Will Mankind Survive in the Next 12 Years? PART 4
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Will Mankind Survive in the Next 12 Years? PART 4


AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 25, 2019

We continue our series of articles on global threats and challenges to the United States. This is the last article in this series and is devoted to the confrontation of global geopolitical projects and the place of Trump in this swatch.

“Turks are key witnesses and players in the case of the Khashoggi murder”

Since Kushner was a friend of Mohammed bin Salman, and the US Senate and the CIA had clearly determined that it was Bin Salman who issued the order to eliminate Jamal Khashoggi (he was killed on October 2, 2018 in the territory of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul), this is a long-running campaign. In addition, quite recently, the US State Department agreed to supply Patriot missiles to Turkey (the deal is approximately $3.5 billion). One of the reasons Americans did this was to try to prevent the Turks from switching to Russian S-400. The Turks have already posted bail, but they are not stupid and understand perfectly well: Patriots are systems that can be turned off remotely, in contrast to the C-400.

But the sense of exciting movement is that the Americans had been refusing to sell Turkey the Patriot for 2.5 years, but now they suddenly agreed. Why? One of the reasons, obviously, is that the Turks are the key witness and player in the case of the murder of Khashoggi. We remember the statement of Recep Erdogan made shortly before the New Year that he knows who gave the order to eliminate the journalist. The names have not yet been pronounced, but the game is on and the roles for Kushner or bin Salman are already painted in it.

It is difficult times for Trump now, especially with the next elections coming in 2020. On the one hand, he needs this in order to raise the stakes: Thus, Trump is giving a signal to certain circles: "Guys, we have not yet agreed, so I will run for office again." On the other, he needs run anyway to preserve his reputation and not be subsequently forgotten. No wonder the campaign to discredit Trump began literally from his first presidential days.

One of the tasks was to reduce its support level to 23-25%. Why? If only 23–25% of the population supports a political leader, it means he can be attacked directly and effectively. For example, when the level of support for Emmanuel Macron slid to 20%, an anti-elite, anti-Rothschild coalition was immediately created in France and the Yellow Vests movement began.  But in the case of Trump, this did not happen: Despite the huge funds invested in discrediting him, the level of support for the 45th US President and the core of his electorate - the white protest electorate of the middle class - remained at the level of 35-40%. Therefore, if in 2020 Trump will run, theoretically he will certainly lose, but he will remain a significant figure. It is likely that they will negotiate with him so that he leaves quietly, like Nixon did (the 37th President of the USA Richard Nixon voluntarily resigned in his second term). Then Trump will most likely provide guarantees that he will not be prosecuted and imprisoned - neither him, nor Kushner, nor other people from the Trump team.

Why do we believe that Trump has no chance of being reelected for a second term? The problem is not even in Trump himself, but in the fact that the American elite understands: Whoever becomes president in 2020, needs to be, relatively speaking, the second Roosevelt in order to carry out cardinal reforms. If they are not carried out or postponed indefinitely, America will simply degrade--it could cease to exist. Trump as a politician is not able to prevent this catastrophe.

"There was a suspicion that the Rothschilds, whose connection with the Chinese is known, are playing their own game against Washington."

France is still on the hot agenda. The Yellow Vests aren’s stopping. But is the reproach, thrown to Macron, that he is a Rothschild puppet, not fair? Isn't it France's attempt to hold its Brexit and jump out of global humanity?

However, leaving the EU for France is problematic for one simple reason - the basis of the European Union is a real Franco-German Alliance. Theoretically, if France withdraws from the EU, this means that it gives the rest of the EU to Germany. The "Fourth Reich” will appear. And this, in turn, will lead to sharp aggravation of contradictions, up to a war between Paris and Berlin. Since economically Germany is a giant of Europe, France will gradually degrade to the level of Italy or Spain.

Why did Macron, at the behest of Rothschilds, put forward the idea of a European army? Probably, he proceeded from the fact that the European army is a kind of structure where France will play a key role, which will be a deterrent for Germany. But this is also a variant of European nationalism, which, predictably, did not like those French elites who are globalist. There is a global deep state, which should implement its long-term lines, and here focus on opposition and confrontation is clearly visible. After all, Macron explicitly stated that the European army is an opposition to the US, China, and Russia. But this may lead to the collapse of the world market and the existing world order. Immediately there are suspicions that the Rothschilds, whose connection with the Chinese is known, are playing their own game, including against Washington. The Rothschild family (including London) has long had a special relationship with Hong Kong and Beijing.

Why is Macron retreating in France on all fronts? After all, in fact, there are not so many open protesters who go outside, all over France ... well, somewhere around a maximum of 200-250,000, and that’s all over the country, out of 67 million people. That is, the percentage of protesters among them is nonsense--these are exactly elite challenges. But they are long-term in nature. I don't know, whether the verdict on Macron is signed or if they are waiting until he gets on his knees and starts asking for forgiveness... Meanwhile, the European army, even in the theory of the French president, presupposes reaching some kind of consensus with Berlin. Let's not forget that Germany is traditionally anti-American in the context of its original, indigenous elites.

At the same time, from our point of view, the Rothschilds proceed from the fact that capitalism is primarily a system of systems: political, economic, socio-cultural and so on. The basis of it is the financial core. However, what happened in the 1980s in the US led to a dramatic weakening of the Rothschild influence. Ronald Reagan carried out certain reforms that have dramatically increased the importance of financial capital in America — in contrast to the classical Rothschild type, capital. The geographical reference for the Rothschilds is traditionally the United Kingdom and France. Classical Zionism was confessed precisely in certain circles of these countries However, now Zionism as such, in my opinion, takes second place and does not play a special role anymore. In this sense, even Netanyahu's hopes for the support of European Zionists are third-rate.

After reforms in the US in the 1980s, the Rothschilds relied on the creation of an alternative financial system that would include China. And an alliance emerged, about which we spoke before: through Hong Kong and China with the Rothschild financial system. The British, by the way, also have very good relations with China. The English elite formally proceeds from the fact that through Brexit it leaves Europe and restores the old Atlantic cooperation with the United States and China at the same time. There is a key triangle of the future system: the United Kingdom, the United States and China, in which London in its classical scheme would like to play on the contradictions between the Americans and the Chinese. But, it likely will not succeed.

Another important question is: Since 2007, which banks in America have received the most crushing blow? The Rothschild banks--in particular, Deutsche Bank. Everyone believes that this is a German bank, but no, it is Rothschild. It paid huge fines to the US. Therefore, it seems that the nomination of Macron, and then lobbying for the idea of the European army are an attempts of some "response" from the Rothschild old American elites. However, Donald Trump is hardly aware of the details of this story.

Author: USA Really