US Public Health Officials Blame Russians 4-Comeback of Childhood Diseases
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US Public Health Officials Blame Russians 4-Comeback of Childhood Diseases


The verdict is in, from the infiltration of the NRA with Russian Sparrows to the rigging of US elections, everything is being blamed on Russians these days. And according to media watchdogs, it is all about Russian disinformation and this is getting too close to home for comfort.

Not only has there been outbreaks of measles in the US but in Europe as well, and blame that too on the Russians. In the US blame is allocated to parents who are taking advantage in loop holes in vaccination laws that allow them, based on personal beliefs to opt out of getting their children vaccinated.

 The most cited numbers for Europe for instance, is 83,000 cases and little mention is made that this is in the post revisionary period when Ukraine turned to the West to provide vaccines and stop sourcing them from the Russian Federation, out of political expediency.

The crux of the childhood disease story is based on recent reports, and tweets by Juliette Kayyam, a national security commentator on CNN and a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School that Russian is playing into the vaccination debate and trying to convince people that they must make a choice and naturally they are being lied to.

President Vladimir Putin isn’t just trying to mess with America’s elections, he has set loose his undercover opinion manipulators to promote fear of vaccines and pit pro- and anti-vaccination Americans against one another, a recent American Public Health Association study concluded.

We all know that there are many reasons—religious or otherwise—which can cause parents to be reluctant to have their loved kids vaccinated. Afterall, living in a society, many of us have experienced the ill-effects of vaccinations, from simple infections to even deaths.

However, a vast section of the mainstream media has now started blaming Russia, and the disinformation campaign that is allegedly spearheading to be the cause of the reluctance among parents in the US State of Oregon to vaccinate their children. 

As one Russian journalist asked me in a confused tone, “it is said in that study that Russian twitter bots provoked an outbreak of that disease in the US. The attitude to the vaccines can be different - I wonder how it is possible to be a Russian action, as the idea that vaccines can be harmful turned up in the West first and came to Russia only after the USSR collapse. Am I right?”

The journalist was referring to claims in The American Journal of Public Health which linked the so-called malicious propaganda on the vaccine debate to social-media accounts from Russia’s Internet Research Agency, which Robert Mueller’s special-counsel office has indicted for its role in 2016 election interference.

In truth, all that these media organizations are doing is to propagate a lie that is in line with the deep-state’s propaganda which claims that Russia is pursuing a program of Weaponized Health Communication: Twitter Bots and Russian Trolls Amplify the Vaccine Debate.

The study further claims that this is done by Russian trolls, and sophisticated bots that promote both pro- and anti-vaccination narratives. According to the study bots and trolls frequently retweet or modify content from human users to increase its reach among communities. 

Are Russians responsible?

The popular media, as reported in various Russian media outlets, is attributing the comeback of the measles in the US to Russian efforts, claiming it is “probably” Russia at fault—and such reactions from the popular media do not surprise me anymore.

Bigger Question

But why is the mainstream US media not describing all sides of the issue and the inherent risks?

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sued the United States government and won in an issue regarding vaccine safety. According to a legal document entitled, "Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines," Health and Human Services (HHS) has openly admitted to not having filed any vaccine safety reports in over 30 years. 

RFK Jr. has the best known anti-vaxxer for decades and it is stretching it far to say that Russia has been controlling him all that time?

The same Russian journalist who first brought this story to my attention hit the nail on the head when she said “but am I right in saying that this knowledge became widespread among common people (not doctors) in the western countries first?  I'm a Soviet child, and I don't remember anybody saying about the possible harm of vaccines.” So, at least based on US media, “the overarching objective in this ongoing offensive is to divide and terrify Americans – and win a second Cold War.” This is a bit too far-fetched but not at all surprising, especially in today’s time when it has become trendy to blame all on the Russians.

The logic is simple, if you are against vaccines or question the number and schedule of vaccines, then you have been influenced by Russian propaganda. Scare tactics are common to the media profession, and not only for vaccines.

As one pundit commented on the article that appeared in an Oregon Newspaper said, “Vaccine skeptics and vaccine-hesitant parents are not suspicious of scientific data as the data tells them there are real risks. They are skeptical of talking points from the drug industry presented as scientific data—it is an important distinction.” Most Americans have known this for a long time and make informed choices. That is why in many states there are laws that allow families to decide not to vaccinate their children on the basis of religion or personal reasons. However, that option is now being restricted more and more.

The problem now is that there are so many different vaccines and that they are repeated, so by the time a child reaches adulthood, he or she has been injected with 60 to 70 different preparations - and it is the combination of many different vaccines and their ingredients that is thought to be causing so many problems in children, primarily because of the heavy metals and other ingredients that are used to prepare vaccines or provoke the immune system to work harder, or even work against itself.

Being the devil’s advocate, there are two reasons for defective vaccines: one is to save money making crap that kills and damages people and the other a keep us guessing; however, the anti-vacc community can potentially be used very much a tool of 'the enemy' – and the enemy within, not all the brightest persons I have dealt with.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman