Venezuela: CIA Coups in South America Nothing New!
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Venezuela: CIA Coups in South America Nothing New!


As the joke goes in many Third World countries, “Why are there no revolutions in the USA? Because there are no US Embassies there!”

The CIA and the US State Department are at it again, this time in America’s backyard, stoking discourse and violence. It is just a matter of time before there is just enough blood spilled to set the whole country, or perhaps the entire region, on fire.

We have seen it before in Ukraine, and with the Colour Revolutions.  Call what is happening in Venezuela what you want, but I call it another CIA plot.

We are seeing nothing short of a conspiracy by outside actors to topple a government. Even the UK is refusing to allow it to access its own gold reserves, totally 1.2 billion dollars, to overcome domestic problems.

Have we not seen the same MO being followed in faraway places like Georgia and Ukraine? Again, like former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, we have a CIA poster boy, the self-described and unelected “President” Juan Guaido—being imposed with the approval and rubber stamping of the United States and its friends.

In the meantime, Venezuela’s democratically-elected President Nicolás Maduro should be applauded for ordering the immediate expulsion of 72 American so-called "diplomats" and standing his ground. This is something that should have been done in Ukraine and many other places.

However, they don’t want to leave, as they must be expecting the president will go first.

What comes next?

Between 1900 and 2006 there were 162 coups in South and Central America, and the US was involved in the vast majority of these: in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

All that is transpiring before us in Venezuela is at best an effort to organize a blatant coup and give the effort and possible outcome legitimacy, though no one is asking for such a coup. It is yet another attempt by Washington and some fair-weather “tin horn” dictators in South America to scare away anyone with ideas of their own. Maduro is 100 percent in the right, and the Trump regime is 100 percent in the wrong. 

Just consider the words of Elliot Abrams, US Special Envoy for Venezuela. “The crisis in Venezuela is deep, difficult and dangerous, and I can’t wait to get to work on it.” That means that I have been there and done that, so let’s change the government, without justification, by any means necessary!

Abrams, a convicted felon, and his minions are well-known to my generation for their illegal involvement in the Iran-contra affair, and claims they were also caught up in a 2002 coup attempt against Chavez. His track record in government and criminal deeds from his days in the Reagan and GW Bush Administrations are well-documented, even though his checkered past is not known to most.

But we must not forget the words of John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor, when he recently reminded us that “the fact that Venezuela is in our hemisphere, I think we have a special responsibility here, I think the present feels very strongly about it.”

Instead of worrying about flimsy political grounds for impeachment on the domestic front, the US House should consider grounds for the immediate impeachment of Trump and Pence for plotting an illegal coup attempt. The Senate should follow up by convicting Trump and Pence as soon as possible. However, that is just wishful thinking.

The official message of the American political class is the same as VP Mike Pence’s: “Nicolas Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power; he has never won the presidency in a free and fair election, and has maintained his grip by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him.”

Little mention is being made in the mainstream press, MSM, about what the US is actually trying to accomplish, and about its track record of conducting such operations. It is nothing short of “blatant undemocratic gangsterism on the part of the US, as it tries to choose the leader of a sovereign country that has already had a democratic election.”

However, not all are convinced by the American propaganda, as is well expressed in an open letter by over 70 scholars condemning the US-backed coup. The letter demands that the United States government must cease interfering in Venezuela’s internal politics, especially for the purpose of overthrowing the country’s government. It says that actions by the Trump administration and its allies in the hemisphere are almost certain to make the situation in Venezuela worse, leading to unnecessary human suffering, violence and instability.

The letter is signed by many scholars and notable journalists, including Noam Chomsky, Alfred de Zayas, Sujatha Fernandes, Boots Riley, John Pilger and Vijay Prashad, all of whom oppose US interventionism in Venezuela.

But that advice is not being heeded by the US and its close friends, and the reason is obvious. It would be better if Americans, at least those on the level of the US government, could look more into the mirror when discussing who should be replaced in the region. Have US foreign policymakers not learnt anything from recent experience in the Middle East? 

As Geoffrey Young, who is running for Governor of Kentucky, (and some) of his contacts recently shared, “John Bolton is a war criminal and this attempt at regime change appears ‘blatant and particularly clumsy.”’

The US has been involved in such shenanigans for many years, dating back to the time of gunboat diplomacy... and the same principles even apply to US elections, as with Hillary Clinton's illegal theft of the Democratic Party nomination for president from Bernie Sanders last time round.

Unfortunately, Americans are still immobile. They watch CNN and Fox News and think that they live in a functional democracy, and are informed citizens. All the leaders like Hugo Chávez and Maduro, who try to bring prosperity to their impoverished country via its oil wealth, have been labeled despots and threats to US national security. It would set a bad regional example for wealth to be shared with the masses, not concentrated in the hands of the elite.

The American populace is being convinced that this crisis has nothing to do with oil but is all about human rights, democracy and rule of law. Only if the six main MSM corporations go bankrupt and stop spewing out tainted fake “news and opinions” will America and the world become vastly better off, immensely more secure and safer – as it is clear that the media is more a destabilizing influence than the voice of truth, especially when manipulated by the US government and powerful elites.

Rich Country Poor People

It is all about oil wealth, and who gets to control it, as Venezuela sits on the largest oil reserves in the world. Countries without resources which can be exploited by Western interests are usually stable and peaceful places. But when a country makes an effort to share its wealth with its own people and not just the elites, problems start. The responses include sanctions, blaming its ppolicies on Socialism, blocking access to needed funds. With these come a flood of rhetoric from Washington and the UN; even the UK government gets involved.

What if the shoe were on the other foot, and Russia came out in support of regime change in France and declared one of the yellow vests the legal president, tasked with restoring Constitutional Order using the same US coup methods?

What few are mentioning is that Venezuela had free and fair elections, backed by one of the world’s most monitored election systems. Its government even invited the UN to monitor the elections, but this was blocked by the US.

High society, in America and other countries, is divided into supporters of war and supporters of getting rich. But for all practical purposes, these are one and the same group. The profits are divided up, and nothing is left over for those suffering and killed in the process.

The US and its supporters are trying to claim that what is happening in Venezuela is self-inflicted, and now want the UN Council’s support in denouncing the government of Nicolas Maduro and recognising opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim President of the country.

What country would support that, when the same can be done to itself by the same bullies? We are soon likely to find that it is the vote in the UN, not the vote in Venezuela, which shows the greatest sign of being rigged by anti-democratic forces pretending to be the opposite.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman