Half of Americans Do Not Think Mueller's Report Will Be Fair and Evenhanded, Poll Says
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Half of Americans Do Not Think Mueller's Report Will Be Fair and Evenhanded, Poll Says


WASHINGTON, DC – January 28, 2019

There aren’t very many Americans that feel confident that Special Counselor Robert Mueller can turn in an “even-handed” report by the time he concludes his investigation into phony “Russian interference” in the 2016 election, according to a new poll by the Washington Post and ABC News.

Half of Americans report they have “just some” confidence or none at all that the Mueller report will be fair and evenhanded, and only 43% say they have at least a good amount of confidence in its fairness.

The Post-ABC survey was conducted by telephone Jan. 21-24 among a random national sample of 1,001 adults, the day before Mueller’s team unveiled criminal charges against longtime Trump friend Roger Stone, accusing the political operative of lying, obstruction and witness tampering.

Half of Americans Do Not Think Mueller's Report Will Be Fair and Evenhanded, Poll Says

The polls highlighted that only 24% of Americans have a “great deal” of confidence in Mueller’s ability to produce a “fair” report on President Trump. 28% of Americans have “some” confidence in Mueller to produce a fair report and 22% have “none at all.”

Partisans have long held sharply different views of Mueller’s investigation into so called “Russian interference” in the 2016 election, but the new Post-ABC poll shows many Democrats are uncertain about the special counsel’s final report. Just over 6 in 10 Democrats say they are confident the report will be fair and evenhanded, while slightly more than 3 in 10 report “just some” confidence or less.

Among self-identified independents, 40% are confident Mueller’s final report will be fair, while 53% express less faith. Confidence drops to 22% among Republicans, WaPo wrote.

The timeline for Mueller finishing his report is unknown, and it is uncertain how much of the report will be made public.

So far, Mueller hasn’t turned up any credible ties to the president. More and more Americans are eager to demonstrate that they don’t have faith in Mueller’s team, which reflects growing skepticism in the special counsel himself, anticipation of its findings and the nature of its release. He has indicted or convicted a few of the president’s acquaintances, including long-time attorney Michael Cohen, campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump supporter Roger Stone. Because these alleged crimes are unrelated to “Russian meddling,” the president has referred to these convictions or pending cases (in the case of Stone) as a “witch hunt.”

As USA Really previously reported, Mueller’s investigation has been ongoing for the past two years at the cost of $25 million for the U.S. taxpayer.

Author: USA Really