A Perfect President or Why Journalists Didn't Appreciate the Real Obama Administration
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A Perfect President or Why Journalists Didn't Appreciate the Real Obama Administration


WASHINGTON - January 5, 2019

The American media quite often bypassed assessing the work of the Obama administration. It was often heard by the end of his presidency that Trump had snatched power from the hands of a respected black president, and the media constantly talks about Trump’s corruption and his low-quality work against the American people… But is this the truth?

Let’s try to compare the two to fill in the gaps that many outlets ignored or missed.

Barack Obama eventually came to strongly support free living, in particular, the legalization of same-sex marriage. At the beginning of his administration, the White House head said he doubted his position on the matter--he believed civil unions were enough. He later said they should be allowed to legally marry, and LGBT equality was intensified later when Obama allowed non-traditional soldiers to serve in the armed forces, though not everyone shared this position.

For comparison, Donald Trump, a supporter of traditional relations, is doing the opposite today. He appoints people to leadership positions who oppose LGBT representatives and their idea in general. Thus, Trump is trying to return the country to its former confidence in the future.

Obama achieved significant health care reform, signing a whole package of reforms in 2010, which he said he did for his mother who had cancer. With the reforms, insurance companies couldn’t refuse insurance to sick people and parents could keep children up to 26 years old on their plans.

However, the result of the reform was not as good as everyone expected. In particular, many insurance companies have tightened requirements and expanded the list of available services, while at times increasing prices for services. Pharmacies and large pharmaceutical companies also began to make money on sick people, raising prices by two, three and five times. Medicine has become too expensive.

With his coming to power, Trump banned companies from raising prices but instead demanded that they reduce prices. Trump also gave the people back their freedom of choice and suddenly, prices have stabilized by the end of 2018.

In 2009, Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize "for his great efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among nations." In monetary terms, in 2009 the prize amounted to SEK 10 million (approximately $1,115,000).

The Norwegian Nobel Committee’s statement said that Obama's diplomacy is based on the concept that those who rule the world should do so based on the values and positions shared by the majority of the world's population.

There were 15,708 terrorism deaths worldwide in 2008, and 15,130 in 2009. By the last three years of Obama's Presidency, terrorism deaths had risen to 32,763, 29,424 and 25,722. They’re back down to 19,000 in the first two years of Trump’s presidency. It is no surprise that terrorism deaths rose when Obama called ISIS the JV team and drew a fatuous red line in Syria, did everything he could to build up terrorist-sponsoring Iran, and even stopped a US investigation into drug running by the terrorist Hezb'allah organization.

Terror-related deaths have fallen for the third consecutive year around the globe. After peaking at about 34,000 deaths in 2014, terrorism-related deaths fell by 44% last year to 18,800.

The drop is mainly due to the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the Nigerian government “breaking the back” of Boko Haram, according to Steve Killelea, Executive Chairman of the London-based Institute of Economics & Peace, which publishes the annual Global Terrorism Index. Afghanistan recorded the highest number of terror-related deaths among all countries.

Overall, deaths at the hands of the Islamic State dropped by 52% in 2017, according to the report. Killelea predicted that the group will no longer rank as the deadliest terrorist organization in 2018.

President Obama strengthened tyrants in China, Cuba, Iran, and Russia throughout his eight-year presidency. He did little to stop North Korea. Trump, in contrast, is weakening the economies of tyrants throughout the world with sanctions, tariffs, getting out of the Iran deal, and increasing oil production. He appears to have scared North Korea into stopping the threatening of its neighbors.

Trump has brought the situation with China to a state of extreme tension, with a trade war unleashed, which, according to many world analysts could escalate into a dangerous battle.

Tillerson and Kelly said they had to keep Trump from breaking laws, but they never accused him of actually breaking any. Obama and those he surrounded himself with didn't care. Sanctuary cities and states and DACA are just two examples.

The Obama administration illegally spied on thousands of Americans, including political opponents. It also illegally unmasked the names of people surrounding Trump. We have seen nothing similar under Trump. However, in looking into Obama’s secret actions, he has made a decisive sweep of the White House, firing more than 85% of employees from Obama’s team.

Obama's policies gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years despite almost zero interest rates, a massive federal injection of funds, substantial government spending increases, and an increase of around $10 trillion in debt. Trump has given us the fastest annual growth since 2005. Obama gave us the lowest labor participation rate in forty years. Trump has brought unemployment for all races, education levels, and sexes to record lows.

Obama rewarded political bundlers with jobs and contracts. Trump has given almost 100% of US taxpayers and businesses more money to improve the economy, whether they donated to or supported him or not. Elizabeth Warren and others say, without evidence, that Trump's policies only benefit the rich. It looks like the only ones paying more taxes are higher income people from high tax states that may lose some deductions. It is the Democrats who are trying to protect the rich, not Trump. Democrats are also the ones pushing a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles where almost all the credits go to wealthier people who pretend they care about the environment while they virtue-signal their neighbors.

Obama also violated the freedom of speech of political opponents through the IRS. He weaponized the Justice Department to protect people who violated laws who worked for him, while they were used to target Trump and those who surrounded him. Yet journalists overwhelmingly continue the fiction that no one was above the law during Obama’s eight years and that the Justice Department treats all equally.

Returning to the beginning of the article, today Donald Trump is doing everything for his nation, even by extreme and scandalous methods, which former Administration employees and many media condemn. Under the former President, the country lived in almost complete freedom, and that is what many people around the world really want. Barack Obama gave Americans freedom in all its manifestations, but in response, he didn't get much credit and today no one remembers him when a new, tougher and cynical, but fair and ready for everything for the sake of his people President appeared in the political arena.

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