The Degradation of Science As a Sign of the Global Collapse of the Political System
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The Degradation of Science As a Sign of the Global Collapse of the Political System


AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 16, 2019

The global crisis today covers all spheres of human life. Not only the economy is collapsing, but all existing systems, be they political, social, or economic, have reached the limits of their development and now contribute more to the degradation of humanity than to its development, and science is no exception.

Gone are the days when natural scientists including, above all, philosophers, were those who inspired ideas in society. Previously, the scientist was a generalist, a polymath, a custodian of culture. Now science is increasingly populated by a lot of narrow specialists, and it is becoming more and more utilitarian. The scientist solves increasingly narrow problems, achieving more and more specific results.  Scientific knowledge less and less represents something integral, and more and more it breaks up into separate fragments. Scientific knowledge becomes a set of established dogmas, like the religious doctrines of the past. In the public consciousness, a new type of religiosity arises - a kind of scientific religiosity. People stop knowing and start believing (or not believing).

In all so-called “developed” countries there is a sharp reduction in demand for researchers in the field of technical sciences, physicists, and chemists. Research centers for the development of new materials, electronics, and engineering are constantly reducing the amount of research, throwing thousands of scientists from Europe to third world countries.

Many companies, in particular, the largest computer corporation IBM, have reduced or even closed their research divisions. In fact, only a few areas are developing, primarily biotechnology and information technology, although the growth of the latter has slowed sharply lately.

Collectors of facts and small details, deprived of the ability to see the connection of things, came to the fore. The extraordinary, artificial specialization of science began to reject scientists, thinkers, systematizers, and builders of holistic theories.

An artificial approach to problem-solving gave rise to ugly assessments of the results of scientific work. Loyalty began to be valued above creativity, the number of works above their quality. The criteria of scientific work have undergone a sharp deformation, becoming formal. The main focus is the banal calculation of the number of published articles without regard to their quality. As a result, science has become engaged in the mass production of “information noise”, which inevitably led to a decrease in demand for scientific books and journals, the loss of the authority of science.

The system of assessing the effectiveness of the scientist's work involves the calculation of points that are given for articles, reports at conferences, patents, etc. This method of assessing the work of a scientist is as absurd as if in evaluating a ballerina’s dance we began to count the number of steps she took on the stage, the speed of rotation, etc. However, the method is widespread in scientific institutions everywhere. What for? Yes, then, to emasculate the content of science, leaving only the form that the official understands, which will lead to the destruction of science as it was. It seems that this is the goal of the current owners of the country.

Distortion of labor criteria littered science with many people striving to parasitize, using the fairly comfortable working and living conditions of scientists (sluggish work rhythm, lack of responsibility for results, free schedule, scientific tourism — business trips, including foreign ones, etc.). Now, when these parasites begin to push away from science, they begin to shout indignantly about the cunning of politicians.

Many experts who have worked in the federal government under Republicans and Democrats say both have sometimes put politics ahead of science but none have done so as blatantly as Trump. And they warn the consequences could continue long into the future.

“It’s as egregious as I’ve ever seen it, starting from the very top with the president just denying the existence of science, manipulating the system on behalf of special interests,” said the former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, who testified to Congress that the George W. Bush administration pushed him to weaken or suppress public health findings.

Globalization’s influence creates a situation where international organizations end up governing national education policies instead of states. Nowadays neoliberalism is the mainstream ideology of modern education reformers.  Liberal-minded teachers and professors have invaded our government, universities, and schools. They don't teach, rather, they impose their liberal values.  And the worst of this story is that the work of these neo-liberal professors to dumb down the nation is being funded by our tax dollars, alumni gifts, and tuition payments. Naturally, they do not want to leave the feeder.

Climate change and environmental science have always been at the forefront of the battle between science and the Trump administration. Trump accused that he has ignored climate scientists’ warnings that rising temperatures and more extreme weather will hurt the US economy and risk lives. Although the factor of anthropogenic influence on climate change is greatly exaggerated, there is a lot of evidence for this. But these studies are not published and do not talk about them. Officials from science and international bureaucrats continue to read mantras about global warming and scold Trump, although everyone understands that all the conventions on climate change were invented not to really prevent changes, but to form a global market for environmental equipment and services. Dealers from science are also beneficial because they receive huge grants for meaningless research.

Trump's intentions to cut the budget on pointless research and programs also lead to tough resistance. Quite revealing in this regard is the Guardian article, “Trump's war on science: how the US is putting politics above evidence” in which he is criticized for the fact that his administration is cutting programs scientists say are proven to protect Americans, from pollution safeguards to teen pregnancy prevention and healthier school lunches, with effects that could last for years. The Trump administration is also cutting short evidence-based grants for teen pregnancy prevention programs, favoring curriculum focused on abstinence instead.

Unfortunately, Trump's actions are logical and essentially true but are non-systemic in nature. He doesn't know what to do. He only sees that the world is changing, but what will be the world of the future he does not understand. But as you know there is no favorable wind for the ship without a goal. So we are doomed to further degradation until the existing system is completely destroyed.

Author: USA Really