The Rothschilds and the Global Jewish Project
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The Rothschilds and the Global Jewish Project


AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 15, 2019

Some global projects are easy to find out about. Everyone understands that there is the Breton Woods system with its institutions and a source of wealth (dollar emission), everyone knows that the beneficiary of this system is the transnational financial elite (the figures of redistribution of profits in the world economy in its favor, which grew 10 times in a hundred years, are not a secret), but it is not known just who personally “manages” there. But this is understandable: Economic analyses are much more transparent than issues of the personal composition of the elite and power groups.

Everything is more or less clear with some other projects too, although even here personal questions are always the most complicated (USSR, China). But there are several topics that that are of real interest, but there is no exact knowledge of them.  Let’s try to formulate a few questions on these topics.

Why have structures belonging to the Rothschild Empire been actively pursued in the US for the past 15 years?: An aggressive attack on HSBC Bank, which at the level of Congress was accused of patronizing drug trafficking, the problems of the BP oil company, and there were many more stories!

Why does the Guardian (close to the same Rothschild Empire) always print strange leaks and give out information that is not “quite correct” from the point of view of transnational financiers?

Who benefits from Brexit? Representatives of the "Western" global project, who control Brussels entirely? Why would they? The old British aristocrats who decided to break from the continental aristocratic elite which is eager to replace the liberals at the helm of the state machines of Western European states? That conflict in 1936 was clear and obvious: The capitalist project pushed the “Western” project from the helm of the British Empire. And what about now?

One of the answers to this question is that in reality, since the 17th century, when the financial elite of Holland staged the the so-called “Glorious” revolution (when the last independent representative of the Stuarts dynasty was overthrown from the throne), the Jewish global project dominates in the UK. At that time it cooperated with the capitalist project (and successfully fought with the Catholic one), then it began to turn to the "Western" project... But it always tried to maintain independence.

One of the main global, better to say conceptual, forces, is the group known by most experts as “planners.” It was originally a Jewish global project, the center of which is now in London. If we assume that the British Empire was built precisely in this direction, if we remember what difficult relations it always had with the United States, if we remember how tough Roosevelt was at "destroying" the British Empire (and Churchill, by and large, helped him with this), It turns into quite a convincing picture.

From the moment of the “Glorious Revolution” to 1936, the British Empire was headed by the elite of the Jewish global project (we will not go into the details of what ideological priorities it has). At that time, they controlled another financial mechanism that was not based on bank interest.  The Rothschilds, as the most famous part of the financial elite of the British Empire (as Churchill was the frontman of the "Western" project on its territory, although, perhaps, was not the most important person at all), received their share of the money issue (remember the role of John P. Morgan, senior at the creation of the Fed, and its relationship with the Rothschild banking house is well known). But their main tool was the establishment of a price system on its territory; remember how Napoleon was desperately fighting with them in this regard.

Thus, their main tool is not the issuing of money, but the control over gold (“London fixing”), and so in this context they are not “slumlords,” but “appraisers”! It is through the assessment that they receive their share in world wealth.

In 1936, the “Western” project in the British Empire won (perhaps just because it shared its emission income), and now there is a reverse process, with the former elite of the British Empire, politically headed by the Windsor and financially by the Rothschilds, taking revenge. That's why there is Brexit--because there is a need to get out from under the control of the Brussels bureaucracy, which is completely dependent on the "Western project. That is why there are problems with Trump (he represents the capitalist project). That is why he is flirting with Putin and Russia (Russia is still at a crossroads--its choice of project has not yet been made).

If we proceed from this logic, then many political conflicts of the last decades become clear (for example, there is an opinion that the first person in the US presidency who represented a non-"Western" project, was Obama, and he was installed by the Jewish project). However, there are new questions.

Author: USA Really