The Color Revolution in the US Has Already Happened
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The Color Revolution in the US Has Already Happened


AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 4, 2019

There is a field in statesmanship that it’s not customary to speak about--that is, the field of intelligence. Unlike science, intelligence focuses not on what is, but on what is not.

At the same time, disinformation, disguise and sabotage are a favorite tool of the security services. Distraction to an obviously false object, the use and, if necessary, the creation of a loud informational occasion - a trap for the average person - to solve their problems under the cover of this smoke screen are the usual tactics of all special operations. The main goal has always been money and power, and they love silence and do not like the attention of the general public.

What are we seeing now? We see the smoke screen of a massive attack on Trump under cover of which the Central Intelligence Agency successfully conducted an operation to seize American power.

As Henry Kamens noted in his new article, while the whole world is busy discussing where, who and, most importantly, how the current American President will be lynched, and American liberals advise Trump to start learning the daily routine of Guantanamo, “the Democratic Party is being taken over by the intelligence community. Just to give a few examples: Representative Dave Brat of Virginia, lost to Abigail Spanberger, a first-time Democratic candidate and former CIA Operative who spent eight years recruiting and developing spies, with a focus on counterterrorism. This is more serious than what we ever could imagine with the white spy vs. black spy scenarios; both shades are set to commit subversive and covert operations in the open.

“Representative Andy Barr of Kentucky barely defeated Amy McGrath, a former Marine combat aviator and first-time candidate—and also one of the birds of feather. However, the list goes on and on of those who were successful. And around a dozen so far, and who knows which ones are now lurking in the shadows for appointments and highly-paid lobbyist jobs.

“Kentucky candidate for Governor (in 2019) Geoff Young said, “No Democrats voted to enact this dangerous strategy embraced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). I never got any polls asking if the DNC should favor and direct millions of dollars to ex-CIA operatives, ex-military intelligence operatives, and ex-military war veterans.”

“The strategy is a profoundly cynical attempt by the DNC to exploit the popularity of our troops in order to install more pro-war, neoconservative, Russia-hating, Iran-hating Democrats in Washington. It’s one of the most evil strategies the DNC has ever imposed on the US,” he added in a recent interview.
As the Socialist media reported, “the newly elected CIA Democrats have begun to attract considerable media attention, after an election campaign in which the high proportion of military-intelligence candidates seeking Democratic congressional nominations was largely disregarded or directly downplayed by the corporate-controlled media.

“Even feminists are in glee, as five of the eleven newly-elected CIA Democrats are women, a fact which is endlessly celebrated by the media, although there is no reason to believe that female national-security officials are any less ruthless and bloodthirsty than their male counterparts.”

In a situation where the main US legislative body begins to more and more resemble the Langley office, Henry Kamens wonders for whom these flag waving and backstabbing democrats are now working?

Do Americans and the so called establishment actually know it?

There are strong doubts about this – “a perfect operation has been pulled, rivaling anything done in Color Revolutions and South American styled coups. But that will whoosh right over the heads of most of the clever folks in Washington, as they seem too full of themselves with all of this mutual backslapping ‘team stuff.’

“There are just too many in the rank and file who have been brainwashed, especially NEW liberals who have convinced by their own rhetoric that they’re fighting for some GREAT cause but who are, in fact, just a wheel in a vile machine so BIG that they don’t even know of its existence, and so stupid they think that now the shoe is on the other foot, and Democrats are back in control, LOL!!

“Anyway, it’s an interesting bunch of worms we seem to have slipped in amongst. We may as well play them like a banjo for as long as it lasts – they, the populace don’t seem to be too much alarmed with the BIG story of the day, as big as Watergate and Iran Contra, in the United States (these CIA Democrats). The masses and the self righteous seem, however, to get moist with the thought of anything to do with Trump Bashing and Russian meddling.

“But first let’s review how this is more than coincidence, as even before the elections military-intelligence candidates were disproportionately favored by the party apparatus, encouraged to run in districts that were among the most likely to win. Military-intelligence candidates’ accounted for 10 of the 22 districts selected for the most high-profile attention as part of the ‘red-to-blue’ program, or nearly half. Naturally that took some planning and not from the DNC but real strategic planning, CIA planning style, in winning a ‘Democratic’ House of Representatives back.

“Red to Blue is a highly competitive and battle-tested program at the DCCC that arms top-tier candidates with organizational and fundraising support to help them continue to run strong campaigns.”

Henry Kamens strongly recommends the FBI  to give up its witch hunt over Trump, at least for a bit, over his grubby political, business and personal life and to scrutinize where the money came from for sponsoring the election campaigns of former CIA employees.

First, it would have been possible to establish whether the money of American taxpayers was spent on such arrangement of their personal well-being by individual representatives of intelligence agencies.  Secondly, it would allow to establish whether the money of Afghani drug trafficking, which is fully concentrated in the hands of the CIA, was not used to finance yesterday’s agents’ election campaigns. And don't let patriotic rhetoric deceive you. It can only get worse. The political establishment will be preoccupied with Trump for now. It has waited with bated breath to get revenge in the style of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

“And all the while this new generation of wise guys will start making hay while the sun shines. We were warned, and the writing was on the wall with the Democratic cozying up with so called intelligence assets; those same people who were only too eager for fight for the wrong cause in Afghanistan or Iraq. They will be the first to beat the drums for new engagements in faraway places that few can find on a map—and what most Americans could care less about.”

Author: USA Really