Gas Line Rupture Causes Panic in a Small Kentucky Town
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Gas Line Rupture Causes Panic in a Small Kentucky Town


BARDSTOWN – January 8, 2019

Bardstown is typical quiet American town with a population of only about 10,000 people, located in the middle of Kentuckian nowhere, yet, what happened there yesterday serves as a good example of the panic that can occur in any town of one-storied America. The gas line there might have been intentionally been damaged, but officials are denying it. Here is the story.

Employees and customers of several businesses along East Stephen Foster Avenue near My Old Kentucky Home State Park were evacuated Monday morning after a cable crew that was digging in the area hit and ruptured a gas line just before noon. Evacuation is something locals aren’t very used to, so it caused panic, forcing to run for their lives, since the possibility of an explosion was very high.

The problem soon expanded to the whole of Bardstown, as city firefighters and police evacuated the Old Bardstown Inn and several shops in the strip mall beside it and moved them to the Justice Center. City Fire Chief Billy Mattingly said around 1 PM that the road would be closed for a few hours at least and that a crew from Louisville Gas and Electric was on its way and expected to arrive in 45 minutes, trying to reduce the panic among the locals.

However, there were some workers wearing LG&E safety vests on site already. There was also a pickup truck on the construction site with the Bluegrass Cellular logo and some utility construction machinery, a backhoe and a Ditch Witch. Mattingly said one of the pieces of equipment ruptured the gas line when the workers were laying pipe for cable to be installed later – quite interesting.

It’s unknown whether it was done intentionally or not, though, if it was, what was the “goal”? Somebody could be lying with the official story of this incident!

The odor of natural gas was strong as far away as the shopping center where On the Go Foods is near Guthrie Drive, but no one had gotten sick from breathing it, Mattingly said. East Stephen Foster was closed from that point to the entrance to the Justice Center across from McDonald’s, making the whole city an “exclusion zone”. Yet, since officials often tend to underestimate the scale of disasters, who knows whether anybody really suffered from breathing the gas.

Next time you pass a gas line, be aware that anything could happen nearby, just like in Bardstown. Whoever did should be punished, yet, would officials admit that not everything was clear there? Only time will tell.  

Author: USA Really