First Venezuela, Now Nicaragua, Cuba Is Next?
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First Venezuela, Now Nicaragua, Cuba Is Next?


WASHINGTON, DC - February 21, 2019

In the middle of his presidential term, Donald Trump formed a new "axis of evil" in Latin America, and his national security adviser John Bolton called the authorities of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua "the Troika of Tyranny." The main US ally in the region — Colombia — calls on the international community to contain the government of Nicolas Maduro, and Vice President Pence threatened Venezuela with troops.

Experts believe that Washington under the Trump is returning to the active implementation of the Monroe Doctrine, according to which the United States will not allow any influence in South America except its own.

Yesterday, Trump once again demonstrated this. Not content with “only” threatening regime change in Venezuela, the American leader is expanding his mission to rid the Western hemisphere of socialism, with Cuba and Nicaragua next in line for US “salvation.”

In a particularly unhinged speech last weekend in Miami, Trump declared Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura a “Cuban puppet” and “failed dictator.” Trump denounced socialism with a verve that has not been heard from a US president since the depth of the Cold War more than 30 years ago.

“In Venezuela, and across the Western hemisphere, socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity and democracy are being reborn,” said Trump inferring the “Troika of Tyranny.”

The impending crisis whipped up by Trump with Venezuela seems insane. The South American country may be in economic turmoil, but it is hardly a humanitarian catastrophe meriting such drama. Besides, the turmoil has largely been instigated by Washington slapping sanctions and asset freezes on Venezuela’s lifeline oil economy. If the US were to lift its illegal sanctions on the country then much of the chaos would subside.

For the Trump administration to declare a minor opposition figure as the “recognized president” of Venezuela is an audacious violation of international law and norms. Shamefully, several European states have sought to legitimize Washington’s subversion in Venezuela.

Of course, subverting the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro has the all-important prize of allowing US capital to get its hands on Venezuela’s colossal oil wealth.

Trump’s top foreign policy advisor John Bolton’s statements are made in unison with the president. He has issued a fresh series of menacing tweets against Washington's adversaries in Latin America, including a message targeting the Venezuelan military and a threat against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

"… any actions by the Venezuelan military to condone or instigate violence" against civilians bringing humanitarian aid into Venezuela would "not be forgotten," and stressing that "leaders still have time to make the right choice."

In his tweet, Bolton attacked Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, accusing his government of killing "300 activists" in street protests in 2018 and blasting his "regime" for sentencing protest leaders to "550 years in prison,” warning that "Ortega's days are numbered."

Thus, we see that the US administration is once again launching mechanisms to overthrow undesirable regimes, which were successfully tested in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

“The Ortega regime has sentenced three farm leaders to 550 years in prison for their roles in protests in 2018, where Ortega’s police forces reportedly killed 300 activists. As President Trump said Monday, Ortega’s days are numbered and the Nicaraguan people will soon be free,” the national security advisor tweeted on Wednesday.

On February 18, three protest leaders were sentenced in Nicaragua-Medardo Mairena, receiving 216 years in prison, Pedro MENA — 210 and Luis Orlando Pineda — 159.

Like Venezuela, Nicaragua has been facing street protests and violence, with the Central American country's crisis starting last April, after protesters took to the streets to protest unpopular social security reforms. President Ortega ended up canceling the reform plans, but protests have persisted and grown.

The United States accused the Ortega government of multiple human rights violations, as well as censorship of anti-government media. In December, President Trump imposed crushing sanctions against Nicaragua, known as the NICA Act, which limited the country's ability to obtain financing from international organizations.

So, we see that “fighting socialism” in Venezuela and elsewhere in the Western hemisphere is Trump’s next star-turn. But how absurd can it get? Trump is presenting himself as more messianic than Cold War hawks in Washington during past decades when they could at least plausibly invoke Soviet expansionism as a propaganda threat.

Today, his administration is not even trying to look for more or less plausible pretexts. Whether he does not have enough brains to come up with such reasons, or whether there is no desire to invent something, or whether he simply does not see the need for it, or maybe there is simply no time for beautiful and complex political combinations--who knows? But this is a very disturbing symptom. The Empire is falling apart before our eyes, and its leader seems to see the end very near.

Author: USA Really