Can Being a Sex Worker Really Change Life for the Better?
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Can Being a Sex Worker Really Change Life for the Better?


NEVADA – January 29, 2019

The ominous reality is that American women are being forced to choose between motherhood and careers. The U.S. is the only rich country without government-mandated paid maternity leave. The U.S. government also spends less on child care and early childhood education than almost any other developed nation, and even this small amount has been shrinking in many places. In 2013, economists Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn estimated that differences in family-friendly government policies could explain 29% of deterioration in U.S. female labor-force participation relative to its peers. The United States also lacks affordable elder-care options, making it harder for women to work.

It’s quite often the case that helpless elderly parents, small children or increasing debts are the reasons why young women have to choose the career in an adult industry. One of these women is Cherry Lane, who is a legal sex worker in Lyon County Nevada. In January, her story was published on the BunnyRanch website. As claimed, Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the most famous legal brothel in the history of the world, established in 1955.

Cherry Lane is a single mother of three children in her early 30’s. Before she became a legal sex worker, she worked for several warehousing companies where she had mandatory overtime.

“I hardly ever was home and that really put a lot of damaging effects on my children, so one day I was at lunch with a girlfriend of mine and she told me that she had this job that was great for family,” Cherry says.

“Lo and behold when I went down there I didn’t realize that it was a strip club but talking with her the money was there the scheduling was there, so I decided to do it, But the only downfall was the environment around there was not the best so every night walking to my car I basically said a prayer hoping to send me back home to my kids,” she recalls.

One day Cherry was home and she was doing some schoolwork on the computer (she is an English Literature Major) when the ad “Become a Bunny” popped up.

“I was like “what is this become a bunny.” So, I clicked on it and it said become a legal sex worker and it took me to their web page which was full of all these beautiful women, I decided to apply and three days later I got an email saying hey we have room for you.” Cherry continues her story. “At first, I thought it was like possibly a joke because being from a small town in Baltimore, Maryland I had no idea what a brothel was.”

The brothels’ has really changed her life for the better, she acknowledged.

“I can’t tell you how passionate this career is for me, it has given me a financial stability for my family and to be a mom to be able to come home in the mornings to make those little sandwiches for lunches and to be able to drop my kids off and give them a hug and a kiss. There’s nothing more important to a mother than to be able to watch your children grow,” Cherry added.

Here is the story of another young lady Juniper Jones, 24, who is a legal sex worker at one of the brothels in Lyon County as well:

Juniper recently moved to Nevada after spending a few months backpacking along the coast and taking care of her grandmother in Los Angeles.

At a very young age Juniper was fairly successful. She was the first student in 40 years in her county to skip eighth grade and go directly into high school honors. Juniper worked very hard in school. She scored a 2,140 on her SATs. That in combination with her extracurricular activities got her into basically every college that she applied for.

“I wound up choosing the one that was closest to my grandmother’s house in Southern California and I spent two years there before I got an offer from a large sales company up in the Seattle area,” said Juniper. “I was the youngest person in the history of that company we ever hired for that position. And I was actually the youngest person to ever be hired for my position in the following company when I got offered more money.”

By the time that she was 21, Juniper was making more than both of her parents income combined annually – almost double.

“That was insane for me because I did not grow up in a family with a lot of opportunities. So it was a large accomplishment of mine and one that I’m still proud of to this day,” she noted.

Juniper continues: “I worked a ton. I was on the fast track to management. I wound up becoming a manager a lot faster than I think even my company anticipated. And I worked all the time. I worked probably about 70 to 90 hours a week while going to school full-time – which, when I think about it now, I don’t even know how I slept. Or if I even slept. Kind of all blur to me at this point.”

Because of how aggressively demanding her job was, Juniper started to develop a series of health issues and she started to get really sick.

“To be honest, I needed a change in my career. I needed to find something that was going to be a lot more freeing and a lot less detrimental to my health,” she explained.

“I now have time to call my mom. I have the freedom to be able to build my own business; build my own career, to sleep at night – which is a really big thing for me. And to be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without the brothels. I don’t even know if I’d still be here,” Juniper concluded.

Juniper now has an optimistic and vivid vision of her future: “When I’m not having fun at the ranch, I go to school for cartoon and stop motion animation. Eventually I want to make a religious TV show for children.”

KokoHontas has a similar story to tell. She is 19 years old and she came to the brothels after working at a vet clinic back in Texas as a vet assistant.

“It wasn’t enough to support myself or my mother and I needed a way to help her now. The brothels have allowed me to do that. She’s turning 63 this year and I’m so glad that I’m able to make her life easier,” the young black woman said.

Cherry, Juniper, and KokoHontas are just a few among many other legal sex workers at Bunny Ranch brothel near Carson City and Love Ranch brothel outside Las Vegas, which were owned by Dennis Hof. He passed away last October at his Love Ranch Vegas, following a campaign rally. Hof was running for the Nevada Assembly and he managed to win from beyond the grave.

Truly understanding the lives of sex workers requires putting aside our personal feelings about sexuality and listening to their experiences. It requires recognizing that sex work is work, even if it’s work we’re not interested in or willing to do ourselves.

In the U.S., about 75% of women ages 25 to 54 participate in the workforce. That's less than men of the same age, who come in at 90%. The rate climbed for decades, but right around 2000, it began to level off.

Recently the United States were recognized among the top ten worst countries for women, according to an experts’ survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, USA Really reported.

Author: USA Really