Latin American Dignity at Stake in Venezuela
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Latin American Dignity at Stake in Venezuela


USA - January 30, 2019

Those who spoke of the end of the stage of coups d’état in Latin America were wrong in their predictions. No progressive government in the twenty-first century was free from the rules of the game imposed by the United States and its plutocrat liberals. However, in some cases they achieved some success--Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, for example. But another blow was the attempt on President Correa in Ecuador, and today the President of this country Lenin Moreno speaks Trump's language. And although all this policy of non-interference, sovereignty and national independence has not brought tangible results, some countries still managed to stand to their feet.

After the recent change of government, Mexico adheres to the Estrada Doctrine in its foreign policy. Lopez Obrador thus revives the anti-imperialist tradition that had been forgotten by the governments of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the National Action Party that had previously been in power. Bolivia and Cuba also demonstrate their protest. It is also true that the government of Jair Bolsonaro, which is now threatening democracy, no longer cares about the protection of human rights, like Macri in Argentina, Pinera in Chile or Duque in Colombia, who are rather proponents of coups.

And here we welcome the illegal self-announcement of the President. The strategy of destabilizing the constitutional order in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is dangerous. Its inspirers within the country can only hope for the power support of foreign powers. The betrayal happened. Now, in order to carry out their plans, they are seeking the official recognition of their supporting countries and international organizations in order to avoid responsibility for their murders and violations of the constitutional order. They will be the masters of Venezuela.

There is, hence, an hysteria, and the desire to receive the promised help as soon as possible. And they can get it from the governments of those Latin American states that unconditionally support US policy. These controlled and non-sovereign countries that are members of the Organization of American States (OEA) and Grupo de Lima, other than Mexico, immediately agreed to provide this support. Their goal is to recognize the dual power in the country, then to legitimize the false government.

The United States and its allies, which are involved in the attempted coup, are preparing for the next important phase of their strategy. Because, despite the information manipulation and fake news in social networks, there is a lack of support within the country and they are already thinking about a direct invasion. But the armed forces are not ready to follow them and dance to the tune offered to them by the opposition parties and their leaders.

The failure of the MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable) leaders to sign at the meeting in the Dominican Republic to the agreement on the election date and the ways of results verification has brought them to a deadlock, because now everything is in the hands of the Republican government of Trump, which will indicate the course of action. Forgetting about pride, at the meeting they began to praise the bellicose statements of Donald Trump and his regional allies. It was then that they lost the ability to assess the degree of political and social discontent and ended in schism.

The MUD position at the negotiating table was disclosed in the speech of the former President of the Spanish government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Nevertheless, President Nicolas Maduro agreed with some of MUD's ideas, including the early holding of elections, which caught the leaders of this organization by surprise. Instead of answering, they, under pressure from the US, calling for a boycott of the elections, began to talk about possible fraud of the voting results and urged their supporters not to participate in them.

All this perfectly fits into the policy of the US continental security, and the plan of the US Southern Command "Freedom II" for Venezuela began to be realized: an attempt to kill the President with the help of drones, the use of economic and financial levers abroad to isolate and boycott the legitimate government. And to continue to strangle the economy, stimulate the black market, create a shortage of food and other goods, and to intensify street crime. It was about creating an image of a destroyed country immersed in chaos and despair, which must be saved from dictatorship. Liberals, social Democrats, conservative party, and the far right have responded to this plan. But MUD is divided. Some of its leaders have doubts, others have worked out their resources. This is the Leopoldo Lopez sunset. The well-known old parties of Christian democracy (COPEI) and Social Democracy (AD) don't want to join this strategy, acting in line with two of their main 64 organizations: Justicia Primero and Voluntad Popular.

The attempt to organize a coup d'état in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela threatens the dignity, sovereignty and independence of Latin American countries. Asking for the intervention of foreign governments and military forces is not only a betrayal, but also a demonstration of the highest degree of hatred and anger towards the Venezuelan people.

The Venezuelan government is, like it or not, the opposition and the lackeys of the United States, but it won the election, gaining more than five and a half million votes and 28% of voters. Trump can't say the same--he only got 24%. During the struggle for the independence of Cuba, Jose Marti said: "The hour of lights has come: now nothing can be seen except light." The struggle for the dignity of the peoples of Latin America is at stake. The protection of the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is an urgent ethical and political task. And to join the strike on it is to support the scoundrels.

Author: USA Really