Men Face More Discrimination Than Women, New Global Research Says
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Men Face More Discrimination Than Women, New Global Research Says


Feminists say that women are the more oppressed gender and that men live in a haven of patriarchal rule. A new study of 6.8 billion people worldwide says otherwise. According to the study, men face more discrimination than women in 91 out of 134 countries.

Men face more discrimination than their female counterparts. That’s the conclusion the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia researchers came to in their study published in the journal Plos One

Authors Gijsbert Stoet and David Geary developed what they call “a simplified approach to measuring national gender inequality” that differs from that of the commonly-used Global Gender Gap Index by including certain factors that specifically affect men.

Scientists pointed out that many issues that disproportionately impact men and boys are either understudied or completely ignored and created a database which deciphers a nation’s discrimination instead. 

This new method, called the Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI), focuses on varying aspects of life and measures overall satisfaction and, as the scientists claim, “better captures variation in gender inequality than other measures”. The method includes statistics such as prison populations, criminal punishment, compulsory military service, suicide, occupational deaths, substance abuse, homelessness and other issues where men are often disproportionately impacted.

The closer the nation’s BIGI score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country. The United States came in at 61 out of 134, favoring women. At the top of the list for equality are Italy and Israel, where men are slightly better off, and Saudi Arabia where women barely have an advantage.

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The researchers found that overall men actually face more discriminatory treatment than women on a global scale. Women were disadvantaged in only 43 out of 134 countries.

In the developed nations of the Western world (where feminists claim they are oppressed), women actually have a slight advantage.

The numbers were factored based on men receiving harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service, and more occupational deaths than women.

“No existing measure of gender inequality fully captures the hardships that are disproportionately experienced by men in many countries and so they do not fully capture the extent to which any specific country is promoting the wellbeing of all its citizens,” says Professor Stoet. “The BIGI provides a much simpler way of tackling gender inequality and it focuses on aspects of life that are directly relevant to all people.”

“Used alongside other existing indicators, it provides additional and different information to give a more complete assessment of gender equality, making it easier for policy-makers to introduce changes to improve the quality of life for both men and women,” he continued.

Professor David Geary, from the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri in the United States, said, “We sought to correct the bias towards women’s issues within existing measures and at the same time develop a simple measure that is useful in any country in the world, regardless of their level of economic development.”

“We’re not saying that women in highly developed countries are not experiencing disadvantages in some aspects of their lives,” said Professor Stoet. “What we are saying is that an ideal measure of gender equality is not biased to the disadvantages of either gender. Doing so, we find a different picture to the one commonly presented in the media.”

If you still don’t believe the study and find it inaccurate, just consider some more disparities that appear to redound to women’s benefit. Quotations are from, and information is according to,

• “WAR: Men, not women, fight and die in battle [Dept. Defense — Vietnam Casualties 47,369 men vs 74 women].”

• “MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women [Dept. Health & Human Services — 26,710 men vs 5,700 women].”

• “JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men [Bureau Justice Statistics — 1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women].”

• “COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder [Bureau Justice Statistics — men at 17 years vs women at 6 years].”

• “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Even though study after study shows that women are the majority of the initiators of domestic violence … Congress passed the obviously anti-male VAWA [Violence against Women Act] and VAWA II.”

In addition, while we hear much about how women earn only 77 cents on a man’s dollar, there’s silence on how men pay 200 cents on a woman’s dollar in taxes.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the surprising revelation from Twitter:

What Napoleon said about history also applies here: It’s too often “a series of agreed-upon myths…”

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