Trump Offered Pre-Rejected “Compromise” on Shutdown
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Trump Offered Pre-Rejected “Compromise” on Shutdown

Win McNamee

WASHINGTON - January 21, 2019

President Trump issued an urgent appeal in which he offered the Democrats a compromise in exchange for the wall funding. The Democrats rejected him even before the offer was officially made.

In his emergency address from the White House, Trump presented a number of migration proposals, which he called “a compromise of common sense,” in order to put an end to the shutdown.

As previously mentioned, the moment is here when Trump should fear any wrong decision, in view of the 2020 elections. And if we can assume that a small part of the people supports him as the country's leader, the same weighty mass refuses to be with him because of the sharp policy on the migration crisis.

In particular, one of the “compromises” concerns the children of illegal migrants. Trump promises them three years of legislative protection that will allow them to get a job, get social security, and not be deported. Dreamers, the so-called children of illegal immigrants in the United States, are currently protected from deportation under “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA, which was launched by the previous President Barack Obama), which allows them to work, but not to obtain citizenship. Trump has been trying his best to shut down this program.

In addition, the President proposed to extend the temporary migrants status for three years.

Trump is seeking $5.7 billion to finance the wall on the US-Mexico border. He explained that it would not be a concrete wall 2,000 miles long from the sea to the sea, but steel barriers in strategically important places.

However, the Democrats expressed their decision about Trump's proposals even before it sounded, having received leaks of the upcoming speech. In particular, the speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi called Trump's proposal to provide temporary protection to some illegal migrants in exchange for the construction of the wall as “unacceptable,” even before the appeal took place.

The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell said that the Senate plans to consider Trump's proposed plan to end the shutdown next week. However, the chances of being approved in the House of Representatives, where the Democrats have the majority, has almost no chance, the Associated Press noted.

The partial government shutdown has been ongoing since December 22, with the financing of the border wall as the main issue of contention.

Author: USA Really