Despite Their Blocking Policies, American Media and Social Networks Can’t Figure Out the Problem
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Despite Their Blocking Policies, American Media and Social Networks Can’t Figure Out the Problem


WASHINGTON - January 16, 2019

Another blocking story happened last weekend when YouTube suspended the work of the American Live Action's channel about parenting. The sanctioned video allegedly "violated the community guidelines." Though Live Action appealed the decision, YouTube rejected their appeal Sunday.

After two days, YouTube apologized to Live Action in a tweet, claiming that the censorship was a mistake.

It is worth noting that the video was a lesson for parents who face problems with family planning and abortion. In particular, the video in question documents a man posing as a pimp (and a woman posing as a prostitute) who visit a Planned Parenthood facility and ask whether Planned Parenthood reports minors who come in to request abortions.

The official in this video says that women over the age of 15 who come to a specialized institution always remain unregistered, as long as they say the father of the unborn child is 15 or older.

When the dummy pimp asks in response what to do if the girls are fourteen or younger, the manager tells him, "You never heard this from me," and offers a piece of paper showing where girls under fourteen can get abortions.

"Just play along that they are students," the manager says. "We want to make it look as legitimate as possible."

The video included special signs warning that "additional information" about the patient's sexual contacts may lead to Planned Parenthood having to report the abortion. She also offers advice on how girls can continue to make money for weeks after an abortion when they cannot continue their sexual work.

That is, in general, it's clear that the video is educational for any young family that has sexual problems at an early age. This problem is widespread in the United States, as well as throughout the world.

Live Action posted the video with the caption: "Planned Parenthood is required by law to report child sexual abuse, but it routinely covers up these crimes. On this #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth, watch as a Planned Parenthood manager aids a child sex trafficking ring."

Video creator and Live Action founder, the girl Lila Rose, raped as a child, has organized and supervised several covert investigations into Planned Parenthood, starting at the age of eighteen, pretending to be a victim in need of an abortion. Since then, Rose has opposed abortion on many fronts, including in the European Parliament and at the United Nations. She has been noted as one of the National Journal's Most Notable Women in Washington Under 35.

After publishing the video, Rose tweeted on Monday that her video was blocked, though the reasons were not stated, according to her. YouTube later apologized.

"The popular narrative has been that abortion is going to somehow empower women," Rose has said, "when we know that it’s an act of violence against our children."

As it turned out later, these hosting actions are planned in light of the upcoming March for Life, which will take place in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 18.

Or so the American media writes. But let’s understand the reality.

YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram strive not for good quality work but for ratings.

For example, USA Really was blocked at the beginning of its work in May-June 2018. All leading social networks and hosting platforms refused to read USA Really does but instead resorted to blocking.

Despite Their Blocking Policies, American Media and Social Networks Can’t Figure Out the Problem

If we consider some materials from USA Really, you can see that the agency publishes real news occurring in the United States: "Illegal Alien Deported Multiple Times Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Child" or "16-Year-Old American Among 8 Foreign Jihadists Who Planned to Attack Civilizations in Syria" or "New California State Activists Calling for 3rd Constitutional Convention.” And analytical pieces: "Three Big Reasons why Middle Class is Leaving New York City," "Frightening Prison Statistics," "A Crisis of the American Soul," "The Beginning of the Defeat of the Bretton Woods System," etc.

The agency’s YouTube channel, while it was still working, published videos made by special correspondents. The videos contained news content not forbidden to be shown in any country in the world.

Despite Their Blocking Policies, American Media and Social Networks Can’t Figure Out the Problem

For example, there is another video channel where the author publishes materials about the poor or bad life in different cities and states across the US. The author says that he works for donations but hides his real name and face.

Despite Their Blocking Policies, American Media and Social Networks Can’t Figure Out the Problem

There are also blogs such as Zero Hedge where the authors publishes reports saying that the US government doesn't give a good life to its people or generally describes the problems in the country. There are other blogs like the Nation, American Thinker, and Disqus where you can find many other materials about America. The whole world is free to express its opinion, but in the US, a country calling itself free, ordinary journalists are hushed up.

The media is a breath of fresh air for the layman who may not be familiar with the agenda for objective reasons. Today, in the world of information technology, people need to be aware of the most important events. Without this, no one can normally coexist in a huge society with computers and high technology.

If earlier a person did without it, today it's extremely difficult to imagine life without information. Instead, a free and democratic American country, hiding behind its ideals, resorts to radical measures in the form of blocking small news resources like USA Really. Why? Animal fear of authority or simply the inadequate policies of major media projects?

The American media market, like any other in the world, is organized according to several principles, including the rating system. TV stations or news agencies publish data about themselves, which is then checked by an evaluating body. If everything checks out, the station’s rating increases, and the higher the rating, the more expensive the advertising.

Accordingly, if the channel begins to transgress American censorship, it will immediately lower the rating and it will automatically reduce the company's revenues. That is why the channel, in order not to close, is forced to carry out its editorial policy according to certain orders.

There’s also a system of grants that supports up to half of the media for a particular job and for the same ratings. The US’s largest entrepreneurs buy the largest media spaces around the world to control the processes, supply them with funding, and they, in turn, fulfill the orders of the United States.

American occupation propaganda is carried out globally through the media. Their goals are:

●      Covering the occupation status of a certain country so that people don't understand that their country is a colony

●      Information support for the implementation of strategic tasks that Americans set before the authorities, namely:

1.      Elimination

2.      The genocide of the people

3.      Tribute payment in favor of the United States

4.      Occupation propaganda is conducted in two directions:

a.      The creation of a general negative information background on the part of the world media

b.      Replication of lies created by American agents in the world media

If you analyze a modern news feed, at least 8 out of 10 articles will be related to murder, crime, or natural disaster. This leads to stress and the impression that criminals and murders are all around, teaches people to distrust, divides society, creates a desire to leave the country, and therefore strikes a blow at the love of one’s own country.

Naturally, all this is done in favor of the United States. Any information that exposes this principle is automatically banned.

Another element of the media's work is the process of replicating propaganda lies.

Enemy propaganda creates illusory stereotypes that don't correspond to reality but only cover the occupation status of a country. All propaganda is based on lies. People are told that:

●      Other countries have full state sovereignty and are not a US colony

●      Anglo-Saxon civilization surpasses, on the level of development, any other civilization.

Here is an example: All officials are corrupt. This thesis is suggested in order to hide the truth that the phenomenon of corruption is an element of external governance. After all, all thieves flee to London or the US and the authorities of those countries don't give them up. For example, Europe has taken hundreds of thousands of corrupt officials from around the world over the past 20 years, where they can now live in peace and the authorities of London or France will not give them up.

1.      This is standard colonial history. The US allows to plunder the whole world and to bring stolen goods to the metropolis.

2.      These are just a few propaganda clichés, and there are hundreds of them, but they are all united in one goal of hiding the truth that other countries are colonies of the United States.

Last week, Prager University filed a lawsuit against Google and YouTube alleging similar censorship. The suit claims that "This lawsuit is 'round two' of the parties’ dispute over whether Google/YouTube are above the law when it comes to regulating free speech and expression on YouTube solely because Defendants are private entities who own and operate YouTube for their own profit and commercial gain."

Now try to answer questions: Will the plaintiffs get an answer and what will the owners of YouTube or Google do in response? Most likely, they will either ignore this claim or pay an extra million and the situation will be forgotten again. As long as the American pseudo-democratic media remains under the rule of individuals with large amounts of money and high ratings, no one in the world will be able to resist their system

Author: USA Really