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Saying Goodbye to Freedom of Speech
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Saying Goodbye to Freedom of Speech


Hello out there and welcome back to our USA Really weekly podcast! We used to come at you daily but we’ve switched over to a weekly rundown format, and we hope you like the change. We’ll take a look at what went up on our site over the past seven days, so of course there’s plenty to discuss, so strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride!

But first, our Global Democracy Award contest has ended! You’ve heard so much about it, now it’s your time to go and vote, which you can do here!

We kicked off January 14 with the piece “Divest Trump’s Attempted Smear of USA Really Journalists?” by Jeffrey Silverman where he takes a look at an “overenthusiastic blogger” who deems himself a bit of a sleuth and has tried to track down personal information on people whose names have appeared on USA Really, because USA Really is based in Moscow! EVILLLLLL. As Silverman demonstrates, not all the names he finds are even of Americans, though the blogger is trying to make the argument that they all need to register as foreign agents. What an absurdity. In the end, basically this blogger is giving free advertisement to the authors. Check out this piece for the full scoop.

Then we’ve got the history piece for the day with a look at Ratification Day, which ended the Revolutionary War, the Human Be-in event in San Fran in 1967, and the USS Enterprise Fire in 1969.

Next up: “The Coming Apocalypse.” Dun dun dunnn! This is a pretty neat piece on increased seismic and volcano activity around the world and the wild prophecies surrounding it. For instance, there’s a number of prophecies concerning the Canary Islands, where a big ol’ volcanic eruption just might mess shiz up sometime soon. If you live there, take cover!

And is there a new power struggle coming in Washington? “Trump Being Pushed Back From Power: "President Bolton" Appears in Washington” dives head first into this intriguing topic. Trump talks about pulling out of Syria, but is John Bolton even listening? Can anyone rein in him, or will he chart his own policy course? These questions are examined in this piece.

And which companies are most loyal to their stockholders? Who pays the most out to their peeps? This piece has all the best companies for you. I’m said I don’t see McDonald’s on the list. They’re glorious.

Next up is an in-depth look at faraway and little-thought-about Sierra Leone and its political scene. I’m sure you know a ton about that right? Well, apparently America as a state knows something about it and is pretty interested in getting its way there. They do have those blood diamonds, right? The place has been tumultuous since it became independent in the late 60s, and the US is certainly playing its role there. Hit up this piece for the whole story.

And here’s one for ya—Texas is saying no thanks to help from the federal gov’t—they’re rocking health care all on their own. The health sector is among the worst affected during the present shutdown, so states are starting to look for a way to get through it. Will Obamacare be abolished there? How is this all going to shake out? You know the deal—check out the article for the full story!

And here’s a shocking statistic: White American birth rates are below the replacement level in every state. That is, more white people are dying than are being born. I mean, it’s not surprising that it’s happening in some places, but every state? I find that pretty wild.

We wrapped up that day with a real shocker: An illegal alien who was deported multiple times has been arrested for the sexual abuse of a child (please note the sarcasm). He’s 31. She was 11 when it started. Thanks libs for letting him in!

January 15 kicked off with Pradeep Banerjee’s “Is It Finally Time to Quit Facebook?” Just imagine that—can you imagine life without Facebook now? It has its iron grip on so many of us, and even business is done there! Banerjee writes: “Revelations after revelations in 2018 showed us that Facebook has the scantest of regards for our privacy. Month after month in 2018 Facebook has made it absolutely clear that it is a morally bankrupt company that is never going to change.” These are definitely points to be pondered, and Banerjee will help you do just that.

As for history, there’s the capture of the USS President in the War of 1812, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, and the dedication of the Pentagon building in 1943.

And did you know your TV might be spying on you? In this day and age, that might not even be surprising to you. Our gadgets are always watching and listening! Be wary of your SmartTV, friends. Speaking of Big Brother, the Pentagon is expanding its presence at the US-Mexico border despite the gov’t shutdown. Yes, when the gov’t shuts down, some parts of it expand. How does that make any sense?

