Lawyers Vs Robert Mueller: Casting Pearls Before Swine
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Lawyers Vs Robert Mueller: Casting Pearls Before Swine


WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 8, 2019

Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich reamed the American lawyers for a Russian firm charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for their “unprofessional, inappropriate, and ineffective” court filings on Monday.

“I will say it plain and simple: knock it off,” Judge Dabney Friedrich told the lawyers for the firm, Concord Management, during a Monday morning hearing.

The judge was prompted by the lawyers equating an argument being made by Mueller to a quote from Animal House, according to court filings.

The Special Counsel also states that if simply trusting him that everything is just peachy is not sufficient, he can tell more ex parte secrets to the Court to support his position.

The Special Counsel’s argument is reminiscent of Otter’s famous line, “Flounder, you can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You f**ked up . . . you trusted us. Hey, make the best of it.”

The lawyers also cited a 19th century letter from an English Catholic historian. Previous filings from the lawyers have also quoted Tweetie Bird and Casablanca.

Earlier this year, Mueller requested that the discovery shared with Concord Management’s legal team not be shared with anyone else, including the firm’s executive Evgeny Prigozhin, who was also charged by Mueller.

Lawyer Eric Dubelier pushed back, accusing the judge of bias.

“There appears to be some bias,” he told the judge, explaining that he will need to talk to his client before answering the questions the judge had asked about the issues she sought to deal with in the hearing.

Judge Friedrich basically  granted Mueller’s protective order request and said that the firm’s legal team would need to get her permission to share discovery with Prigozhin or anyone else who wasn’t allowed access in her protective order. To facilitate this process, she appointed a firewall counsel for Concord’s legal team to alert if it was seeking to share the materials. That firewall counsel would then alert the judge if the government had national security concerns about releasing the materials.

According to Concord Management, a week after the one and only time its lawyers communicated with the firewall counsel as part of that system, Mueller’s team took an unspecified “investigative action” that Concord believes was based on the confidential information it had provided the firewall counsel. The firewall counsel has denied communicating to the Special Counsel, so Concord Management is now requesting that the judge order Mueller to explain how his team learned of the information.

Mueller’s response in opposition to this order was filed under seal because he said it discussed a “matter occurring before the grand jury.” He also successfully obtained the judge’s permission to submit to her ex parte — meaning available only to the court and not the opposing party — additional information that Mueller says is “classified for reasons of national security.”

Concord Management’s latest filing takes Mueller to task for all the secrecy.

“For a Special Counsel who claims that secretly pretending to be someone you are not on the internet is a conspiracy against the United States, one might think that all of his proposed secrets in prosecuting this matter are a conspiracy to deny the Defendant its right to a fair, open and public determination of its case,” the company’s lawyers wrote.

According to RIAFAN, Concord Management evaluated its lawyer’s work as highly professional and will continue working with Eric Dubelier. Despite the prejudicial bias of this “Kangaroo court” which ignores recognized standards of law or justice, Dubelier has never said anything bad about the American judicial system itself or questioned its ability to demonstrate fairness.

“We have to remind that in this lawsuit ‘The United States of America against Concord Management and Consulting,’ special prosecutor Robert Muller allegedly collected more than four million documents, which is more than 12 million printed pages, and the defendant’s side is not allowed to study more than 80% of it. This confirms the version of Concord Management and Consulting, that Special Council Muller lacks evidence and just fabricates it. It is for the first time in the history of the United States when this kind of practice is observed. Yevgeny Prigozhin says that in these conditions, Eric Dubelier work can be characterized by a well-known Russian proverb: ‘Casting pearls before swine,’ said Concord Management’s press service.

As USA Really reported earlier, Mueller's team spent nearly $17 million bringing the total cost of the investigation so far to more than $25.2 million.

Author: USA Really