Will Mankind Survive in the Next 12 Years? PART 3
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Will Mankind Survive in the Next 12 Years? PART 3


“If Israel becomes a Palestinian state, a new mass Exodus of Jews will take place to Russia”

Today we will talk about what will happen to Israel in the new world model that is now being built. Israel is the symbol and homeland of the usurious economy that became the basis of “financial capitalism.” If it turns out that financial capitalism is at an impasse, does that mean that Israel, respectively, is also on the verge of collapse?

Perhaps. As for the fate of Israel, we can say that it will become a hostage to the conflict that has existed for 7 or 8 years. On the one hand, Israel, as a Jewish state, as the center of the Jewish world, should de facto profess nationalism. And in fact, this is happening now: There are attempts to move in this direction within the country. On the other hand, Israel wants to integrate even more deeply into the global mainstream. At the same time, its main ally is the US. However, the American elite is mainly in favor of globalization, where there is no place for nationalism or where nationalism is very limited, including Jewish. This is the first set of contradictions.

The second set of contradictions can be traced between the military intelligence complex of the United States and Israel, which are escalating. In 2004-2005 in America there was a closed intra-elite discussion about who is to blame for the fact that the United States got involved in the war with Iraq, where Americans lost trillions of dollars and found themselves in a strategic trap. As a result, Iran, the main US regional rival, has only strengthened. And the American generals pointed the finger at Israel, saying the Jewish lobby of the US drew US into this war. By the way, at that time one such minion of Israel was identified as the current adviser to the US president on national security, John Bolton.

There is a third aspect, the essence of which is relations between America, the West on the one hand, and Israel on the other. It lies in the fact that a Jew who lives in the United States is first of all a Jew with a globalist mindset. Jews in general are a globalist people in their mentality and thinking. But this people has split: Jews who live in the USA are the main ideologues of the globalization policy, and Israeli Jews are nationalists, roughly speaking, although much has changed there.

These three aspects aggravate relations between Tel Aviv and Washington. Recall that the relationship between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama was very complicated. Now Netanyahu supports Donald Trump, calls him the best president of the United States, but inside his country, the Israeli Prime Minister receives reproaches and accusations. “You got Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but what good did it do? Nothing,” they say. This only spoiled relations with American Jews, who for the most part (about 73–75%) oppose Trump.

In the next 12 years, from 2019 to 2031, the fate of Israel is likely to be resolved. It will not be resolved in the sense that someone will attack Israel and this country will suffer a military defeat. Israel will likely have to admit (or be forced to admit it) that a purely Jewish state will not work in the context of globalization, therefore the Israeli elite will be forced to create a two-nation Palestine-Jewish state. This was predicted even by Mr. Henry Kissinger: He even called the date - 2022.

2022 will not be the elimination of Israel, but the beginning of its cardinal transformation. Next will begin the usual historical process that took place in the Middle East for thousands of years: Invaders arrive, they create their own states (remember the Crusaders), and then the Middle East simply absorbs them. If the new formula of Israel as a two-nation state is declared, the slow outflow of the Jewish population will gradually begin, and in fact, it is already underway: The number of Jews leaving Israel is larger than those going. This outflow will intensify, and at the same time the number of Palestinians in the country will increase, both by birth and by arrival. So Israel will gradually become a binational state, and then a Palestinian one. How much time it will take - 30 years or 50 years, is hard to say.

Where will the Jews from Israel mainly go? Some to Russia, but the best part of the Jewish population (highly educated, belonging to the" Israeli Silicon valley" or to those businesses that are associated with it) will certainly move to the United States. Israel now has a population of just over 8.5 million. But we must take into account that this includes Palestinians, Druze, and some other nationalities. Actually, there are about 6 million Jews. Of those, about 1.5-2 million will move to the US and the rest to Russia.

 Of course, those who will move to Russia have nothing to do with serious finances.  Why not Europe? Because the situation in Europe will be really bad. In addition, we should not forget that anti-Semitism is increasing in Europe and anti-Semitism is also progressing in the US. Do not forget that before the Second World War, the US was considered one of the most anti-Semitic countries along with Germany. Then the Americans, with the help of the Soviet Union, created Israel as their instrument, and then this anti-Semitism was stifled. In addition, anti-Semitism in America was fought, especially when the idea of a new world, a new country, a new frontier appeared in the 1960s — something that Lyndon Johnson put forward. But now the situation is changing in America, because no one needs a de facto geopolitical Israel: neither the US, nor Europe. The question is how to get rid of it gradually. The Western elite is well aware that Israel is one of the long-term sources of radicalization in the Middle East. This is a dialectic: Israel, from an ally needed by the West, has become a state that opposes the national interests of the US and Europe.

This trend is evident from the shrinking influence of the American Jewish lobby. It has been declining in the last five years, especially after the aforementioned discussions of 2004-2005. The situation for the Jewish lobby became particularly unfavorable under Barack Obama, whom the US military intelligence complex had put forward not least in order to get closer to the Islamic world. Not because the US military loves Islam, but because they believe that it is much easier for America to fight with Russia, with Europe or with China — for this they are adapted. Why? Because they know the information base, they have information about Russia — perhaps information that even the Kremlin does not have. But they just do not know what is happening somewhere in the strange slums and deserts of the Middle East.

In this sense, the models of military action are almost impossible to predict, so they should be avoided. What happened in Afghanistan and Iraq is an indicator. The worst thing for a military man is to get involved in a war and lose his priorities--why is he there and what he is fighting for. Therefore, Obama tried to act as a "contact" with the Islamic world. At the same time, the degradation of the influence of American Jewish groups began. Under Trump, there seems to be some kind of surge in the former lobby, but it cannot reach its previous level, especially since Jared Kushner is doing more harm to his father-in-law now. His relationship with Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, will now be used as one of the key charges against Trump. It is likely that from February this year it will all be unwound against the 45th us President.

Why, for example, did they decide to close the Donald J. Trump Foundation charity? Because Ivanka Trump was directly related to its activities. Recall that last year, during her visit to Saudi Arabia, she received $100 million in "charity" from Riyadh. And now it all threatens to become a part of the wave of accusations against the current occupant of the White House. In this sense, Kushner’s affairs and initiatives are actually a mine for Trump, and not his support at all. It’s no wonder that Netanyahu asked through Kushner that the Americans would not yet disclose their so-called century deal (Palestinian-Israeli settlement scheme), because this deal would be a blow to Netanyahu--it was completely untimely for him, because Israel has already begun the election campaign (elections in April in the Knesset of the 21st convocation).

We will talk about Trump’s problems in the next article.

Author: USA Really