The monopoly model of world governance is coming to an end and 2019 is sure to provide us with some important points along the way to wherever we’re going next. This is particularly evident in the Asia Pacific region. The US is used to running the show, but China is hot and getting hotter, and there’s some Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and all kinds of other places in the mix.

And what’s up with Tulsi Gabbard, a hot politician on the scene? She has a big reputation as being a peace dove, despite being in the war hawk party of the Democrats. But is her reputation well deserved? Well, this piece will look at her actual record and what she says, and we’ll be sure to get at the truth!

And everyone loves taxes, right? If we let it, the gov’t would tax everything imaginable, and now, the governor of CA is talking about taxing water! Get ready, Californians!

And everyone is talking about illegal immigrants coming into America, but there’s also a problem of the US losing residents. Didja know? Certain states are noticeably losing residents to other states, but there are those people are just straight up peacing out of the US altogether. And one of the reasons is, again, taxes!

January 16 kicked off with the opinion piece, “Nancy Pelosi and Her Struggle to ‘Preserve’ the American Bourgeoisie” from Luis Lazaro Tijerina. As he writes: “We should inform ourselves of a class history of the Majority Speaker of the House, in order to understand her class origins which are part of ‘climbing up the ladder’, as the saying goes, to the heights of the established American bourgeois class. We should also understand that such a class has as its baggage all its pseudo-intellectual and cultural refinements created to add luster to its actual vulgar class heritage.”

Then there was a breaking piece on the American-Iranian journalist Marzieh Hashemi who has been detained and imprisoned on unspecified charges. She came to the US to visit her family, and BAM! Detained! Check out this piece to get the full story.

And the media and social networks LOVE to block people and content, right? You’ve heard about this from us a number of times—we’ve had to face lots of blockage. The latest video to be blocked showed Planned Parenthood being complicit in the sexual work of a minor. They’re required to report such cases to the police, but they so cherish abortion, that they rather give advice on how to get abortions and avoid being reported. They also don’t seem to mind that innocent girls are being treated like garbage on the streets. Thanks, Planned Parenthood!

Here’s a headline to really grab ya: “Sodomites Welcomed in Kansas. Again.” That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Then the history piece for the day takes a look at the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883, the TWA Flight 3 crash of 1942, and the opening of Hello, Dolly in 1964. My brother was in this musical in high school. Such a great show!

Unfortunately, lots of Americans in debt. More unfortunately, 2 out 3 of them see no way out and fully expect to remain in debt for a long time, if not till death. This includes mortgage debt, credit card debt, car loans, student loans, etc. etc. etc.

So a dude and his girlfriend killed the girlfriend’s baby in a bizarre exorcism ritual. They thought she was demon possessed, and apparently the ritual included lots of biting, for some reason. She was also whacked with a hammer. But now lawyers are contesting the bite mark evidence, plus the guy apparently has mental problems. Therefore, he got a stay of execution just a day before his scheduled execution.

A player for the Kansas City Chiefs was broken down on the side of the road when a poor stranger stopped to help him, which meant he could get to his game on time. Jeff Allen then took to social media to find out who the guy was and give him big props. More touching—it was a homeless guy who was helping lots of people that night.

And we had a piece on the US interfering in Sierra Leone, but it looks like we’re doing the same in Venezuela, surprise surprise! Looks like the US is coup happy, and we’re sticking our nose there seeing what kind of stability we can upset, cause, why not? The United States always has an interest in gathering intelligence on potential changes of leadership in governments, and Washington considers Venezuela a threat to regional security and democracy. Sure to be some fun stuff going on there.

The global crisis today covers all spheres of human life. Not only the economy is collapsing, but all existing systems, be they political, social, or economic, have reached the limits of their development and now contribute more to the degradation of humanity than to its development, and science is no exception. Serious research looks to be a thing of the past. Check out the piece to see what the heck is going on here.

