Christmas Trend: Blocking Your Parents From Watching Fox News
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Christmas Trend: Blocking Your Parents From Watching Fox News


“In an expert bit of trolling, a new campaign advises those of you visiting your MAGA-hat-owning parents this week to use the parental controls on the television to block Fox News – the only channel they ever watch, probably, and a big reason for their support of the president. They won’t understand what’s happened, and they’ll never figure out how to fix it,” advises Muse by Clio, a new content platform devoted to creativity.

A woman named Stacie at her Twitter account decided to try the new option with her own dad.

In posting a video that shows Fox News being blocked on her father’s new TV, Stacie explained that she used the set’s parental controls to require her father to enter a PIN to access Fox.

“I’m at my dad’s house for Christmas Eve,” she wrote. “He’s a Trump supporter. I just set up parental controls to stop him from being able to watch Fox News.”

After one of Stacie’s followers called her out for “censoring” what her father could see, she explained that it was all in good fun and that he would find her decision to block Fox News humorous.

“Lighten up,” she wrote in response to criticism. “My dad has a better sense of humor than you do. He’s a Trump supporter and he’ll know exactly who did this and will laugh.”


The #OutFoxTheHolidays movement was created by three advertising creative directors—Zac Sax, formerly of Droga5 and BBH, and Aaron Mosher and David Yankelewitz, a creative team who’ve worked together at 360i and Ogilvy.

In the meantime, more and more people find the idea of parental TV control amazing.


Author: USA Really