On January 12, Yellow Jackets will crush all European banks and then come for America
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On January 12, Yellow Jackets will crush all European banks and then come for America


Paris – January 9, 2018

For the past 8 weeks or so, tens-of-thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets protesting conditions in their country.

After 8 weeks of fierce fighting with police using tear gas, water cannons, batons, and rubber bullets, during which at least 6 people were killed and about 1,400 others injured, the activists struck at the government's most painful point and forced it to fight back in the Yellow Jackets crisis.

So this Saturday, the Yellow Jackets are going for the "kill shot": They're going after the banks.

Social Media is abuzz today with hundreds of confirmations that the Yellow Jackets intend a deliberate BANK RUN starting this Saturday at 8:00 AM.

The trouble is, as other French citizens see these plans revealed, they are already heading to the banks, right now, today.

This is literally a catastrophe-in-the-making for France, and it's government in particular.

Going after the financial system via an intentional BANK RUN will kill the country economically. There's no getting around it.  

There simply isn't enough cash in circulation to cover the withdrawals of all those people. It’s the same in the US and everywhere.

With the proposed “bank run” idea already spreading to neighboring countries such as Italy and the UK, it appears it could have a strong effect. It is important to note that it appears that the alleged “bank run” has not even yet begun – it is only an idea being floated in social media and elsewhere – but it seems to already be shaking up the Euro markets.

Yellow Jackets in Europe have already demonstrated their tenacity and are spreading rapidly across the continent. Many fear that it could cross the ocean and come to the US. There is every reason to feed it here, especially when the global economy has reached an “epochal pivot,” a moment when the false prosperity created from the trillions in printed money by the world’s central banks lurches violently into reverse. 

Only here it will come with the experience of 8 weeks of tough confrontation with the police and having found the state’s most painful points.

There are many influential political forces in the US that, despite the obvious danger of inciting social protests, will want to use this energy for their own selfish purposes. First of all, this applies to the Deep State.

As this “Everything Bubble” prepares to burst, political games in the US are clearly off scale. The Deep State has suddenly realized that they are on the verge of a complete defeat. What previously seemed to them a cake walk has suddenly turned into an unsolvable problem. They have suffered defeat after defeat, losing one bastion after another. They have come close to this last “red line,” beyond which they will find a complete loss of power and wealth.

We have already written that based on the logic of current events and Trump’s personality, a tough fight is inevitable. We have even described some of the possible scenarios in which this may take place. 

The Deep State is able to organize mass protests. They have the resources and practical skills to do so. Most often, they use young people for their own purposes,  and it’s understandable why. Young people grew up in a cynical environment full of mistrust, at a time when government and public institutions split. Therefore, their guiding lesson in life is to take care of yourself, be free from obligations, and not pay attention to the crusades for ideas and principles. We also cannot ignore that this generation is not particularly interested in politics, instead they are very market-oriented, very pragmatic.

Trump and the forces behind him may well redirect their energy against the Deep State, primarily against the banks. And then the economy will collapse and civil war will become inevitable.

So, have your popcorn ready for intense viewing pleasure this week, folks.  We are waiting for interesting events.

Author: USA Really