Father, Son and Dead Body. Assassination in South Carolina
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Father, Son and Dead Body. Assassination in South Carolina

photo: Kershaw County Detention Center


Alexander Francis Harmon from Kershaw County, South Carolina, is being held after he admitted to shooting his girlfriend last weekend.

According to WACH, a local media, authorities received the call of an elderly man with residence in New York, who told the operator that his son had shot his girlfriend and planned to commit suicide.

When police and traffic officials arrested Alexander Francis Harmon they found the body of Katelin Jordan Crocker, 19, with a bullet wound to the head. A shotgun and an empty cartridge were found inside the house. The victim and the aggressor had lived together in the place for some time.

On the other hand, the body camera of one of the traffic agents captured the moment when Harmon admitted that he shot the girl.

The subject was transferred to the Kershaw County Detention Center, where he will remain until a bail hearing is held.

It should be noted that Harmon does not have other crimes in his history.

Why Harmon’s father called the police? Did he look for justice or just wanted to prevent his son’s suicide, or maybe he was trying to deflect suspicion from himself? Is he a hero or a traitor?

Author: USA Really