Madagascar in Danger of State Coup Due to Activities of Some American Citizens
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Photo: Laperozy Eric / Xinhua

Madagascar in Danger of State Coup Due to Activities of Some American Citizens


ANTANANARIVO – January 9, 2019

What do we know about Madagascar? Let’s be honest: Nothing except that this tropical island is inhabited by lemurs and other rare species. Who would suspect that such a place could be the stage for a thrilling game being played by the U.S.? The RIAFAN News Agency recently published an exclusive investigative article on the interference of some American citizens in Madagascar politics. Let’s take a look.

First of all, why do Americans need Madagascar?

RIAFAN journalists became interested in American interference in the island’s politics in 2017 when they went there and interviewed some locals who shared their views on this horrible situation. They told the correspondents that they noticed some very suspicious foreigners in Madagascar who started arriving there around the time of the presidential election in Madagascar. One of the candidates, who eventually lost the election, provoked riots and acts of civilian disobedience that couldn’t have been pulled off without outside help. “The tourists” from the U.S. weren’t afraid of the riots and continued coming to the capital city of Antananarivo, despite it being 8 hours from the shore, where the vast majority of resorts are located. Why?

Madagascar is a country full of minerals and resources, and Americans are interested in controlling them. The island is also strategically located--whoever controls it controls all of African shipping, whether civilian or naval. Such a tasty “piece of the pie” has attracted Western countries for decades.

However, Madagascar could also easily be known as “the island of revolutions.” For example, Didier Ratsiraca, under whom the Republic of Madagascar acquired its modern name, managed to become president and the chairman of "the Supreme Revolutionary Council" three times! Strangely enough, he was not overthrown and not expelled. He eventually felt exhausted and went to rest in France, though later returning home. While he was in France, Albert Zafi took his place, though he was later overthrown. The presidential seat was then occupied by Norbert Lala Ratsirakhonana, who was later replaced by Ratsiraca, who regained his strength while in France.

After the presidential elections and months-long protests, he was replaced by Mark Ravalumanana who was was then overthrown by Andry Radzhoelina. Contrary to the developed tradition of protests and revolutions, Radzhoelina quietly delegated power after elections to the until recently acting president of Madagascar Erie Radzaunarimampianina.

Erie came to power without protests and almost without blood (if not taking into account the explosion near the inauguration ceremony). For the sake of participation in the last elections, Erie resigned as President, and Riva Racotavao became the head of the state, and the vote counting for the second round of the elections just wrapped up in December. The second round was much like the first, with Andry in the lead. According to results from December 27, the young politician was ahead of his opponent Mark by about 10%. The results seemed clear … but they weren’t.

Mark, as well as many other candidates who lost the election (35 of them in total) provoked acts of civilian disobedience, unable to admit defeat. Mark insisted the elections were biased and fraudulent, despite the fact that both European and African observers found no significant procedural violations. Mark initiated a “social” campaign calling for riots, and some answered his call.

The American Embassy as the meeting point

RIAFAN also published an article devoted to the elections and the activities of foreign NGO’s in the country recently. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Mark, who is now calling people to protest the results of the election in the streets, is directly connected to the U.S. And he isn’t the only one.

Long before the elections actually took place, the representatives of the European Union, and the U.S,, including diplomatic staff, provided various means of support for "their" candidates, who were often seen pestering the American Embassy in Antananarivo. Both our sources and locals reported this via social networks. This would not be especially important except for the fact that the American embassy, and any other “stronghold of bureaucracy,” only allowed visitors five days a month, which can be verified on their websites.

Of course, there were some exceptions--”coincidentally” the presidential candidates. Mark was one who often visited the American embassy all month, outside of the official visiting days. He was the American favorite, though there were other candidates too, including Rasolovoakhangi Rozalina Emma, who studied at Stanford where another candidate “from the U.S.,” the research associate Narison Stefan, taught for a long time.

Rasolovoakhangi Rozalina Emma / Facebook/PrtSc

Narison Stefan / Facebook/PrtSc

Mark was given no less than $1.2 million for his campaign by Americans in December 2017. American NGOs then immediately started meeting with local political officials and leaders. Social networks and volunteer organizations were also used as tools in the political game. In March 2018, the U.S. Ambassador to Madagascar openly supported Mark; at the same time, the Embassy was visited by a group of local deputies led by Hanitra Razafimananzoa. Our sources proved that she is still playing a vital role in the ongoing protests in the country.

