PETA Wants Disney to Change Bo Peep’s “Problematic” Look in Toy Story 4
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PETA Wants Disney to Change Bo Peep’s “Problematic” Look in Toy Story 4


Toy Story 4 is one of the most-anticipated movies of the summer, but PETA isn’t too thrilled with the way Bo Peep is being portrayed.

To the delight of fans, Disney and Pixar recently announced the return of Bo Peep – who hasn’t been seen since the second part of the franchise – with a brand new look for Toy Story 4.

Last month Disney shared that Bo Peep would return as “an adventure-seeking free spirit,” and by the looks of her outfit, she definitely seems like one. No longer is her bright pink dress and big bonnet part of her outfit. Now, she, who realized there is more out there than just being a toy, resembles Rey from the Star Wars Saga.

Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley even said that in the upcoming film, Bo Peep has “taken control of her own destiny.”

After Super Bowl LIII finished up, Disney-Pixar released a new TV spot for Toy Story 4 which shows Buzz Lightyear in great distress.

Unfortunately for Disney, they appear to have bigger problems coming at them with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) raising an issue with another character. They are now demanding major changes with Bo Peep.

PETA believes that her new look should have come with at least one more alteration and that was the loss of the crook that is, by the way, her main weapon and tool for surviving in the world.

“Bo Peep’s look in Toy Story 4 is updated, but her shepherd’s crook still promotes exploiting gentle sheep for their wool,” PETA posted on social media. “This has no place in Bo Peep’s ‘modern’ look, Pixar!”

Shortly after Disney-Pixar released new images of Bo Peep in recent posters for the film, Laura Thomasson, PETA’s Manager of Animals in Film and Television, sent a letter to film director Josh Cooley encouraging him “to complete the character’s transformation by retiring her crook — a tool historically used to hook lambs by the legs and neck in the wool industry.”

Here’s what Thomasson had to say in PETA’s recent letter to Cooley:

Given that she was designed to have a “modern” look, why hasn’t she “lost” that outdated and cruel crook? You may not know that these “shepherd’s crooks,” are used solely to hook a sheep’s neck and force these gentle animals to move. That isn’t something that a progressive Bo Peep would countenance in 2019!

A “badass” Bo Peep would likely bop the shearers, not the sheep, writes Thomasson.

Surely you can agree that a symbol of domination over any animal is a thing of the past and not something that belongs in Toy Story 4. Won’t you please consider removing Bo Peep’s crook from the final animation?

PETA and its affiliates have released 11 exposés of 99 sheep operations on four continents revealing that the animals are beaten, stomped on, mutilated, and even skinned alive for wool. Because shearers are typically paid by volume, not by the hour, they’re driven to work quickly and carelessly. Strips of sheep’s skin—and even pieces of their ears—are cut or torn off during shearing, and the most gaping wounds are stitched up without any pain relief.

“While PETA claims the shepherd’s crook is a ‘symbol of domination,’ those of the Christian faith see the symbol as one of protection. In fact, members of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, and some Lutheran, United Methodist, and Penecostal use a stylized shepherd’s crook known as a crosier. The idea stems from the number of metaphorical references in the Bible as Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd,” Bounding Into Comics wittily noted.

There are a number of depictions of St. Patrick holding a stylized shepherd’s crook.

The crook was also used to defend the sheep and the shepherd from predators and to aid the shepherd’s balance when traversing rough terrain.

Anyway, while PETA is worried about Bo Peep’s “problematic” appearance, enjoy Disney’s fresh trailer of Toy Story 4:

Disney has yet to publicly respond to PETA’s statement at the time of this article’s publication. It’s unclear if anything will come of PETA’s requests, but it would definitely be interesting to find out if they made a difference when it hits the big screen on June 21.


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