January 17 kicked off with an opinion piece from Seraphim Hanisch. It’s Part III in his series on Alcoholism in America, this time called “Decoding the Truth.” Alcoholism is actually one of the most misunderstood illnesses in society, which is compounded by the fact that so many alcoholics deny being one. Hanisch also goes over the reasons people start drinking, including: It was cool, The bigger kids were doing it, It was fun to do something wrong but not get caught, I felt like I was cool too because I was doing it, It gave me funny stories to tell others, I felt like I fit in with the people I looked up to. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to a lot of these reasons, but then again, are they really valid reasons for taking up this vice?

Then there’s the history piece, with a look at the Battle of Cowpens in the Revolutionary War in 1781, the first appearance of Popeye in 1929, and the beginning of the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944.

China's central bank pumped a net 560 billion yuan ($83 billion) into its banking system last Wednesday — a record amount of money injected in one day. This is another sign that the Chinese economy is facing enormous stress associated, on the one hand, with a huge debt burden, and on the other hand, with weakening economic growth, which does not allow to return the borrowed funds to the necessary extent. Because of this, Chinese banks are short of liquidity. That means fun times in China!

Aaaaaaaand a piece of trash young American has been arrested by the FBI for planning terror attacks. This jackass was in conversations about it with FBI agents, unknowingly, of course, and he tried to buy weapons from one. Thank God for stupid terrorists. Imagine being 21 and wanting to kill other people because of your evil beliefs. How tragic!

We’ve talked a lot about restrictions on freedom speech, and even poor veterans in America aren’t immune! Another example of the direct violation of the First Amendment comes from the case of Veterans Today which is now facing serious trouble, considered to be disloyal to the establishment. Consider: People who fought and spilled their blood for the ambitions of Washington “war-hawks” all over the world are being suppressed and deprived of their rights to express their own opinion. How terrible. Veterans Today dares to speak freely and not follow the party line all the time. AWFUL!

Our next piece is super in-depth: “Dolls and Puppeteers: Manipulation of Consciousness in the United States.” A bunch of researchers, including Noam Chomsky, studied a few hundred people for years, checking out their internet activity in different circumstances. What they ended up doing was identifying ten main points on the zombification of the masses. Manipulating a person's mind "is a means of enslaving him, one of the ways in which the ruling elites try to subdue the masses to their goals,” so check out this piece to see how that happens.

And the run-up to the 2020 elections are coming, and that means scandals are coming! I’m sure we’ll hear about it 24/7 eventually. Tons of Democrats are throwing their hats in the ring already—everyone wants to be the one who defeats Trump. Texas congressman Beta O’Rourke hasn’t announced his candidacy yet, but that’s probably coming. There’s also New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who’s already duked it out with Trump. Good times all around!

Aaaand a bunch of Google employees are flipping out because a presentation used the word “family” to mean parents with children. OH THE HORRORRRR! Of course the freaks and weirdos felt left out and they had to have a good cry. It. Is. So. Sad. Pathetic, even.

January 18 kicked off with the history piece, with a look at the first black player in the NHL in 1958, the Capital Airlines Flight 20 crash in 1960, and the United Airlines Flight 266 crash in 1969.

Then there’s an in-depth look at that wonderful drug fentanyl from China that’s way more powerful than Heroin and is streaming into America from Mexico and is F-ing up our kids. One person is dead and at least 20 others hospitalized after a mass fentanyl overdose in Chico, California, over the weekend. The victims were mostly millennials, aged 19 to about 30. The "synthetic brother of heroin," fentanyl has been used as an anesthetic for surgery and has played a minor role in the drug crisis for decades. The drug turned mainstream on the black mark in 2014, leading to exploding rates of mortality from its use. This piece has everything you could possibly want to know about the drug and why you should NOT take it!

