Candidates for Regime Change in 2019
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Candidates for Regime Change in 2019


USA Really presents the essay applied for The Global Democracy Award (The Aldous Huxley nominee).

“States seldom resort to war to overthrow their adversaries. They are more likely to attempt to covertly change the opposing regime, by assassinating a foreign leader, sponsoring a coup d’état, meddling in a democratic election, or secretly aiding foreign dissident groups.”

                                - From the book Covert Regime Change by Lindsey A. O’Rourke 

Given the serial frequency of State Department involvement in the internal affairs of sovereign states, ranging the gamut from NSA surveillance and tacit approval of palace coups against democratically elected presidents, e.g. Dilma, to pre-emptive wars against erstwhile allied brutal dictators under false pretenses, e.g. Saddam Hussein, it is a worthy topic of inquiry as to where the next Department of State regime change scheme might  be in the works.   

In 2007, I suggested that wars are launched for predictable reasons over and over again in a pattern.  In chapter seven of Why Obama Will Win in 2008 & 2012, I wrote that the decennial war cycle can time U.S. interventions.  An analysis of the mass media and publications such as Foreign Policy, mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations, can help us create a short list of regime change candidates.  Familiarity with government tenders, the agenda of key political donors, e.g. Sheldon Addelson, leaked documents via Wikileaks and the ideology of each member of the president’s cabinet, e.g. John Bolton, can predict State Department and CIA intentions.  

We are in the midst of a McCarthyist brouhaha about Russians.  Its worth mentioning that election outcomes can be predicted months and years in advance using econometrics. The content of mass media and social media have no measurable effect on aggregated voter behavior at the ballot box. 

This means that any Russian attempts to influence Americans to vote for Trump via Facebook ads, etc, did not change the final election results.   If Russian intelligence services have dirt on Donald Trump, its release to the public would not have changed the election outcome either.  This can be mathematically proven.  Intuitively, it is not hard to see that media induced sentiment and spin can cancel each other out.  The majority of Americans consistently abstain from or are prevented from voting.  Had voter participation been higher in certain states, the Democrat candidate (Clinton) could have beaten Trump in the Electoral College, that is, had enough keys been in place.  The fact that Trump lost the popular vote by half a million votes and still took the White House is another clue that America has an outmoded system of political duopoly.  Many believe that had Clinton not cheated Bernie out of the nomination, he would have beaten Trump in the general election.   We can use election science to show that this is not true either.   As for dirt on politicians, American intelligence agencies are tasked with spying on influential people from the worlds of business and politics so that they can be blackmailed.     The techniques of NSA surveillance and Machiavellian statecraft are used to take down American and foreign leaders alike.  Leaders who can’t be bought off have their character assassinated or get indicted for possessing child porn.  If that doesn't work, they are taken out in an “accident.” If all else fails, politicians who can’t be taken out will see their countries’ currencies collapse, have their countries sanctioned, bombed and invaded.   If an invasion is not feasible, Low Intensity Conflict is applied to bleed a country dry or a clever false flag is deployed to unseat a ruler with a tenuous hold on power, e.g. Yanukovych in Ukraine.  This takes us back to our inquiry: who’s up next?

#1 Russia.  Russia is the top candidate for destabilization because the Department of State sees the Kremlin as the number one source of mischief worldwide, from poisoning Western minds through RT programming to propping up Assad in Syria, which throws cold water on the breaking Iran…key their maniacal obsession.   Israel doesn't want America to kick off the Iran War until all Iranian troops and equipment are out of Syria.

Russia is also the primary obstacle to achieving control of Eurasia, an absolute per the late Zbig Brzezinski.    American strategy is to provoke financial ruin among the oligarchs who will then be motivated to organize the assassination of Putin.   

The broader strategy is to make the Russian economy fail so that Putin losses popular support and can no longer afford military operations outside Russia.  The NeoCon final solution for Russia is to have it dismembered.  This has to be denied publicly.  To understand State Department attitudes and the pronouncements of shrill, idiotic women like Jan Psaki and Susan Rice, one must look into the psyche of the power elites who give the State Department its marching orders.  

