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Christians and Jews and the Yankee Empire
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Christians and Jews and the Yankee Empire


Welcome back everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for December 26. I trust you all had a great Christmas. I’m sure a good number of you ate too much … drank too much … and all that good stuff, so I hope you’re back in shape and ready to rock with some news here.

But let’s do our announcement thing. You’re only going to hear this first one a few more times: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states. The deadline is December 31, so get us your works soon! And we have our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online, especially on social networks. Both of these items could you bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

So whaddya say, folks. Let’s get at it. We’ll start with our opinion piece for the day: It’s called, “BDS MOVEMENT: Why Do Many Born Again American Christians Unconditionally Support Israel?” and it’s by Jeffrey Silverman. He writes: “I was recently surfing the net and after reading a few recent articles about efforts to boycott Israel, it soon became clear that many fundamentalist Christians unconditionally support the hard-line policies of the Israeli Government. But that is nothing new. However when you combine blind support with US partisan politics, it becomes a potentially fatal cocktail. Traditionally there has always been a love-hate relation between Jews and Christians but now they have become strange bedfellows of convenience, especially in America. The Christian support for Israel is both financial and in terms of political clout. Christian publications come out blindly and fanatically on pro-Israel topics, even more than most American Jews do. It is becoming only too clear that together with Jewish Zionist organizations they have closed ranks and combined their lobbying efforts. Their recent targets include governors and state legislatures.” Hmmm, well I wonder what he means by that… Their latest targets are governors and state legislatures? That has certainly piqued my interest, and I hope it has yours… So check out the piece to get the full story!

Then it’s time to jump back before we see what’s going on now, with a look at our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1811, the Richmond Theater Fire broke out, killing 72 people, including many government officials. Since a whole bunch of important people were all gathered together at the theater, there is speculation that it was arson, but that’s never been proven. On this day in 1862, the Battle of Chicksaw Bayou in the Civil War began, and it was one of the key military engagements of 1862, and, probably, one of the most severe battles fought in Mississippi history. It turned out to be a humiliating loss for the Union, but you’ll have to read the article to find out why. And on this day in 1919, the curse of the Bambino began. For whatever reason, the Boston Red Sox sold the legendary Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees, which turned out to be major bad luck for them. They used to win the World Series all the time, but after dropping the Babe, they didn’t win for 86 years!

Here’s a nice piece of Christmas news that will warm your heart. Well, it starts off crappy but ends really nicely. A New Jersey family—a single mom and her four kids had parked their car full of Christmas presents in front of a Quick Mart, and the car was stolen. What’s more the thief got into the house and stole presents there too. And apparently this was the second year in a row this happened to this family. The cops have ID’d the perp but have yet to catch him, but the great thing is, the cops decided they weren’t going to let these kids go Christmasless, so they started donating money and got local businesses to donate gifts, like an iPad, and some of the officers’ kids even gave up a present or two to help out this family. The cops then delivered the gifts to the family dressed in uniform, with one dressed as St. Nicholas. As you can imagine, the kids were ecstatic, and the mother was very grateful. Now THAT’S Christmas.

Then back to our dear friend racism. This story is really weird. A black guy was staying at a hotel in Portland. He returned from a concert around midnight and saw that he had missed a call from his mother. As he sat in the lobby on the phone, a security guard came up and asked if he was a guest of the hotel. The man said yes, but the guard further asked what room he was in. This annoyed the guest who responded that he was on the phone and didn’t remember his number off the top of his head. That’s when the cops were called. You can imagine the rest. Luckily, the man was compliant enough that nothing became violent, but, if his story is totally accurate, this is just an absurd situation—he ended up having to leave the hotel for supposedly being a disturbance. And he got no refund. Of course, an apology came later, but how sincere are those things anyways? Check it all out in our article, “Portland Hotel’s Black Guest Threatened with Jail for Talking to His Mom.”

Our next piece is about a new book by some guys called the Kennedy Twins who apparently really love the South. The book is called Yankee Empire: Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home and it makes the case for the deep state beginning all the way back with Lincoln and the Civil War. The South was for smaller government with more emphasis on states’ rights, but the North was more about a centralized government. In their view, the South became the North’s first colony. Imperialism was then spread to the Indians and abroad. America now has more bases around the world than the Roman or British Empires did at their heights. It sounds like a fascinating read, whatever side of the fence you’re on, so definitely check out this article today!

Aaaand some more Trump fun: “US Government Will Stay Shut Down as Long as Democrats Refuse to Build More Barriers on U.S.-Mexico Border, Trump Says.” Yup, looks like he’s standing his ground this time—if the Dems don’t pass the bill that includes $5.7 billion for the wall, the government will remain shut down. Several departments have been closed since the 22nd, when their funding ran out. Of course, Trump will take a huge hit for this in the media, but he gets slammed in the media no matter what, so I doubt he cares a whole lot. But how’s this going to all pan out? Are we finally getting the wall? Or will Democrat obstructionism win the day? Weeee’ll see.

And “Who stole money from disabled kids in Kansas?” That’s what I’d like to know! Definitely looks like something fishy is going on there—a major scandal, in fact. Auditors have said that a significant amount of money was stolen from students who either were gifted or had a disability. The complex analysis revealed a lack of compliance from 2012 to 2017 with a Kansas law requiring the state to cover 92% of each school district’s special education costs not met by federal allocations or base state aid. Auditors said the driving force during the period was then-Governor Sam Brownback’s strategy of restraining state spending on special education, sometimes called categorical aid, without jeopardizing the flow of federal dollars. It’s unknown whether it was solely Brownback’s fault or if some other authorities “helped” him, but there are signs that imply corruption. “As a result in school years 2015 through 2017,” the auditors said, “categorical aid was only funded at 78% to 81%,” so up to 22% of all money sent to the kids with special needs was stolen. So something is definitely rotten there.

Next up, that Texas guy with the funny name, Beto O’Rourke, could be a legit presidential contender in 2020. Or at least Sheila Jackson Lee thinks so, and I guess she’s someone who’s opinion matters. Actually, people in Iowa sorta think so too: A new Iowa Poll finds 32% of likely caucus-goers saying they back Biden as their first choice, 19% Sanders, 11% O'Rourke, 8% Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and 5% California Sen. Kamala Harris, with the rest of the 20-person field testing below 5% support. And about 3/4 of them don’t want to see Hillary run, whereas about 3/4 think Michelle Obama would do a good job. Of course, we still have two years to go until the next election, so who knows what could happen by then, but things could get interesting.

And that’s what we have for you today, friends, so let’s take a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece and say good night. It’s called “In the US, supporting traditional marriage is now extreme” and it’s by Seraphim Hanisch. He writes: “In the crazy, topsy-turvy political world of America, insanity holds the upper hand, at least with the Democrat Party. Two lawmakers, Democrat Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono, both US Senators, are now on record for calling the support of traditional marriage (one man marrying one woman) "extreme." However, what is worse still is that the person attacked for holding this view, Brian Buescher, a President Trump-nominated candidate for federal judge, tried to soft-pedal these rabid liberals and to hide behind American "legal precedents" regarding such matters. Fox News reported: In a series of questions sent to Buescher, Hirono asked whether his membership in the Knights of Columbus would prevent him from hearing cases “fairly and impartially” and, if confirmed, whether he would end his membership in the Roman Catholic charitable organization. Hanisch is right, of course, about what is going on in America, and he’s right to sound the alarm, as many have done. God’s law does not change, no matter how much we want to do, and trying to change it is, quite simply, insanity.

Well, my friends, that’s our program for the night. We bid you adieu and say thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really