Trump’s “Another Brick in the Wall” and the Government Shutdown: Day 18
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Trump’s “Another Brick in the Wall” and the Government Shutdown: Day 18


WASHINGTON D.C. – January 8, 2019

In the first days of the new year America, is facing a wide-scale governmental crisis, referred to simply as “the shutdown.”

The collapse of the state system is directly connected to the issues USA Really covered last year, including the economic crisis, corruption, and, of course, the migration crisis, as the caravan from Central America is now right at America’s doorstep. This situation is quite dangerous for society, for ordinary Americans, and for the system of checks and balances that worked so well before this story happened.

It’s been 18 (!) days since the partial shutdown, which is the second-longest in the U.S. history, but it has every chance of becoming the longest, overtaking the 21-day shutdown in 1995, as the two sides can’t come to an agreement.

Not all, but many government services such as museums, parks, and courts are forced to close during a government shutdown.

But, at least in theory, it should all be pretty simple.

President Trump's plans to build a wall at the border between the US and Mexico is at the center of this row. Congress is divided over the details of a spending bill where President Trump wants the government to pay for the wall. Much conspiracy and lobbyism is also included in these arguments. Many in Congress don’t want the wall and therefore don’t want to pay for it. Meanwhile, President Trump wants $5.6 billion dollars for its construction.

Recall that the shutdown began on December 22, as Congress has been unable to come to a decision. As a result, 800,000 government employees have been forced to go on leave and their pay has been delayed until a spending bill can be agreed upon!

Interestingly, President Trump recently claimed that many federal workers - even those who aren’t being paid - “are the biggest fans of what we are doing.” However some experts who communicate with federal workers are hearing something different.

“I think most federal workers want the federal government to be reopened,” Raymond James Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills said, “When I go around talking to folks here in D.C. about this shutdown, there’s a lot more uncertainty about this one than previous ones. They are very concerned about how long it’s going to last…”.

That’s how it looks from the inside. The mainstream continually blames Trump and his “Great Wall Project,” all the while closing their eyes to Congress’ efforts to sabotage the project that could solve the migration crisis.

Ordinary people are suffering, and the end is nowhere in sight, which is quite sad.

Author: USA Really