The Fire Ring Is About to Blow Up the Earth
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The Fire Ring Is About to Blow Up the Earth


JACKSONVILLE — June 6, 2018

GUATEMALA’S Fuego volcano death toll rose to 75 on Tuesday night, and the number is expected to grow even higher in the coming days.

According to Guatemala’s National Disaster Agency (CONRED) 75 people had died in the eruption, and nearly 200 remain missing; however, the number could grow considerably as rescue workers continue to search for people in the scalding ash.

The seismological, volcanic and meteorological institute Insivumeh heightened its warnings after the volcano erupted again earlier on Tuesday, forcing evacuations and sending rescue workers scrambling for cover.

Over 3,200 people have been evacuated, and 1.7million people have found themselves affected by the Fuego eruption.

Volcan de Fuego, which means “Volcano of Fire” in Spanish, is one of several active volcanoes among 34 in the Central American country. It lies near the colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO world heritage site that has survived several significant eruptions.

The latest activity has been mostly on the far side of the volcano, facing the Pacific coast.

The Fire Ring Is About To blow Up The Earth

The violent volcanic eruption in Guatemala caused panic among bloggers and on forums where news is discussed.  With many of them seeming to have a bad feeling that “a massive volcanic event" may be on its way, perhaps even in the United States itself.

“I almost want to say major Earthquake / land upheaval, but I am not 100% certain. Its tough to say for sure and my mind likes to take over at times and tries to create its own story in an effort to understand”, said a popular blogger MasterJedi in a recent post. Over 150 people replied to his post, claiming they felt the same way.:

“The ring of fire is already on fire, volcanoes erupt one by one, Yellowstone Supervolcano is in line.” Are they just coincidences? Or is something really big potentially coming our way?

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