Revolution Is Brewing: Former Bartender AOC Will Bring the World Trillions of Dollars
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Revolution Is Brewing: Former Bartender AOC Will Bring the World Trillions of Dollars

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WASHINGTON - January 25, 2019

If only a few years ago someone would have suggested that the main political event covered in the media would be the election of a socialist to Congress, few would have believed it.

Nevertheless, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, who openly calls herself a “democratic socialist,” is now the start of social media and a clear conductor of the media agenda, putting forth such social justice ideas as leave even seasoned journalists in shock. But media attention is a trifle compared to the much more important discovery made by sociologists: voters like her openly populist proposals. This applies to the majority of multi-party representatives, and this means that the left-wing populist agenda has every chance at dominating political life.

To be precise, the dominance has already begun: The top American media outlets from Bloomberg to CNN are discussing her proposals: to introduce a 70% tax for the rich, to legalize guaranteed employment, which the state should provide, to introduce free medicine for all, to transfer the US completely to green energy (that is, no oil, gas and nuclear reactors) and most importantly -- to "print and distribute,” that is, to finance all the above-mentioned programs to improve life at the expense of the mint.

Trying to keep up with Ocasio-Cortes and her oh-so delicious promises, other Democrats are promising to print even more money.

The US’s chances of hitting the bottom of the hyperinflationary economic hell of Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Russia in the 1990s, and Venezuela have increased dramatically. But there are enough left-wing economists in the US who believe that due to American exclusivity, economic laws don't apply to America.

The Week has already stated that "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is a progressive Trump,” hinting that she is the only left-wing-progressive politician capable of attracting to her side that part of the electorate that needs a populist leader, promising simple and clear solutions to complex issues.

However, media attention is a trifle compared to her success in terms of attracting voters who want such solutions. The latest Rasmussen survey shocked the expert community: In the case of a hypothetical choice between Trump and Ocasio-Cortes, Trump has only a 3 point advantage (43% to 40%; 17% undecided) -- less than the statistical error. This is quite striking, given that this new start hit the scene but a few months ago.

It is significant that the public doesn't care about her professional competence, or rather, the absence thereof, as before getting into politics Ocasio-Cortes worked as a bartender in the Bronx. In a sense, the lack of political competence and her behavior makes her like Trump and sympathetic to voters. Week columnist Matthew Walter enthusiastically notes their similarities:

"Just like Trump's, AOC's appeal is a matter of rhetoric and personality, not of policy acumen or relevant experience. She struggles every bit as much as the president does with facts. < ... > She struggled — twice — to name the three branches of government in a recent conversation. She is, to put it kindly, not good with numbers. < ... > After this was pointed out to her, she responded by doubling down and making fun of her interlocutor's family (who pointed out to her err). < ... > AOC exaggerates constantly, insisting that she was outspent by her token Republican opponent ‘five to one.’ < ... > Ocasio-Cortez is the opposite of a policy wonk. < ... > What she offers her sizable online base is something more important — the chance to watch a cool young superhero defeat an axis of Boomer male archvillains single-handedly."

Unfortunately for many supporters of social justice at the expense of the dollar, AOC herself is still too young to participate in the next Presidential Election, but that isn’t necessary. Only someone extremely naive could believe the “poor bartender from the Bronx” became such a political start independently, with campaign costs in the millions and media access guarded tighter than the most secret of military bunkers.  

This populist miracle is guaranteed to have customers, screenwriters and directors who just need a kind of people's hero who will turn the public discourse in the right direction, support the right candidate and make sure that the voters themselves vote for their savings, their promised pensions and their state-guaranteed benefits burned up in the fire of future hyperinflation (along with the US public debt and that of billionaires who sponsor the Democratic party).

This is not a strong way out of the debt trap. It will deprive the dollar of the status of global currency, and this scenario is clearly not born of good times. The elite promoting such a decision are more like a salamander discarding its tail, with the tail being public and private debts and “social guarantees.” And that this will benefit only the rich is not even particularly hidden. For example, Business Insider rightly observes that "Wall Street should love the economic theory Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backs," but this warning will not change anything.

If Trump doesn't perform another electoral miracle in the next election, people will see a very instructive spectacle: The electorate of the once great world hegemon will vote for its own robbery.

Author: USA Really