Sodomites Welcomed in Kansas. Again.
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Sodomites Welcomed in Kansas. Again.


TOPEKA – January 16, 2019

Crooked and perverted liberals have achieved a victory in quiet Kansas, where in one of her first official acts, the new Democratic governor Laura Kelly has implemented the controversial law, “Prohibition of on-the-job discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender state employees.”

LGBT rights seem to take precedence over any economic problems or the outflow of young people ot other, better-developed states. Of course, the local LGBT crowd is praising the new governor. The first openly gay state representatives in Kansas history have said they will introduce a bill to extend non-discrimination protections to all LGBT people in the state. Governor Kelly immediately responded that she would sign such a bill.

The history of this decision is quite interesting though, as in her first official act, Kelly signed an executive order reinstating the protections for LGBT workers that were eliminated by Governor Sam Brownback in 2015. Just four years ago, the governor there could say that sodomites shouldn’t be a privileged group in the state. Of course, he was widely criticized, and those conservative days are over.

The order, issued on her full first day as governor, came after she urged elected leaders to lift up all of Kansans, whether or not they “love like us,” during her inaugural address Monday.

“As I have said numerous times before, discrimination of any kind has no place in Kansas and it will not be tolerated in this administration,” Kelly said. “We will ensure that state workers feel safe and supported in their working environment.” Right! Because everybody should love sodomites and welcome them, even if it violates one’s rights! Good job, Mrs. Governor!

Democrats have been trying to transform Kansas into the “land of love” for more than a decade. The order was first put in place by Democratic Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius back in 2007, prohibiting “harassment, firing or discrimination against state workers based on sexual orientation or gender identity.” Basically, if a gay person does poor work, shows up late or not at all, or annoys everyone to the point of creating a poor working environment, the boss can do nothing about it. That’s tolerance in Kansas.

Republican Governor Brownback removed the protections the same year the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. At the time, Brownback said the order had created “a new protected class” through executive action and that any change should be made by the legislature. And he was exactly right.

Conversely, Kelly’s order goes further than the original protections, extending also to people who work for state contractors. It also calls for a program to increase awareness of legal protections for persons with disabilities and requires agencies to develop affirmative action plans, yet, such concern of poor disabled people seems to be nothing more than just a transparent cover for lobbying the sodomites’ interests within the state borders.

Author: USA Really