3rd New California State Constitutional Convention Held in Roseville, CA
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3rd New California State Constitutional Convention Held in Roseville, CA


ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA – January 28, 2019

Following the January 15, 2018 New California State Declaration of Independence, the July 21, 2018 1st Constitutional Convention at Harris Ranch, and the October 5-6 2nd Constitutional Convention, activists from the New California state movement came together on Saturday, Jan. 26th in Roseville, CA for the 3rd Constitutional Convention.

The Convention was convened to continue the construction of the New California State Constitution and pass critical legislation to further establish New California State, as USA Really has reported earlier.

New California declared its independence from California on January 15th, 2018. At the 1st Constitutional Convention on July 21, 2018, New California convened its Legislatures for the first time and passed their first resolutions: the adoption of the revised Preamble to the New California Constitution and voted for the leadership of the Senate and Assembly. Since that time, the Legislative branches have been working on the New California State's Constitution which is being composed using the "best" from constitutions of the other 50 States. At the 2nd Constitutional Convention held October 5-6, the Legislative branches prepared the framework for the New California State Constitution and at the 3rd Constitutional Convention each body during a session determined what articles are to be in the New California State's Constitution. The Senate and the Assembly produced joint resolutions, which is the first step to a fully functional Constitution and passing critical legislation to create New California State.

Guest speaker Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute provided guidance from his expertise in Constitutional Law and Civil Rights in regards to an economic split from California.

Just like New California, New Nevada and just recently Upstate New York have declared their independence, said the founder of the New California State movement Paul Preston, during his opening speech to the convention. Also actively working on their Declaration of Independence are: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and the state of Illinois, according to Preston.

Author: USA Really