BREAKING! Marzieh Hashemi has been stalked by Deep State servants for years!
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BREAKING! Marzieh Hashemi has been stalked by Deep State servants for years!



USA – January 18, 2018

The recent detention of Iranian-American journalist Marzieh Hashemi in the U.S., which we have already reported on, has caused outrage in the whole civilized world. This brutal act violates not only freedom of speech, but even the most basic of human rights.

It is now known that Deep State servants have been stalking Hashemi for years, at least, since June 19, 2015, when the United States District Court for the District of Columbia granted her “case” a special number: 15-cr-75. According to the documents, it was a criminal case: USA vs. Hashemi, according to the conventional naming of cases.

However if we step away from this convention, we can interpret the title differently, as if the whole great country of the U.S. has mobilized all its repressive toolkits to fight the “disloyal” journalist.

Instead of concentrating on real problems such as USA Really has reported on many times, such as the economic and migration crisis, police and racial crime, religious and ethnic tensions, Washington has chosen Marziah Hashemi as its number one target, which makes her case like that of Russian citizen Maria Butina, who was accused of being a spy. American suppression knows no limits, and the witch hunt against independent thinkers is well underway.

The Iranian side has reacted to the detention of Hashemi in a rough and direct manner. In a Wednesday interview with Al-Alam news network, Zarif said the arrest of Hashemi is a clear violation of freedom of speech, urging the Americans to end this “political game” immediately.

"The arrest is a political and unacceptable move by the US so Americans should put an end to this political play immediately," Zarif noted.

Indeed, Hashemi’s arrest is a part of the game the Deep State adepts and servants have been playing for almost four years, and this game, in its turn, is a part of much bigger game they play. And this shouldn’t be tolerated.



Author: USA Really