"White Is Stupid ...": Аnti-White Racism Epidemic Spreads to Europe
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"White Is Stupid ...": Аnti-White Racism Epidemic Spreads to Europe


NEW YORK - February 18, 2019

We live in an era of black racism. In the US, and in Europe too, white people have long been oppressed, becoming a minority in some places. It is completely unacceptable to be a white racist in the US: To make even the mildest statement about the races not being the same is an act of political and professional suicide.

Meanwhile, black racism is such a significant phenomenon that dissertations are even being written about it.

In this context, the article by Gilles William Goldnadel in “Le Figaro," in which he comments on the statements of the American writer Nell Irvin Painter on French television explaining that "white is stupid, it is lying, it is corrupt, it harasses women ..." is quite remarkable. The author notes the growing trend of racism against whites in the French media, where you can call to interbreed with people of darker skin to survive the warming of the climate.

Although the author talks about the situation in France, it seems like he wrote the article from New York.

Anti-white racism, or anti-Western detestation (if you put a smoother definition under it) has a triple specificity:

First, it is denied as a pure chimera.

Second, anyone who talks about it faces censure and accusations of racism.

Third, it is widely conveyed by whites themselves.

Anti-white racism is based on the terrible modern belief that it was the white man who invented racism and, therefore, cannot he be a victim of it. This belief is irrational in its essence, but it has penetrated deep into the collective unconscious of the West.

The author refers to two recent media events that can serve as confirmation of this unpleasant thesis.

First is rapper Nick Conrad, who has a song calling for the hanging of white children.

Journalists prefer not to speak about this event, while they blow every racist tag or anti-Semitic antic of two drunken participants in a Yellow Vests event out of proportion.

In any case, whether its Nick Conrad or his colleagues, any and every pretext is used not to hear them and see the outrage they cause as the perverted fantasies of fascist personalities.

Incidentally, the author notes that French justice, once again, seems to be a good girl with nothing good to say about white people, because the rapper received only a conditional sentence at the request of the prosecutor's office with a symbolic fine of €500.

The second media event is the performance of Nell Irvin Painter, the black American author of The History of White People, on the popular Daily TV show, animated by Yann Barthès, on February 8. In well-polished French, the black woman castigated whites.

Based on her description of Donald Trump and the many turpitudes she lends him, she expressly deduced that one might conclude that: "the white is stupid, he lies, he is corrupt, he harasses women ..."

If a white man were to take the examples of Bill Cosby or the recently-elected black Democrat Justin Fairfax, both prosecuted for rape, to blame all black men in the crime, the media would surely respond quite strongly, and his reputation would be lost forever.

But the most terrible, the most appalling thing lies in the fact that the animators and the public (mostly whites) were swooning ecstatically.

Then the famous writer calmly explained to the audience, that the whites, with faces too pale to protect themselves from global warming, must begin to mate with people with darker skin.

In reality, and at this degree of intellectual and moral indigence, this sadly ridiculous scene will at least have the merit of pinpointing exactly the neurotic malady of the present epoch--an epoch which astalks the slightest suspicion, the least imputation of a racist a priori when it comes to the peoples who are supposedly victims of white racism and at the same time allows itself the grossest and most stereotyped prejudices, up to and including a call for whites to disappear.

The author cites more examples of how the neurotic pathology of the diligence for otherness concerns not only popular television, but also intellectual circles (well, or those who present themselves as such).

To better understand this growing trend, read the article published on December 6, 2018, by Matthieu Aron in the Obs entitled "Decolonial Threat to the University." The introduction states: "’Racialized,’ ‘Racialization,’ ‘Islamophobia’... This vocabulary that has settled in the public debate, comes from a movement that is gaining ground in the facts. So much so that the dissenting opinions dare no longer express themselves.”

Author: USA Really