MADE IN USA - Flu and Measles Outbreaks in Tbilisi Georgia?
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MADE IN USA - Flu and Measles Outbreaks in Tbilisi Georgia?


Georgia, not the state but country, is facing a measles outbreak on top of its already dangerous swine flu debilitation. Various media outlets are describing how “there is considerable distress in Georgia – news programmes regularly lead with the news item, and many are wearing medical masks on the street.”

“Big Test Bed or Crossroads of Especially Dangerous Pathogens?”

The outbreak has prompted the Georgian government to draft a provisional response to the disease. Amiran Gamkrelidze, the Director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has called on the public to ensure they are vaccinated to avoid contracting it.

I am not going to take sides in the vaccine debate, as I had more than my fair share as a child and got shot up for practically everything known to man when I was in the US Army. Nonetheless, here is much of what I am sharing with the Georgian Language Press.

Already I am in the crossroads for being a conspiracy theorist over some of my interviews by so called USAID funded “truth sites.”

In its January 14-20 issue, Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali released an interview with Jeffrey Silverman, Georgian Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, where he again spreads conspiracy theories about swine flu, laboratories and vaccines. Silverman claims that H1N1 flu virus was created in a  laboratory and that it [new strains] were first tested in China in 2018 and now it is being tested on Georgian population. According to him, the facts of swine flu deaths confirm that Georgia faces a high risk of influenza epidemic. Silverman added that the Ministry of Health does not acknowledge this fact and deliberately covers up the actual death toll.    

Jeffrey Silverman lives in Georgia since 1991. In the interview with Human Rights Center, Silverman notes that his American passport and nationality were revoked in 2004. Silverman notes that only when Donald Trump became President, he managed to become a full-fledged U.S. citizen again.

Eight years ago I tried to get some UK-based media outlets interested in a bio weapons story, but to no avail. All I was suggesting at that time that medical research and bio weapons control in Georgia was a flimsy veil for something more sinister. Now my allegations are being taken so serious, and intentionally misquoted as part of damage control over the US funded Lugar Lab based in Tbilisi Georgia.

Several media outlets responded in short “... but all of what you say is open source stuff and currently in line with known US policy. And it's easy to argue your point because Georgia is amok with chem-bio nasties, which makes it the ideal place to spend millions soaking up all those idle brains and empty labs and putting them to (good/bad) OUR use”. 

This was the bottom line response, “please forgive the devil's advocate approach here, but unless you've got a lab flying the stars and stripes next to a mountain of cute dead bunnies then this story will be hard to sell.”

Cute Dead Georgians

I personally feel that some of the recent PR about vaccines, and how the Ministry of Health is doing its job, has more to do with scaring the population into accepting mass vaccination than anything else.  But the fact remains that at least 25 have died of the flu in the last month, and hospitals have been overcrowded with sick. Official numbers are alleged not to match the reality, but the gap between the official and the real has been part of Georgian life throughout living memory.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time this has happened in recent years.  In 2014 there was a measles outbreak, and the US government responded by donating vaccines via the US army.  There were earlier programmes as well; however, the Flu returns regularly, and is just as deadlky each time.

The question is why this is happening, after so many earlier vaccination programmes have not been very effective?  This raises additional questions about why many Russian and Georgian media outlets have alleged that the spread of such dangerous illnesses as swine flu (H1N1) in Georgia are connected with medical/military experiments with bio-agents.

A sudden unexplained outbreak of measles in 2014-15, which was not restricted to children as they usually are, was linked with the Lugar project. Paata Imnadze, the Director of the Georgian National Centre for Disease Control, dismissed this rise in flu and measles infections by specifically stating that it had “nothing to do with the laboratory.” The NCDC was supposed to have taken over the assets of the Lugar lab, an American funded project which is part of the Bio Weapons Prevention Programme, back in 2013, but the US Department of Defense still seems to think differently.

Imnadze continues to bang the drun for vaccination, and therefore for the US military, which is the only source of these vaccines. He claimed in 2014 that “At present, elderly people are getting sick because their immunity is low. In 2008 we launched a large-scale campaign to vaccinate one million. But we vaccinated only 500,000, and now we are seeing the consequences”.

However, he is still unable to explain why the vaccine for a children’s disease was donated by the US Department of Defense rather than a public health entity, like the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia. He has also never explained why the US remains the main  source of these vaccines when similar ones are available in every friendly and geographically closer country

It would be good to know why “informed consent” has never been obtained from those vaccinated, including adults, as the law requires. I am still concerned that some components of this vaccine are not so harmless, and that its donation and distribution are part of some dark experiment.

There appears to be a direct relationship between those who were given the flu vaccine and those who now have the measles, one which is currently under investigation by the Georgian Media with help from the American online military publication Veterans Today-- Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services’’

Hard Questions

At least now the US government is giving me some PR

Jeffrey Silverman is one of the sources frequently referred to by Russian pro-governmental media outlets against the Lugar Laboratory. Russia’s Channel One calls him a military expert and Russia 24 refers to him as Georgia-based American journalist, who accused the Lugar Laboratory of testing biological weapon that led to his beating in Tbilisi and later questioning by Georgian intelligence.

The question remains how someone in Georgia would know that they are getting a properly made vaccine from Europe, and not a disease-causing cocktail cooked up at the Lugar bio-warfare lab?

I have lived and worked in Georgia for the last 26 years and have an inside track as to what is going on. The country is one "big test bed" for all kinds of medical and vaccine experiments. I have devoted much effort to exposing the bio lab and its connection to the US government in my articles and TV interviews over the years.

It is clear that influenza epidemiological data, like that on seasonal viral strains from Georgia, is limited, as if the truth were known about these disease outbreaks there would be social and political consequences. 

Author: Jeffrey Silverman