“The Mission Continues”

In order to confirm this information at a deeper level, RIAFAN journalists began to check all open sources which could allow them to somehow see the fuller picture. However, after several weeks of searching, the first proof of U.S. intervention was not any documents or videos of secret meetings, but only one name provided by a local who was not indifferent to what was taking place.

Here we also want to acquaint our readers with the man who directly supervises such processes for the benefit of the U.S., and judging by our information, he is not the only one. His name is Abraham James; he was born in 1960 and is a serviceman of the U.S. Armed Forces.

His social media pictures prove his connection to Eric Greitens, the former governor of Missouri and former officer of the Naval Special Service of the U.S. Armed Forces. He is also a combat veteran. Even after Greitens gave up his political career, he did not leave military service in the broad understanding of the term. He is the creator of and actual head of The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization involved in helping veterans adapt to life after the military.


Eric Greitens  / J.B. Forbes

These “missions” are of course considered harmless. However, private military companies are often created under the guise of veterans organizations, and their members are used as intelligence agents worldwide. It should be noted that on April 20, 2018 Eric Greitens was accused of falsifying data connected with The Mission Continues. His employees were proved to be professional programmers, deceiving their own government. He got a hold of compromising photos of his mistress and threatened to post them online. We do not claim, but we assume that, in addition to many of the foundation’s staff, Abraham James, who was seen in Madagascar by our sources, is also a data fraud specialist.

James the psychologist

However, this is not the former paratrooper’s only interest. We found many unusual photos in his social media profiles, including a photo of him with a chevron from the 10th Mountain Division, which was probably taken in Afghanistan.


There are also pictures on his personal page that prove that he was directly connected to the Psychological Branch of Military Service deployed in Fort Bragg. For instance, the Headquarters of the 4th Regiment of Psychological Warfare (95th Brigade on the Relations with Civil Administrations and Local Population) located there has as its main goal to “prove” and “propagate” the fairness of American activities in certain countries.

In other words, they “protect” American soldiers, even when they commit war crimes. And the organization The Mission Continues is directly connected to this service as well.

“Cyber Warriors” are there as well! 

Yet, the “psychologists” haven’t simply prepared the population of the island for American democracy. Everything is much more serious.

Our sources in Antananarivo repeatedly reported on the mysterious "white person" who arrived to the island under the guise of a tourist too. His name of Matthew Vezerington, and he too, strangely enough, has an extremely interesting page on Facebook. Judging by his photos, he served in the 780th crew of U.S. Military Intelligence.


Those “specialists” organize wide-scale diversions in cyberspace, attack social networks and spread fake news. Moreover, Matthew arrived to Madagascar at the beginning of last summer. Surely, he wasn’t the only one. There are probably about 100 such IT specialists in Madagascar, and, according to some sources, they all work on the territory of the Embassy.

Judicial and Civil Society Support 

These men stay in Madagascar with an American lawyer, Betty-Linn White, who specializes in the field of common law and judicial procedures. Last summer he moved to Madagascar from New York. A coincidence? Tourism probably was not his main goal.


Other “public figures” from the U.S. have been seen on the island as well, including William Anderson, who was involved in designing banners and leaflets and organizing events. According to American journalists, he is also an experienced political strategist. He was seen at printing houses in the capital city more than once, and he sometimes met with various candidates with a small suitcase, probably carrying his “leaflets.”


He also coordinates the anti-war Kings Lynn StoptheWar group which is a part of the powerful community StoptheWar, which often makes statements about the inadmissibility of violence in relation to oppositionists during coups. Do they, so to say, “prepare the soil”? It’s quite possible. The head of Triangle Associates Alexis Allouey was also seen with him.

These are only the “dream team” members who have been discovered so far. How many other Americans are still involved in this process? It’s hard to say. Madagascar is too attractive for Americans, who are ready to put their money and effort into the political sphere there.

RIAFAN investigators have no less than 6,000 messages from ordinary people from Madagascar that are now being fact-checked. If you have any information on this issue, feel free to contact us as well.

Author: USA Really