And more on the economic fun with China—the US wants to abandon duties on Chinese goods. The idea of lifting some or all tariffs was proposed by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a series of strategy meetings, according to people close to internal deliberations. They say the aim is to advance trade talks and win China’s support for longer-term reforms. However, the U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer did not agree with Mnuchin’s idea. He is concerned that any concession could be viewed as a sign of weakness. So what’s going to happen in the end? This piece will help you navigate your way through it all.

And here’s one for all your gun buffs: “Army Is One Step Closer to a 6.8mm Next-Generation Rifle.” There are signs that the US defense Ministry is ready to carry out a radical reform to replace small arms, due to the military failure in Afghanistan, which in 2017 was a turning point in favor of the Taliban. The Pentagon needs an excuse and the generals immediately explained that failures and problems are due to outdated small arms, saying that rangers are fighting with "rifles of the fathers" — M4 carbine (and its modifications). In other words, the growth of US defense spending coincided with an amazing "objective necessity.” So we are going to be rocking some hardcore guns soon!

And here’s a sad one for all you environmentalists: “There will be no gardens on the moon.” Sorry guys. Grab some tissues.

Earlier in the podcast we mentioned the American-Iranian journalist Marzieh Hashemi who was suddenly detained for seemingly no reason, and then we found out that she’s been stalked by the Deep State for years, at least, since June 19, 2015, when the United States District Court for the District of Columbia granted her “case” a special number: 15-cr-75. According to the documents, it was a criminal case: USA vs. Hashemi, according to the conventional naming of cases.

Next up we kicked off the weekend with a This Weekend in History piece, with a look at the Battle of Mill Springs in the Civil War in 1862, the announcement of the Point Four Program in 1949, and the shutdown of government just last year!

Next up: “The hacked reality of the information society.” A new study, "People use less information than they think to make up their minds", leads us to a rather startling and unexpected conclusion:

  • Access to the full range of information, which would seem to drastically influence a person in our information age, does not save anyone.
  • For the overwhelming majority, access to abundant information does NOT contribute to the formation of their more informed opinions and judgments.
  • As a result, the more information people have potential access to, the less objectively informed the majority becomes.

The result is obvious: The 21st-century information society is doomed to flourishing fake news and pseudo-scientific luring, such as "Emergence Theory,” the project "Clean water" and many, many other things.

And in more completely unshocking shocking news: “Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Democrats Are More Pro-War than Republicans, Poll Says.” Of course, anyone who’s not in a coma already knew that. This piece takes a nice long look at all the crazy military conflicts we’re involved in around the world. You might know already, but it’s a lot! And, if anything, U.S. Special Operations forces are likely to expand, not contract, next year. The  2019 budget request calls for adding about 1,000 personnel to what would then be a force of 71,000. That way we can keep on attacking people all around the world!

And another for gun lovers: “New Gun Crime Numbers Are Bad News for Gun Control Lobby.” Earlier this month, the Department of Justice published updated numbers on how guns used and found at the scenes of state and federal crimes were obtained. Americans will be shocked to know that criminals still don’t like to follow gun laws. A survey released this month by the Department found that the vast majority of armed criminals serving time obtained their guns on the street or via other means.

Then student activists at several Catholic universities are making the right decision and petitioning their school’s to block porn from their wi-fi, because they know it’s messed up and destroys how men and women see one another and it just objectifies everyone and everything. More than a tenth of Notre Dame’s student body signed a petition in favor of it, though, as you can imagine, stupid people are protesting. Oh no, you’re taking away my right to watch porn!!

Aaaand we close out this podcast with our piece, “How Will the Multipolar World Affect the US?” This one’s another in-depth piece that looks at various kinds of international systems that have reigned throughout history and where the world is headed now. It looks like the entire world order will have to go through an era of turbulence – a complex and unstable time, significantly different from the realities of the 20th century. But most importantly, the people of America will have to endure great economic and social hardships in the near future. It's time to prepare for world chaos and it's not excluded for war.

Phew! We made it through another weekly podcast. We hope you were intrigued by some of these pieces and keep your eyes on the site for more great articles every day, and join us here on the podcast again next Monday!


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