The hacked reality of the information society
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The hacked reality of the information society


New York – January 19, 2019

If Jeff and Andy, the famous heroes of the O. Henry stories, earned their living through fairly simple but very creative fraud (exploiting human greed, stupidity, fear and vanity) 100 years ago, then today gamblers earn exponentially more, bringing fraud to a level undreamed of by their predecessors. 

There’s a good movie, The Simulation Theory-Hacking Reality, made on a Spielberg level, if he suddenly decided to work at National Geographic or BBC Science.

The whole thing is excellent, from the script to the animation, from the editing to sound, etc. (enjoy)

But the most striking thing is the level of popular appeal in the “Emergence Theory” and its reporting.

This is "the theory of point-like space-time and reality, as a quasicrystalline point-like space projected from an E8 crystal." The goal of the theory is to create a unified and non-contradictory conceptual model of the world, combining the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics with the phenomena of information and consciousness.

What am I saying?

It illustrates to what exorbitant level of persuasiveness the fake media can reach in the hands of talented and creative scammers for people who don’t have all the information on any given topic. 

But this is not the worst thing.

A new study, "People use less information than they think to make up their minds", leads us to a rather startling and unexpected conclusion:

  • Access to the full range of information, which would seem to drastically influence a person in our information age, does not save anyone.
  • For the overwhelming majority, access to abundant information does NOT contribute to the formation of their more informed opinions and judgments.
  • As a result, the more information people have potential access to, the less objectively informed the majority becomes.

The result is obvious: The 21st-century information society is doomed to flourishing fake news and pseudo-scientific luring, such as "Emergence Theory,” the project "Clean water" and many, many other things.

Author: USA Really