Trump calls talks with Democrats “a waste of time”
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Trump calls talks with Democrats “a waste of time”


WASHINGTON - February 1, 2019

President Trump said he almost abandoned the idea of negotiations with Congress members over the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump called trying to negotiate with the Democrats about financing the wall "a waste of time.” According to him, he's likely to use his powers to resolve this issue in two weeks.

"I think Nancy Pelosi is hurting our country very badly by doing what she's doing and, ultimately, I've set the table. I've set the stage for doing what I'm going to do," Trump said.

The President did not directly explain how the situation will develop. It is possible that he will declare an emergency in two weeks, allowing himself to allocate money from the budget for the wall without Congress’ permission. In this case, the Democrats will certainly appeal Trump's decision in court, but the White House is confident that they will be able to prove their case.

"I've actually always gotten along with her, but now I don't think I will anymore," Trump told the Times, accusing Pelosi of "doing a tremendous disservice to the country."

"I'll continue to build the wall, and we'll get the wall finished," Trump added. "Now whether or not I declare a national emergency -- that you'll see."

The controversy over the allocation of $5.7 billion has already led to a 35-day shutdown -- the closure of a number of governments due to budget rejection. At the end of January, Trump agreed to a temporary compromise on this issue, hoping to reach an agreement as a result.

Congress, in turn, said that due to the government's shutdown, the GDP in 2019 will be 0.02% lower than expected. In addition, the shutdown will have a significant impact on individual businesses and their employees, especially those who went on unpaid leave. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the US economy lost $11 billion in five weeks, but $8 billion of it is likely to be compensated after the end of the shutdown with compensation payments to affected civil servants.

During the interview, the President also admitted that during his work in the White House he has lost "a huge amount of money,” but stressed he expects to be re-elected for a new term. At the same time, Trump expressed confidence that he would not have serious competitors among the Republicans.

"I have great support in the party," he said.

Author: USA Really