No Freedom of Speech, Even for American Veterans of Wars
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No Freedom of Speech, Even for American Veterans of Wars


USA – January 17, 2019

The right of freedom of speech is violated on a daily basis in America. Journalists can be persecuted for their views (just like what happened to Marzieh Hashemi a couple of days ago); media accounts that don’t toe the liberal party line are often banned.

Another example of the direct violation of the First Amendment comes from the case of Veterans Today which is now facing serious trouble, considered to be disloyal to the establishment.

Consider: People who fought and spilled their blood for the ambitions of Washington “war-hawks” all over the world are being suppressed and deprived of their rights to express their own opinion. How terrible.

Just check out what Senior Editor of Veterans Today Gordon Duff writes about the ongoing “witch hunt” initiated by the FBI against his media:

VT has been investigated by the FBI repeatedly, based on bizarre assertions made in the Post, Newsweek, the Hill and Politico.  The FBI found them groundless....and quite probably actionable and were quite open about it.

VT personnel are stopped by DHS with regularity and subjected to not just interrogation but seizure of their devices.

VT is currently under DDOS and hacking from US government computers that we have traced to a Department of Veterans Affairs office in Washington.  We have been partially down for 10 days.

It gets worse, much worse, and we are a US veterans site.

DDOS attacks, hacking operations, FBI persecution… these are only a few things the Veterans Today website is facing now, since they were accused of being “hostile” by some mainstream media. Journalists from liberal media outlets who go home to their warm houses are accusing veterans who fought for their country of being disloyal. It’s very sad.

Unlike these “snowflakes,” Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, is a Marine combat veteran. He went through the hell of the Vietnam War. Moreover, he is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is a great specialist, as he is also an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He is an image of the true American Patriot, yet, since his views are pretty conservative, liberals controlled by the Democrats keep on attacking him. Was this something that brave man fought for? Certainly not.

As for (VT) in general, it is an open independent alternative freedom of speech news and opinion blog focused on U.S. Foreign Policy and Military Issues. The principles of VT work are pretty modern, as it operates as a decentralized virtual media providing fully 100% independent writers from USA and around the world a free and open platform to express their news and points of view without censorship in the spirit of press freedom and democracy.

See? Veterans Today don’t have censorship, and this is also a big issue for decayed media sources who always follow the same pattern to cover events of different kinds. Thus, Veterans Today should receive all the support possible from people who still believe in freedom of speech and true democratic values that have been stolen by those who call themselves Democrats nowadays.

Author: USA Really