Mother Watches Helplessly As Doctors Let Her Babies Die – Here’s What Happened
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Mother Watches Helplessly As Doctors Let Her Babies Die – Here’s What Happened


OHAIO — June 4, 2018

A mother’s love for her children is unshakable, and when one pregnant mother was having pain and began to bleed, she went into the hospital to ensure her unborn babies were safe.

But the doctors who were supposed to help this mother did the unthinkable, and now they have blood on their hands.

Despite the cries of this mother, begging those in charge to save her babies, the doctors refused, and their reason will shock you.

The mother was 22 weeks pregnant and was told by the doctors if she gave birth now, the babies would be stillborn.

But the doctors were wrong.

When this mother gave birth to her twin boys, the babies not only breathed, they cried.

And since doctors are supposed to save lives, you’d think they would be doing everything they could to help this mother and her babies.

But they didn’t.

The mother cried and begged the doctors to save her babies, but her screams went ignored, as doctors let two newborn babies die.

Life News reported:

“You’re going to save him, right? Promise me you’re going to save him,” Amanda’s heartbroken plea can be heard on the video as she holds her son Emery right after giving birth.

“Look at him. Please save him!”

She said Emery lived for 45 minutes outside the womb, and Elliot lived for more than two hours.

Contrary to what she had been told a few days earlier, she said the medical staff refused to assess the boys or provide medical assistance to them.

“The boys’ mother, Amanda, had been told they would be stillborn or breathe only for a moment, but both were born alive,” Created Equal said in a statement. 

 “One breathed and cried for two and a half hours while Amanda pleaded for help and Riverside staff stood by.”

One can’t imagine the sheer and unadulterated heartache this mother felt, as she heard the cries of her babies, but was helpless to save them.

She trusted the medical team to help her babies live, but they sat back and listened to her babies cry for more than two hours, without doing anything to save them.

And instead of saving these sweet babies, these doctors let them die in a cold hospital room, as their mother sobbed and told her twin boys “Mommy tried, Mommy tried.”

Her cries are heart-wrenching. In a completely vulnerable and grief-stricken moment, she turns the blame on herself.

There is no doubt she questioned if there was anything she could have done or didn’t do to save them. And she probably will for the rest of her life.

But she is not to blame for the loss of her twin boys. She did everything she was supposed to do – even going above and beyond calling the hospital before admission.

Could she have gone elsewhere if they had given her an honest answer?

The truth is plain to see: This hospital failed and should be held responsible for the deaths of these babies.

Despite the fact they were born premature, actions could have been taken to give them a chance at life.

Created Equal helped the mother file a complaint, but the claim was met with deaf ears.

This hospital was so callous about the fact they let two babies died, they didn’t even admit error, or apologize.

Life News continued:

The Ethics and Compliance Department has investigated and addressed the concern brought by the caller. … We consider this matter closed,” the hospital said in a statement.

The pro-life organization decided to release the story publicly to call on the hospital to re-open its investigation.

“… to date, there has been neither recognition from the hospital about this tragedy nor condolence communicated to the grieving family,” according to Created Equal.

Whether the boys would have survived with treatment is impossible to predict, but new research indicates that premature babies born at 22 weeks of pregnancy are surviving at greater rates than ever before.”

It is not the doctor’s call to decide who should live and who should die.

These doctors failed, big time.

And now, this mother had to grieve the loss of her two twin boys, because of the doctors’ refusal to do their job.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this happened.

In the UK, Live Action reported a sweet little baby girl named Autumn died when she too was born at 22 weeks and 6 days.

The doctors let her die.

This type of behavior from medical professionals is unconscionable.

No mother should have to go through the horror of watching her precious baby die, because some doctor refuses to acknowledge a premature baby.

These doctors cared more about a date on the calendar than the living breathing babies right in front of them.

A due date is just a number – and an unreliable one at that. Just as every baby is unique, so is each woman’s pregnancy.

Women deserve better, and babies deserve a chance at life, regardless of how old they are when they are born.

Below is the video showcasing the mother pleading with the doctors to save her babies.

*Warning – Some viewers may find this video disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.*

Author: Mommy Underground