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Marriage Extremists and USA Really on Top of the World!
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Marriage Extremists and USA Really on Top of the World!


Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to our USA Really daily podcast for December 27. I hope you’re slowly making your way out of your food comas and you’re ready to hit up some good news action. We’ve got a fun one for you today, with an exclusive video, and some major news about USA Really!

Of course, next up is our announcements. You’re only going to hear this first one a few more times: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states. The deadline is December 31—only 5 more days, so get us your works soon! And we have our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online, especially on social networks. Both of these items could you bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

And as always, we get our podcast rolling with a look at our opinion piece. It’s called “In the US, supporting traditional marriage is now extreme” and it’s by Seraphim Hanisch. He writes: “In the crazy, topsy-turvy political world of America, insanity holds the upper hand, at least with the Democrat Party. Two lawmakers, Democrat Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono, both US Senators, are now on record for calling the support of traditional marriage (one man marrying one woman) "extreme." However, what is worse still is that the person attacked for holding this view, Brian Buescher, a President Trump-nominated candidate for federal judge, tried to soft-pedal these rabid liberals and to hide behind American "legal precedents" regarding such matters. Fox News reported: In a series of questions sent to Buescher, Hirono asked whether his membership in the Knights of Columbus would prevent him from hearing cases “fairly and impartially” and, if confirmed, whether he would end his membership in the Roman Catholic charitable organization. Hanisch is right, of course, about what is going on in America, and he’s right to sound the alarm, as many have done. God’s law does not change, no matter how much we want it to, and trying to change it is, quite simply, insanity.

And let’s roll right along with our look at our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1845, good ol’ Manifest Destiny was formulated. That’s the thing that gave us the right to expand westward, regardless of who was already living there. America and Britain were fighting over Oregon, and journalist John L. O’Sullivan argued that it should be American because Divine providence has deemed it so. Then, on this day in 1932, the legendary Radio City Music Hall was opened, to give the people a little levity during the Great Depression. The place was huge until the 1970s, but in 1978 it was declared a landmark, and it’s still chugging along today. And on this day in 1968, Apollo 8 came to a close. This was the second manned spaceflight mission flown in the United States Apollo space program. It was launched December 21, 1968, and achieved great success, becoming the first manned spacecraft to leave low Earth orbit, reach the Moon, orbit it, and return. 

Then we have another USA Really exclusive video for you, this time on the penal system in America. It’s called, “UNLOCKED: Life After Incarceration,” and it looks at the hard life of people even once they get out of jail—it’s hard to find work, it’s hard to find housing, and people in general just don’t accept you. And people get out jail, sometimes after decades in jail, and they’re just dropped off at the nearest bus stop with $40. What the heck are they supposed to do with that? Many get out and wind up in homeless shelters or 3/4 housing, which is specifically for felons who aren’t allowed into normal housing. Official numbers say we have like 2.5 million ppl in the system, but that doesn’t count the 5 million others on probation or parole—all told we have about 7 million in the system who have a long road ahead of them. Definitely check out this fascinating but frustrating report!

Well, good ol’ Rand Paul has done a great service to the American people again this year. Every year for the past four years, he has painstakingly gone through the federal budget to show all the items where we waste ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous things. And although our debt is rapidly approaching $22 trillion, no one seems to be slowing down the spending. No one ever loses, from either party, because of spending too much. Here’s just a few of the asinine things we spend money on: Providing stipends to soldiers in the Somali National Army (State): $76,321,379, Teaching Rwandan special interest groups and citizens how to lobby (State): $250,000, Encouraging people in the Republic of the Congo to use local resources (State): $35,000, Paying for museum trips in Bosnia & Herzegovina for Bosnians & Herzegovinians (State): $50,000, Developing a Pashto-language TV drama series for Afghanistan (State): $653,014, Putting on plays in Afghanistan (State): $200,000, Studying horse and donkey hunting on the ancient Anatolian Peninsula (National Science Foundation): $361,891, Studying daydreaming (National Institutes of Health): $2,488,153, Blowing leaf blowers at lizards (National Science Foundation): $75,691, Studying the sexual habits of quails on cocaine (National Institutes of Health): $874,503, and much more. Some of these things sound hysterical, until you remember that you’re paying for them…

And here’s another sad but hilarious bit of news: In Hempstead, New York, there’s a program where kids can turn in the toy guns they just got for Christmas for other items like footballs or educational gifts, because—get this—toy guns are dangerous! Somehow they think if kids have toy guns they’ll grow up to be thugs. Ignore the fact that probably the vast majority of the jerks running this program played with toy guns as kids. This is just more liberal lunacy gone off the rails. We’re afraid to let kids be kids. It’s literally impossible for a toy gun to be dangerous, and we need to stop kowtowing to this BS.

And some more humor/not humor: “Christmas Trend: Blocking Your Parents From Watching Fox News.” Muse by Clio, some creativity platform, put out the suggestion that when you go to visit your Trump-supporting relatives for the holidays, you should use the parental controls on the TV to block them from seeing Fox News. The liberal nutjobs at this company are certain that no Trump supporter could figure out how to get Fox News back. Of course, it’s just projection—they know their own liberal values have no intellectual backing to them, so they figure the same must be true of the opponent. It’s humorous to imagine your dad freaking out cause he can’t find Hannity, but at the same time, it just shows that liberals cannot defeat conservative arguments, so they just shout over them or block them.

And our beloved media continues its attacks on Trump: “New York Times attacks Donald Trump with Fake Health Report over His Exemption from Vietnam War Draft.” So, I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that Trump had a medical exemption from being drafted into Vietnam, but now, a new theory says it was all faked! Mwahahahahaha! And the source? The doctor’s daughter who was SIX AT THE TIME! She claims her father later told her secrets about Trump’s health. Her sister corroborates the story, but literally no one else. Not a single colleague or anyone. So, who knows? Maybe it is true, but at this point it’s nothing but wild speculation. Giddy up!

And here’s another feather in USA Really’s cap: Despite all the troubles we’ve had this year with Facebook and other social media platforms, that hasn’t stopped our Chief Editor, Alexander Malkevich, from becoming an influential journalist. In November he was ranked as the 8th most influential journalist, but now he’s been ranked #19 for the entire year. That’s pretty awesome! Journalists are ranked by Medialogia with a system that analyzes more than 47,000 open sources to see which journalists had the biggest impact. #19 is not too shabby for a new outlet, so our congratulations to Mr. Malkevich!

Friends, that’ll do it for our news today. So let’s take a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece and then call it quits for today. The piece is called, “AN AMERICAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON THE RESIGNATION OF SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, JAMES N. MATTIS” and it’s by Luis Lazaro Tijerina. Tijerina jumps right into it. He writes: “General James N. Mattis is an admirer of the Roman dictator, Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, who had the devotion of his troops and which with great aplomb, if not audacity, would become a dictator of Rome. Here, we must ask ourselves with political and military observation, is Mattis’ resignation from the Trump regime a political and military ruse or an actual commitment to stand up and oppose the socially insane and impulsive foreign decisions that Trump makes almost on a weekly basis? Is the ‘surprise’ resignation by the American general, who is taken as intellectual by some quarters among the elite in Washington D.C. and in the headquarters of the Pentagon, a harbinger of things to come in the days and weeks ahead amid the dangerous, political storm in the United States?” That is an excellent question, and Tijerina will help you break it all down and analyze what’s going on.

And that’ll do it for us for the night. We hope you’re continuing to enjoy your holiday season, and we hope to see you back on our pages sometime soon.


Author: USA Really