Tesla Autopilot Veers off Highway as Driver Locked Out of All Controls
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Tesla Autopilot Veers off Highway as Driver Locked Out of All Controls


Tesla cars are trying to kill their drivers… again. A New Jersey man reportedly almost died after his rogue Tesla recently decided to crash off the highway.

A man from North Brunswick, New Jersey, is lucky to be alive after his vehicle’s so-called “autopilot” mode took control and plowed into several objects before coming to a sudden halt.

Even though the driver tried to take control of the Tesla and override the “autopilot,” – which split the difference and went down “the middle” before veering off the highway entirely and crashing – the vehicle “would not let him.”

While initial reports contained a statement from Tesla that “the driver always has control,” these statements were later removed without explanation.

The Tesla vehicle “got confused due to the lane markings,” which resulted in its inability to decipher between the highway’s driving lane and the exit lane, local news reports indicate.

“This incident in New Jersey is hardly isolated, as there have been multiple reports of Tesla cars getting ‘confused’ while running on autopilot. The vehicles apparently have a difficult time with highway exits, and often don’t know whether to keep going, take the exit, or go down ‘the middle,’” the Intellihub reports.

Tesla insists that its cars are completely safe, and that drivers are always able to override the autopilot function, which appears to be a lie, as cases of Teslas overriding their drivers are on the rise.

Business Insider actually issued a warning about this, stating that Elon Musk is “reckless” for suggesting that the Tesla autopilot function is completely safe.

“Nothing has changed for Elon,” said Sam Abuelsamid, a senior research analyst from the group Navigant. “He remains as reckless as he’s ever been with regard to the way he talks about Autopilot and its capabilities.”

“He’s wrong, but it’s his job to sell cars,” says Mary Cummings, a professor at Duke University, as quoted by Business Insider.

Besides Tesla’s autopilot cases, there have still been no explanations from Musk about the many instances in which his vehicles have suddenly burst into flames without warning.

Last May, three Tesla vehicles crashed and burst into flames within a matter of a week.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Tesla Model S – “an industry standard for performance and safety” – randomly slammed into a wall, resulting in its battery catching fire. Two of the car’s three passengers were thrown from the vehicle and killed, and the third suffered serious injuries.

Another Model S reportedly did much the same thing in Salt Lake City, Utah, crashing into a parked fire truck at 60 miles per hour.

And in Germany that same week, a third Tesla vehicle suddenly burst into flames on the highway, killing the 48-year-old driver who was trapped inside and burned to death.

Authorities are also investigating a fiery crash that same Monday morning involving a Tesla Model X SUV that slammed into a tree on Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, California.

The aftermath of a Tesla Model X crash in Fremont, Calif. on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 / KGO-TV

Just be careful and think twice before getting in your Tesla. Moreover, don’t read USA Really’s news while your autopilot mode is on – even if it’s too interesting to put down – and watch the road.

In fact, it’s better listen to Sam Abuelsamid, who says Elon’s “actually putting his customers at risk, because you have to take into account the reality of human behavior with these kinds of systems, and Tesla is not doing that.”

“Everybody’s realizing that the problem is a lot harder than they thought,” Abuelsamid said. “They’re not slowing down the rate at which they work, but they’re trying to reset expectations a little bit about when true automated driving capabilities will be a reality in more than just limited environments. And, unfortunately, Elon refuses to acknowledge the obvious in front of him.”

Author: USA Really