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Economic Highs, Economic Lows, Immigration and Racism Woes
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Economic Highs, Economic Lows, Immigration and Racism Woes


Hello and welcome once again to our USA Really weekly podcast. Today we’ll be taking a look at the articles that went up on the site in the week of February 11-17. As always, there’s a good bit of news to talk about, and we’ve got all of our looks back with our “This Day in History” pieces, and plenty of thought-provoking opinion pieces from our pool of authors.

So let’s just jump right into the articles.

February 11 kicked off with a bang with a look at an article about us! The Daily Beast put out an article on USA Really, and Jeffrey Silverman has an analysis of it for you. He notes, happily, that the Daily Beast’s article ended up being more fair and balanced than he expected, despite it’s sensationalistic title. Silverman, he says, has been taken out of context before, but he decided to speak with the outlet to try to give the real story—that USA Really is being placed under sanctions simply because it’s Russian. Anyways, check out the original piece, which is linked in Silverman’s article, check out Silverman’s analysis, and see what you think.

Of course we had our history piece, with the most important events of February 11 in U.S. history, followed by a breakdown of the economic outlook for 2019. We kick the year off both with some good news and some bad news, so check it out to see what it all means for your life.

We continued with another economic piece: “Venezuela: Anatomy of an Economic Collapse, Part 2,” following up on an article from the previous week. This piece takes a look at the underside of socialism in Venezuela, the humanitarian disaster, made worse by falling oil prices, the decline in oil production, and how it gets even worse from there. What are the roles of the U.S., Russia, and Cuba here? Check out the piece for all the details.

And the day concluded with a piece on California Democrat Eric Salwell’s 2020 presidential bid.

February 12 got rolling with the history piece, followed by an article on Arizona looking to declare pornography a public health crisis, which, really, it is. No one who looks at the stuff is functioning normally. The House resolution says porn “perpetuates a sexually toxic environment that damages all areas of our society” and denounces it as a “crisis leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts.”

Then we’ve got a grocery store that put a blatantly pro-border wall blurb in their advertisements, though they tried to get out responsibility by saying they didn’t mean it to be political. But hey, they should have that right, but of course there was backlash.

Then we had “Psych Profiles of a Modern Liberal,” which, quite frankly, sounds terrifying. There are topics that are unpleasant and indecent but necessary to talk about--like analyzing the feces of a dog at the vet. It seems embarrassing, but it has to be done. That’s how the piece starts, and that’s hilarious.

Teachers are striking in Denver, the Democratic Party has unleashed its Green New Deal, which could have global consequences, and the day wrapped up with a look at why people decide to get involved in politics. It looks at several different motivations for getting involved, and leaves you with two takeaways: politics exists only where political action takes place, and in a crisis situation, not more than three percent of the population is ready to take a risk.

February 13 brought you an opinion piece from Walt Garlington, entitled: “The West’s Legacy of Violence against Children.” Sounds disturbingly juicy, right? Evangelicals and Cathoilcs are to be commended, he says, for their stance against abortion, especially the new NY law, but it wasn’t with Roe v. Wade that America went so wrong, but really, he says, the entire West has been leading to this since its break from the Orthodox Church 1,000 years ago—since its break from Truth. Garlington also takes a look at these traditions’ teachings on babies and life.

Of course, there was our history piece for the day, a look at our ever-expanding national debt, and a piece on our ever-expanding consumer debts as well. Americans are just in a borrowing mood!

And apparently there’s a new trend—children of anti-vax parents are going and getting the vaccines themselves. I know this debate is hot—I have some friends who post about it on FB all the time. I have no solid stance, but, well, it looks like these kids are pretty solidly pro-vaccine. Who’s right?

Aaaand a cartoonist got himself in some hot water for sending out a kids’ coloring page for publication with a “Go F yourself Trump” message written on it. Oh, he says, he just forgot to erase it. Suuuure.

