Venezuelan-Americans Reject US Intervention in Latin American Affairs
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Venezuelan-Americans Reject US Intervention in Latin American Affairs

USA Really

MIAMI – January 28, 2019

Residents of Miami and other US cities are protesting against US meddling in Venezuelan internal affairs. Some citizens believe that this situation could lead to a “horror show” in Latin America. USA Really correspondent in Miami, Marcelo Sanchez, reports.

The US government and big oil corporations are trying very hard to change the political picture in Venezuela. But it seems that the public relations efforts are in vain.  

“We don't support ‘Golpes.’ We don't support war, and we say today: ‘Yankee Go Home!” says Carlos Valnera from People Against Oppression and Imperialism organization

Here in Miami, this group of Venezuelans and US citizens do not believe in the so-called “democratic intentions” of the US Government.

“We know the history in Latin America and we are extremely concerned because we don't want more destabilization. We don't want more war. We know what happened all over the place in the Middle East with Iraq, Libya and Syria. We know what happened in Central America after their intervention. Now we fear a ‘horror show’ happening in South America,” adds Valnera

The truth is that something smells fishy here... Its Oil... Black Gold. It is no secret that Washington and its corporate friends cannot get enough of it. There are those who ask: “What’s behind the anxiety of the Trump administration about Venezuela? Could it be the Venezuelan Black Gold?

“What we are here for is to tell the United States Government to stay off from Venezuelan affairs because we know that there is a trail of destruction that follows the United States every time they intervene in a country,” says Camilo Mejia, US Army veteran and political analyst

Many remember that before Hugo Chavez came into the picture, Exxon and other corporations were paying “water prices” for Venezuelan oil. It was US-backed governments that dictated such beneficial prices and policies for Exxon and others.

“We went to 80% of poverty because our resources were stolen by the oligarchy, those who were in power or the transnationals. So, when somebody comes and tries to put that in order and says: “Wait a second, the resources of Venezuela belong to the People. We have to give them employment, we have to give them education, we have to give them healthcare” then, they don't want that, because now they don't have control over our resources. This is basically the truth of what is going on in Venezuela,” states Dr. Alexa Webber, Boliviarian Circle of Miami

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council was the stage for a dramatic showdown.

“It should be the United States that is subject to permanent analysis and examination due to its disregard of international law, its constant invasions, coups, and being behind overthrows.” concludes Jorge Arreaza, Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs

However, according to Mike Pompeo, the United States Secretary of State, there is no such thing:

“Now it's time for every nation to pick a side. No more delays and no more games. If you stand with the forces of freedom or you are in league with Maduro and his mayhem. It is not a surprise that those who rule without democracy in their own countries are trying to prop-up Maduro while he is in dire straits.

“The Russian Federation cannot support the attempts by our American colleagues to conduct a discussion of the situation in Venezuela. In fact, introducing in our agenda issues formulated in this way is a gross abuse of the prerogatives of the member of the Security Council, in particular, the permanent members. The internal situation in this Latin American country is not an item in the agenda of our council. We don't see any external threats coming from what is taking place in Venezuela.” Vasily Nebenzya, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN believes.

Back in Miami, the citizens have more questions: How come the US is so concerned about democratic values in Venezuela, when there are “US-friendly” countries that totally ignore human rights and democracy?

“We have seen that the United States have great and fully developed relations with countries such as Saudi Arabia, that has huge oil reserves, and, at the same time, are violating massively the human rights of their citizens, and the citizens of its neighbors,” says Cristian Ortíz from the Progressive Movement of Miami.

Marcelo Sánchez, USA Really, Miami.


Author: USA Really