is inspired by the history and condition of their Southern homeland, but it is stunningly “relevant” reading for anyone concerned about the dubious role of the U.S. in the world today.

Author: USA Really