Where All the Fake Stories on “Russians” in Venezuela Come From…
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Where All the Fake Stories on “Russians” in Venezuela Come From…


CARACAS – January 25, 2019

Venezuela is going through one of the worst political crises in its history right now, as George Washington University alumnus Juan Guaido has proclaimed himself president. It’s a bad precedent to just accept whoever proclaims himself president. Should the world accept it if such a thing were to happen in America?

Unfortunately, in the case of Venezuela this this stunt has gotten out of control, as many world leaders (mostly from the countries of the American “sphere of influence”) have already recognized Juan Guaido as the leader of the nation. However, Nicolas Maduro, the real president of Venezuela, legitimately elected and fully-recognized and supported by society (as there are actually not that many people who take part in pro-Guaido protests; this is another “fake” story about a “democratic revolution” spread by the mainstream U.S. media and its “satellites” through the technologies of the Deep State) can rely on support from the army, and the Venezuelan army, which is quite strong, is capable of stopping the chaos “the opposition” has brought to their homeland.

Of course, the “color revolution” methods employed in Venezuela include people spreading lies about it, trying to show how “cruel” Maduro’s regime is. One of the most pathetic lies is directly connected with so-called “Russian interference” in the crisis. As some sources have said: “Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela in the past few days to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro in the face of U.S.-backed opposition protests, according to two people close to them” The witch-hunt option that has been used by America for more than two years is also applied to this fake, as well as open Russophobia.  

However, all the fakes have their initial source, and USA Really has managed to find out where the nonsense about 400 Russians interfering in Venezuela has come from: Yevgeny Shabayev of Moscow, known for lying about serving in the military, buying fake medals, falsifying documents, and fraud. This is the "military expert,” caressed by the liberal press and known for his shameless lies about the events in Syria and much more. He is the source of the lie about 400 Russians flying to Venezuela to help President Maduro’s regime, and even Reuters believed him.

Here is a great example of his lies:

“I served in the army for one simple reason: because I was drafted into the army,” said Yevgeny Shabayev himself (the interview is in Russian) in a video from October 26, 2016.

“I never mowed, did not hide from anyone.  <...> was drafted to the 136th motorized rifle regiment, this was Buynaksk. And in July of 1999, ‘good Wahhabi friends’ came to us, so we clashed and I was wounded in the stomach and neck.  This was a through wound to the stomach and neck…” repeats a man who calls himself a veteran of the Chechen war. Except, Shabayev never served anywhere, and it was foolish of him to claim so, thinking no one would check.

The Federal News Agency has clarified the issue: Yevgeny Shabaev is not a “hero” of the Chechen War, moreover he has never been in the army! This is the man believed on such a sensational international issue.

According to the information provided by the Federal News Agency, from the beginning of the school year of 1996 to the winter of 2001, this man who brazenly lies about being a veteran of the Chechen War worked as a teacher at the Center for Children's and Youth Tourism in the city of Beloretsk. It’s also known that he invented this story no earlier than 2013, when it became useful for his “career.”

As we have already mentioned, Shabayev has done everything to create the image of a “tough guy,” producing fake documents to this end numerous times. In 2014 he bought a commemorative “For Reunification” medal that he claims is the state medal of the Russian Ministry of Defense “For the Return of Crimea.” It’s well known that this medal was available for about $25 at that time. Moreover, he has nothing to do with Crimea. Some sources claim he later tried to sell the medal for about $1,000.

His other “medals” include: of the "Veteran of Wars.” "Defender of the Fatherland," "For Charity," the order "For Service toRussia I Degree" and so on.  Needless to say, they are all fakes.

And Shabayev’s political career, if, of course, this series of failures and misunderstandings can be called a career, testifies in favor of his lack of principles. During his life he has managed to be a “fiery communist” in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the curator of A Just Russia Party district committee, the creator of his own United Communist Party (funded from the UK), and cooperated with the Civic Platform of Mikhail Prokhorov, and a candidate for  municipal elections in Khovrino from A Just Russia. And now he wants to become a member of the United Russia, but, according to the information provided by the Federal News Agency, he hasn’t been successful so far. Shabayev is only looking for self-PR, money, and fraud schemes, which is what he lives on.

Back in 2013, Shabayev became president of the Otrada Veterans Charity Foundation that he personally created. This fund existed only to give Shabayev the status and attract sponsorship money, which, of course, did not reach any veterans.

Thus, he lied to real war veterans, “faking” his own service and stealing money meant for them. He also created his own Khovrino Cossack Army then, becoming its “chieftain” and calling himself the “Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Carpathian Rus.” Of course, no such army existed in Russian history.

With this background on Shabayev, it’s not hard to understand whether or not he lied about the 400 Russian private military contractors who were sent to Venezuela to help President Maduro. Of course, he lied in this case, just like so many times before. This is the where all the fake stories about “Russians” in Venezuela come from.

Author: USA Really