And a serial killer has begun drawing his victims from memory. Apparently, there’re a LOT of them. Police are hoping his sketches will help to identify the women and bring some closure to their families.

And a Florida school has hired armed vets to patrol their halls to prevent shootings (obviously controversial), and the day ended with a piece on the environment and money: “The Ecological Crisis of Capitalism: Why Humanity Will Come to Prosperity Only by Abandoning Economic Growth.” In not too long, we’ll need 3-4 planets to really sustain our way of life, but, obviously we won’t be getting those extra planets, so we need to change our lives.

February 14 began with an eye-catching headline: “Stop the Blame Game: Research Shows That the US Is the Real Election Meddler, Not Russia” by Pradeep Banerjee. It’s happened all over the place—Italy, Japan, Panama, Czechoslovakia, Albania, Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Guatemala, etc. etc. etc. In light of so many examples, it’s kind of crazy for us to be pointing the finger so angrily.

Then there was the history piece, followed by a look at globalism—how it works and who benefits from it. Of course, the economy has always been a major engine for globalization—but this can happen in a multipolar or unipolar system. So who benefits from a global economy? Is it only for corporations? Check out the piece to find out.

Next up: “Is China Ready to Capitulate? Do Not Rush to Conclusions, Carefully Consider Each Proposal and Prepare a Big Stick, Experts Advise.” Then there’s another piece on the global economy and the elites behind it. The most important principle in the world of finance is secrecy. Information about certain decisions, about specific operations, about the plans of financial institutions, about their situation is hidden not only from ordinary citizens, but also from state institutions with control rights. This piece will help you uncover the truth behind this mystery.

And it looks like the controversial practice of dividing up families at the border is causing even more trouble for the Trump administration: “Migrant Families Demand $18 Million From Trump Administration.” Six illegal immigrant families have filed multi-million dollar claims against both the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they say they suffered. 

February 15 kicked off with a piece from Seraphim Hanisch: “Nouveau Racism: Righteous Retribution or Just Plain Insanity?” What is that? Nouveau racism is racism. However, it is that racism which is embraced by "minority" groups, like African-Americans, Latin-Americans, feminists, and any group that is not the target group of their invective: the European-originated, white, Christian male. It’s often considered "righteous retribution,” but anyone who can think clearly can see that that’s absurd.

Then we had our usual history piece, followed by another China piece: “How China Buries Liberalism.” The old model of the economy called capitalism is no longer working today and will be swept away. On its fragments there will be a new model and this model will have a Chinese face, the piece says.

Next up, a piece about everyone’s favorite behind-the-scenes family: “The Rothschilds and the Global Jewish Project.” The family and its project are shrouded in mystery, but this piece sheds some light for you.

And back to the economy with a piece on the accelerating retail crisis, and the day wrapped up with a look at why the U.S. has imposed new sanctions against Iranian groups. Something Washington needs to understand is that its hopes to solve all its problems by sanctions can lead the US to the loss of its allies and the weakening of the dollar.

On February 16, we had our history piece, followed by a look at all the women who are or could be running against Trump in 2020. Are they actually a threat for him?  There’re already 5 strong female candidates for the Democratic candidacy. This could be interesting!

Then there’s a plea to help and support Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who has been allegedly unjustly imprisoned for 43 years, followed by the strange story of a middle school that had to apologize to a student who was asked to cover up a supposedly “offensive” shirt. The thing is, the shirt is very OBVIOUSLY against racism, homophobia, etc etc –it’s very hard to understand how these teachers could have possibly misunderstood the shirt. I’ll let you read the article to find out what it said.

And we wrapped everything up with a look at the strange “Battle for the Arctic” and the crapload of taxpayer money going into it. It seems our ships that bust through the ice are old and feeble and we need some new ones. But why the heck do we need something like that? Check it all out here!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’ll about it do it for us for the day. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to make your way back here next week to stay updated on all the news that affects your lives!


Author: USA Really