The State Department is kakistocracy par excellence.  The gatekeepers of this kakistocracy are the NeoCons…who are uniformly Zionist regardless of ethnicity.   Their power is such that Anglo-Americans are compelled to become citizens of Israel, e.g. John Bolton and even convert to Judaism, e.g. Ivanka Trump.  Their power is such that it is illegal for an American politician to publicly mention Israel’s nuclear arsenal and the first amendment to the constitution does not apply to BDS speech about Israel.  Tel Aviv and Riyadh, allies in all but name, call the shots when it comes to US foreign policy.  US congresspeople are required to swear allegiance to Israel.   

NeoCons are schizophrenic, paranoid delusional and incorrigibly Russophobic.  They descend from Ashkenazi Jewry, e.g. Victoria “F*** the EU” Nuland of the Kagan clan, whose recent ancestors fled Czarist Russia and later the USSR.  Those Americans who don’t share this heritage are compelled to prove their devotion to it, hence the unbearable, obsequious groveling of a Samantha Power or a Nikki Haley at the UN.   Any American who wants to move up in politics or the higher echelons of business best not say or write anything that offends the Anti-Defamation League or similar groups.  No American of prominence can question Israel and no American with political ambitions can support rapprochement with Russia in part because this would imply appeasement” of  Putin viz. Ukraine, which is of special interest to NeoCons. Geopolitically, American war planners are livid that Ukrainian regime change failed to deliver the naval base at Sevastopol to NATO after Ukraine was stolen from Russia fair and square. 

There are areas of Ukraine that could become a New Israel.   This may explain Israeli support for the Neo-Nazis who rode to power.  American NeoCons are schizophrenic and criminally insane with a persecution complex but the truth is that Nazis and Zionists are ideological birds of a feather, as paradoxical as that may seem.

#2 Iran.   This same kakistocracy is hysterically anti-Iran because an independent Iran puts the establishment of Greater Israel on ice.  The Likudniks cant stand any country that has the potential to curtail Israeli expansion.  Iranian nuclear weapons are a canard to sell the Iran War just as “weapons of mass destruction” was a ruse to trick the American people into invading Iraq.  One of Trump’s motives to reach a deal with North Korea is Likudnik displeasure that America may fight a major war that doesn't advance Israeli interests.  Currently, the Iran War is in abeyance due to the Kashoggi murder scandal, anti-Saudi sentiment in the US Congress and the military defeat of IsIs terrorists who sought to overthrow Assad.  One option for the NeoCons is a false flag terrorist attack with mass casualties on American soil, or the “foiling” of such an attack in the nick of time.   Look for cues in popular culture that prime Americans to blame Iran for some kind of event in the lead up to it.  The opportune moment for this kind of operation would be when Trump’s poll numbers are low, the run up to re-election or when an impeachment vote is imminent.  The surprise launch of hundreds of long range tomahawk cruise missiles far from the Persian Gulf would put Trump back on top without putting American life at risk.  In a similar vain, bombing Yugoslavia worked well for Clinton when the Monica Lewinsky scandal threatened his undoing in 1998.  In fact, the “bombs away” strategy already saved Trump’s political fortunes with the bombing of Syria and Afghanistan, which got the media to shut-up about impeachment for the remainder of 2017.   Note that JFK rejected Operation Northwoods, a Joint Chiefs of Staff false flag plot to kill Americans, blame Castro and invade Cuba in 1962.  Kennedy was taken out in a coup shortly thereafter.  

#3 Turkey.  Turkey, a pillar of NATO since 1955, has the largest NATO standing army in the Eastern hemisphere and is arguably the most strategic country in the alliance.  Erdogan’s consistent public criticism of Israel, bromance with Putin and purchase of the potent S-400 mille battery has the State Department burning the midnight oil devising schemes to get rid of him.  Erdogan was “flipped” by Putin and Washington is livid.   He is purchasing Russian military equipment incompatible with NATO forces because he doesn't trust the United States and blames it for a recent coup attempt against him.  With all his military hardware from the West, it can be jammed, hacked into, commandeered by treasonous officers and used against him while NATO looks on.  Erdogan is hedging his bets with Russian equipment and the US is blocking delivery of the F-35 because it doesn't trust him to keep it away from Russian military intelligence, who would do anything to get their hands on one.     Erdogan is a prime candidate for assassination by military officers or Kurds assisted by the CIA and/or MOSSAD.

Author: Daniel Bruno