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Is There a Country the US WON’T Interfere In?!
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Is There a Country the US WON’T Interfere In?!


Welcome back all you dear listeners of this podcast. As you may have noticed, the podcast isn’t appearing as often. We’re shaking things up here and we’ve moved to a weekly format for now instead of daily, so that means each podcast is going to be packed with much more goodness! We’re going to look at what’s gone up in the past week, so let’s just jump right in!

Oh, but first, our Global Democracy Award contest has ended! You’ve heard so much about it, now it’s your time to go and vote, which you can do here!

Starting with January 8, we had an interesting piece called “The Necessity of Agrarianism” by Walt Garlington, where he talks about the missing element that isn’t often enough thought about in connection with working the land—how it leads one to repentance and right living and serves as a safeguard against sin. This one is chock full of Scriptural and Patristic goodness, and you’re almost certain to learn something you didn’t know before.

Of course, there was the history piece, with the war on poverty, the 2011 Tucson shooting, and much more!

Then there’s a look at why the U.S. team lost the final game of the 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey championship. If hockey is your thing, this article is for you.

The next one proved to be quite popular: “Lawyers Vs Robert Mueller: Casting Pearls Before Swine,” with a look at how a judge really gave it to the American lawyers representing a Russian firm that had been charged by Mueller. This judge woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

There’s the story of a gas line rupture in Kentucky, a review of the 18th day of the government shutdown, and the day wrapped up with the piece, “Madagascar in Danger of State Coup Due to Activities of Some American Citizens.” This one was also very popular, giving the reader an exciting look at all the wonderful ways Americans are messing with stuff in Madagascar. In short, Madagascar is a country full of minerals and resources, and Americans are interested in controlling them.

January 9 kicked off with Seraphim Hanisch’s piece, “Alcoholism in America – Part II: Marijuana: Insanity Hiding in Plain Sight.” He gives you a frank and honest look at weed’s effects on the brain and a careful consideration of just why then it is being legalized all across America. This piece is enlightening, and pretty groovy, man…

The day continued with the history piece, a piece on just what those Yellow Vests were planning for January 12 (we can look back now and see what came true and what didn’t), and a piece on the record growth that has come out of the US-China trade war. Our warehouses are filled to the brim with Chinese goods, and Chinese clothing exports to the US jumped way up. Check out this piece for all the yummy stats.

Then there’s an important piece on what to look forward to in 2019: Will the US leave Syria, pressure on Trump, economic changes, and much more! And don’t miss “The Cobra Effect” about how US interference in Venezuela might come back to bite us, and a good one on the wall: “White House Will No Longer Be Able to Restrain Democrats Against Trump's Wall.” How is this whole government shutdown wall standoff going to end? This piece will help you find some clarity.

January 10 got rolling with the history piece and its look at the US bouncing some radar signals to the moon and back—you know, every day stuff, and continued with a look at America’s continued descent into madness, with Ohio public universities allowing men to use women’s restrooms. Gee, what could ever go wrong?!

Next up is an eye-opening piece on the garbage medicine that’s making its way to the US from China. Companies aren’t being tested as they should, and some even poisonous medicines are getting into our medicine cabinets. That’s fun, right?

Oh and feminists are insisting on changing the spelling of the word “women” so that the word “men” isn’t inside it anymore, because, well, feminists are insane. More on feminism—apparently the Women’s March movement is falling apart all across the country as everyone is trying to distance themselves from the controversial and scandal-ridden founders. THANK GOD!

And get this feminists—men face more discrimination than women, according to new global research. Yeah, stick that in your pipes and smoke it. Of course, anyone with their eyes open isn’t surprised. Aaaand Wisconsinites are drinking contaminated water, but hey, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, as they say. Amirite?

January 11 had an insane amount of articles, so we can’t look at all of them, but they’re all there on the site just waiting for you to dive right in! We kicked the day off with an opinion piece from Alexander Azadgan entitled: “A Case Against Saudi Arabia: The War in Yemen, the Iranian Angle and the Israeli Hidden Hand.” You know, if human history has taught us anything, it’s the fact that there are no permanent allies nor enemies. At the end of each conflict there’s always a political solution, after all the unnecessary bloodletting based on fear and ego which take us further and further away from the nobler side of our characters. Our gallant hope is that men and women of truth, justice, and peace would have the last say and that the cooler heads would prevail. This is the very essence of true leadership, our author says.

We also had a nice in-depth look at fake news in the American media, parts one and two. Of course, a major factor in fake news is clickbaity headlines, so there’s a fun look at those too. Next up: “WWF Is a Tool for Human Destruction,” and no I’m NOT talking about Hulk Hogan and the World Wrestling Federation! But you’ll have to check out the piece to see what it IS about.

And in the vein of our contest topic, next up is “How the US Spent Billions to Control Elections Around the World.” Surely if you read this site then such a headline shouldn’t be surprising for you. Yah, we’re the US and we love to stick our noses EVERYWHERE they don’t belong. Then a 16-year-old was found among a group of Jihadists in Syria. No, Islam is no threat or anything, right? And how about some extreme insensitivity? Yah, a sculpture honoring Saudi Arabia placed just down the street from the 9/11 site. DISGUSTING.

Then a humorous one—some local FOX affiliate guy took some Trump video and obviously distorted it, making him super orange and distorting his head and facial features. Obviously people noticed and the moron got the can. And Kansas is looking to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s happened in other states. Lots of historians say Columbus was pretty crappy to the natives he found, but I think there are those who argue against that too. In any case, check out that story here.

And we wrapped up the day with a look at the possible connection between Trump voting and bullying (Libs will love these numbers), and a pretty important piece—a pedophile serving time in jail has confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey all the way back in 1996. Remember her? The child beauty queen. He claims he loved her and killed her accidentally. Either way, what a freak.

Jan. 12 kicked off with a look at a crisis of the American soul, concerning Trump’s recent address to the nation about the wall. This piece says: “There is only one way to radically cut the migration Gordian knot: Establishing an autocracy in America, ending the separation of powers leading the US into civil strife.” What do you think of that? That’s quite a claim, is it not?

Next up: “The Beginning of the Defeat of the Bretton Woods System.” The world is again on the verge of chaos over Trump canceling his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This blow from Trump speaks to his intentions to eliminate the well-known Bretton Woods system. He tried to minimize costs by canceling the trip. By not going to Davos, Trump is saving on long negotiations with business leaders, protocols, time, etc.

And all you global warming environment conspiracy theorists, here’s one for you: “Heated Ocean Will Bring Climate Catastrophe.” But, you know, they’ve been telling us about coming catastrophes for a while now, and they ain’t happened yet. Is this one different? Check out the piece and find out.

And hey all you suffering from the government shutdown—fear not! USA Really is here to lend a hand with some friendly advice and a nice offer.

We’ll wrap up this edition of the podcast with our look at Jan. 13 that brought you the daily This Day in History piece, that especially looks at that false missile alert in Hawaii last year that was so much fun. Then there was a look at two new Democratic candidates for President in 2020. People are already throwing their hats into the ring, and here we bring you the scoop on the newest and freshest! It’s sure to be a thrillah!

Dear friends, that is how we end this thang, so thanks for tuning in, and be sure to come on back next Monday for our next podcast, and read all our pieces in the meantime!


Author: USA Really